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Truly Unmistakable!

I vaguely remember, the first time I started listening to BlogcastFM about an year ago; their black and white theme interface with a headaphone on the side. I look at them now and the journey has been truly remarkable, not just the graphics but every aspect of the unmistakable creative podcast is now immaculate.

Srini has excelled the art of connecting with his guests emotionally and thus takes them for a ride, making them look deep into their own lives, get their stories out to the surface, sharing it and also providing with ingenious thoughts and insights to his listeners. The best thing I like about Srini and the unmistakable creative podcast is that he truely values the content and makes sure that anything that goes out in the marketplace with the unmistakable creative tag on it is nothing but perfection.

I've found a lot of my virtual mentors through this podcast, to name a few - Seth Godin, Erik Wahl, Danielle Laporte, AJ Leon, Julien Smith, Samantha Benett, and not to forget Greg Hurtly (love him). And my vocab has become more matured.

This is a podcast for the misfits, the non-conformists, people who are fed up of the status-quo, and those who dream and take actions to make a difference in this world. If you do not want to get lost in the 21st century echo chamber, and truly aspire to be unmistakable, invest your time listening to this podcast and you will reap guaranteed higher returns compared to the stock market (provided you don't become a victim of analysis paralysis and take conscious actions).

Srini - you truly inspire! I wish for all your dreams to come true.


July 24, 2014 by Ankurman Shrestha on Apple Podcasts

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast