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Inspiring and Humane

I was recently introduced to Srinivas Rao’s - The Unmistakable Creative podcast and after listening to my first episode by Lydia Denworth on the Science and Psychology of Friendship, I am completely hooked on it. I make it a point to spend my valuable 1-2 hrs listening to it daily, current and past episodes - this is almost a master class for my self-reflection and re installation!
Srinivas has innate talent and ingenuity to make every episode genuine and humane. He has a gift of asking relevant, poignant, imperative and thought provoking questions and he has a methodical process of capturing essence of each conversation. The flow and narrative for exchange of information is deeply captivating!
His guest and topics are very diverse and multidimensional in nature. Srinivas very pragmatically and meticulously peels each layer of conversation while balancing getting deeper insights into their personal experiences and social connections. Moreover, by doing this he opens the door for questions around fundamentals of life and thought provoking conversations for his readership. His personal experiences are very relatable and I have deep appreciation for his journey. It is always interesting to listen how he interweaves the wisdom offered by guests to his life experiences, which makes it relatable and generous.
Thank you Srinivas!

I would highly recommend listening to it regularly!

May 22, 2020 by S mehenda on Apple Podcasts

Unleash Your Creative Genius with Unmistakable Creative Podcast