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Meta Wagner

META WAGNER is passionate about helping people reach their creative potential. She is the author of What's Your Creative Type?: Harness the Power of Your Artistic Personality (Seal Press).

She gave a TedxBU 2017 talk on her original model of The 5 Creative Types and is a sought-after speaker on how the power of creativity, and a deepened understanding of creative motivations, can transform organizations, teams, and individuals. She is also a contributor to Boston Globe opinion pages, was a columnist for PopMatters, and has written on pop culture and creativity for Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Salon, and Wall Street Journal custom studios.

Aug. 31, 2020

Meta Wagner | Harness the Power of Your Artistic Personality

What enabled the greats like Picasso and Hemingway to accomplish such incredible work during their prolific careers? Meta Wagner shares her model of the 5 creative types, revealing that great artists don't just possess talent but also know why the...

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