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A New Religion

I listen to Srini’s podcast faithfully, and occasionally even go back to give an interview a re-listen (sometimes with pen in hand to take notes.) He chooses the most inspiring, fascinating subjects and coaxes out the stuff that gets to the core of what makes them so special.

After I listened to about 5 of his interviews, I began picking up on the similar themes that these ‘unmistakable creatives’ live and work by. It’s crazy (In a really wonderful way). I listen for these themes in each interview, and they have gotten into my head.

I'll be explaining to my husband about whichever interview I most recently listened to, and find myself getting super-excited about telling him not only about the person interviewed, but also about which of the themes popped up this time. Once you've heard a few different interviewees talk about the same theme, you begin to piece together how you can make that idea work for you.

For instance, one of the most prominent themes, that nearly all guests touch on, is the idea of exploring what makes you unique (weird) and using that. This idea comes up time and time again but each guest gives it a slightly different spin based on their personal experiences.

I could go on and list several of the themes I have swirling around my head, but that takes all the fun out of listening to the interviews for yourself and collecting your own list.

Anyway, I've (semi) jokingly referred to his podcast as my religion because I come back faithfully for my dose of positive messages, I absorb each interview and reflect on how I can apply what I hear to my own life, I feel like I'm part of a like-minded group of people (his listeners) who 'get it' and believe the same things I do (even if I dont know who they are). The bigger themes the come out of the individual stories are really ideas to live by, and I'm sure some of his inyterviews could be turned into lovely hymns.

Maybe not that last one, but I would like to drink wine with Srini and listen to his take on what he's gotten out of all these interviews. I can't recommend this podcast enough, and if you haven't listened to any of the interviews yet, check out some of those with the word 'classic' in the title.

July 3, 2014 by Jeanette Nyberg on Apple Podcasts

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