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Why I'm listening to the Unmistakable Creative podcast

I'm a creative and that's not important. I'm someone who is creative and finally living sober, that's important.

Right now the three constants in my life are AA meetings, creative work, and the U.C.P (Unmistakable Creative Poscast).

For me I love hearing other creative's stories; I like the host's earnestness and that's all I need.

A little background on me, my creative spark took off listening to podcasts while making deadlines for college papers and studio art class assignments.

Thanks to a love for podcasts, I pivoted my love for listening to others into a love for creating for those I had been listening to.

My dream of becoming a professional artist began to open up for me when I no longer had fears of failing. Since then I've worked with the Comedian Marc Maron, (summer of 2014), the Comedian Pete Holmes, (winter of 2014), the Author Teju Cole, (winter of 2015), and began a professional tattoo career all while in my junior and senior year of college at Indiana University.

But me needing sobriety finally made me leave tattooing and the arts, a field I love, one day I hope to return sober.

So right now I'm listening to U.C.P. to remind myself who I am. I'm a creative, I'm good at what I do, and I'm going to be the best I can be.

This podcast helps me find the tools I've already developed from school, happy clients, sold out artwork, and a career path waiting for my return.

I'm listening so I can retain the ability to listen.

When I can't remember to listen, I surround myself with fools and substances that create fools.

I'm still a creative as long as I can relate to the person being interviewed. So all I really need out of this podcast is something I've always had.

A curiously to listen.

Send positive energy my way for my battle with sobriety and know that this podcast for me helps.

Thank you,
A listener from Bloomington, IN

Dec. 9, 2015 by ImFromIndiana on Apple Podcasts

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast