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Meta Wagner

META WAGNER is passionate about helping people reach their creative potential. She is the author of What's Your Creative Type?: Harness the Power of Your Artistic Personality (Seal Press).

She gave a TedxBU 2017 talk on her original model of The 5 Creative Types and is a sought-after speaker on how the power of creativity, and a deepened understanding of creative motivations, can transform organizations, teams, and individuals. She is also a contributor to Boston Globe opinion pages, was a columnist for PopMatters, and has written on pop culture and creativity for Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune, Salon, and Wall Street Journal custom studios.

Aug. 31, 2020

Meta Wagner | Harness the Power of Your Artistic Personality

What enabled the greats like Picasso and Hemingway to accomplish such incredible work during their prolific careers? Meta Wagner …

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