The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

The podcast that will nourish your soul.

While many reviews talk about this being a podcast for bloggers and marketers. It doesn’t just stop there. It’s a very real opportunity to listen to incredible people doing amazing things, sharing their journey, insights, advice, and more all about life - not just about starting and running a company.

Srinivas does an impeccable job at really digging into what makes interviewee tick and how their experiences have impacted their story and led them to this successful point in their lives.

The inspiration that each podcast has given me, seriously nourishes my soul and gets me excited, even in this dreary Chicago winter of 2014.

If you love yourself. Give it a listen. Some of my favorites are with Simon Sinek, Amber Rae, and Sarah Peck.

March 6, 2014 by Eyelovelife on Apple Podcasts

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast