The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

These interviews will rev you up, and send you flying back to your own best production.

The interviews are so brimming with excitement. The questions asked are always looking for that excitement, and it is totally contagious. Apart from the amazing people interviewed, there’s Srinivas himself: he's a geiger counter for the most activating aspects of each person because he is himself so activated.

Getting to the essence of what the interviewees are reaching for is exactly what the interviews are about. Srini will follow their development, step by step. He will extract the unique nature of the products developed by his experts, and gather the trial and error wisdom gleamed by them along the way. Questions and answers are uniformly articulate. Nothing is vague. Much is laugh out loud funny.

The value in making it public is that it sets the paradigm for parallel paths and energies, the energy of getting your product out there, moving through failure, moving through success, with many tips along the way. That’s service!

The fact that the amazing people attracted to this interviewer, and Srini himself, put art and service first, will rev you up, and send you flying back to your own best production. I use these talks to get myself going just before I pick up my pen. I’ve been listening for years, never miss an episode. It’s hard to imagine, but the interviews keep getting better.


If I am ever to emerge, Srini and his band of misfits will have shown me how.

Sept. 20, 2015 by BertReiter on Apple Podcasts

The Unmistakable Creative Podcast