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Ankur Jain currently serves as the founder and CEO of Kairos. The venture fund is building and investing in companies with the goal tackling the world’s greatest challenges. Over the years, Kairos has helped launch and grow over $6.5bn worth of companies tackling problems in healthcare, housing costs, transportation networks, and more. Before rejoining Kairos in May 2017, Jain was the VP of Product at Tinder, the world’s largest social network for meeting people. He joined Tinder after it acquired his previous company, Humin, where he served as Founder & CEO.

April 28, 2021

Ankur Jain | How Entrepreneurship Can Solve Some Of Our Biggest Syste…

When Ankur Jain was 11 years old, he wanted to play in the basketball team and believed he needed a special pair of shoes to jump higher. So he coded a website, phoned the shoe company and asked to speak …

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