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Dave Parker

Author and CEO of Trajectory Media

I am a 5X founder, investor and now author of Trajectory: Startup—Ideation to Product/Market Fit. Dave was the SVP of Programs and People at UP Global (Startup Weekend + Startup America) before selling the company to Techstars. The book is designed for founders at the idea stage through defining early traction and really focuses on what to do and How to do it in the early stage.

I breaks down 11 frameworks for what makes a “good” idea - where good is scalable and fundable. He also helps early founders understand how they will make money. based on one of the unique parts of the book is his breakdown of the 14 successful revenue models in tech and how the models impact the enterprise value (pre-money) of any startup. This is the result of a five+ year study of 2,654 Seed funding companies from Crunchbase.

Oct. 25, 2021

Dave Parker | The Foundations of Startup Success

Dave Parker shares a blueprint for startup success and how founders can take their best ideas to the market without exhausting their team, losing investors or going broke. With a track record of starting multiple companies from scratch and participatin...

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