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April Rinne is a “change navigator,” speaker,
investor, and adventurer whose work and
travels in more than 100 countries have given
her a front-row seat to a world in flux. She is
one of the 50 leading female futurists in the
world, a Harvard Law School graduate, a
Young Global Leader at the World Economic
Forum, and a Fulbright Scholar. April is a
trusted advisor to well-known startups and
companies, financial institutions, nonprofits,
think tanks, and governments worldwide.
Earlier in life she was a global development
executive, an international microfinance
lawyer, and a hiking guide. She spent nearly
four years traveling solo (with a backpack and
a shoestring budget) to better understand
how to help shape a more inclusive, equitable
world. As a certified yoga teacher, she can
often be found upside-down, doing
handstands around the world.

Jan. 5, 2022

April Rinne | How to Develop Superpowers for Thriving in Constant Cha…

April Rinne has woven a strategy for adapting to change and navigating a world in flux. Find out how to develop a flux mindset and ultimately acquire the 8 superpowers that will improve your relationship with uncertainty and transform the …

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