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SUNEEL GUPTA is the author of the bestselling book "Backable". The book is rooted in Suneel’s journey from the "Face of Failure" for the New York Times to the "New Face of Innovation" for the New York Stock Exchange. Suneel is the founding CEO of RISE, which partnered with then first Lady Michelle Obama to deliver low-cost healthcare services to people in need. RISE was named "App of the Year" by Apple and sold in a successful exit to One Medical (NASDAQ: ONEM). Suneel later ran for U.S. Congress and now serves on faculty at Harvard University and as an emissary for Gross National Happiness between the United States and the Kingdom of Bhutan. When a reporter once asked Suneel about his purpose, his response was to “find good people, and inspire them to do what inspires them.”

May 12, 2021

Suneel Gupta | The Surprising Truth About What Makes People Take a Ch…

Suneel Gupta knows the secret behind what it is that makes people believe in you and your ideas. It's not about your charisma, who you know or where you went to school. Persuading others to take a chance on you …

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