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Rod Cate is a first time author. He is a lawyer practicing in Mobile, Alabama. He is married to his wife Tamberly and has three children Cullen, Connor and Corbit. He graduated from Davidson College with a BA in economics in 1988 and from the University of North Carolina with a JD/MBA in 1992. He suffered a devastating football injury in high school that left him with partial paralysis and permanent physical disability. He has led the most incredible life and has written GET BACK UP to share his life's journey with you.

Oct. 7, 2020

Rod Cate | Living an Amazing Life Regardless of Your Circumstances

When Rod Cate was 15, he made a tackle in a high school football game that changed his life forever. The impact crushed two of the vertebrae in his neck and in an instant, Rod became a quadriplegic. Today, Rod …

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