Feb. 7, 2020

Listener Favorites: Jim Bunch: Designing Your Environment for Optimal Performance and Creativity

Listener Favorites: Jim Bunch: Designing Your Environment for Optimal Performance and Creativity

Jim Bunch talks about rapid transformation, why will power fails to change the behavior of 96% of people and, how you can design your environment for optimal performance and and creativity.

Jim Bunch is the founder of The Ultimate Game of Li...

Jim Bunch talks about rapid transformation, why will power fails to change the behavior of 96% of people and, how you can design your environment for optimal performance and and creativity.


Jim Bunch is the founder of The Ultimate Game of Life and has been a leader in the coaching and personal transformation industry for over 20 Years. Also referred to as "The Ultimate Life Entrepreneur," Jim has coached and mentored some of the world top business and thought leaders.


You can follow him on twitter @itsjimbunch


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The 9 Environments that Make Up Your Life With Jim Bunch : Audio automatically transcribed by Sonix

The 9 Environments that Make Up Your Life With Jim Bunch : this mp3 audio file was automatically transcribed by Sonix with the best speech-to-text algorithms. This transcript may contain errors.

Every environment is connected. You can't change one environment and not have it change another. If you improve one environment it will send a ripple effects through the other environments if you improve your physical body as an environment. What happens to your self-image. It improves one's your self-image improves what happens to your networks your networks improve because you'll quit hanging out with the people that are bringing you down. What happens when your network improves while your net worth is related to your network in other words your financial environment can start to improve because the quality of people you're hanging out is better Your self-confidence is up your strength gifts and talents are up your physical health is up so you have more energy to commit to your vision and mission and your passions. So all of these things are connected and vice versa is true. If you notice that you're on a downward spiral. If all of a sudden you're starting to eat unhealthy maybe you're short and watch TV that isn't empowering you. Maybe you're starting to doubt your self and environment a little bit. Maybe you're starting to notice that the people you are hanging out with aren't actually doing healthy things they're not really growing and improving. What you're saying is is that by default I'm allowing the environments around me to bring me down.

You're doing life by default.

Jim welcome back to the unmistakable creative. Thanks for taking the time to join us. It's an absolute pleasure to be here. Thanks for having me back. Yeah it is really really cool to have you back here. You know we had you here last year and you and I had a conversation about designing environments for optimal performance and creativity. And every day our audience was so blown away by that conversation because they made significant changes in their lives. It only made sense to bring you back and this time do a deep dive into those concepts so where you want to start really though before we do that is for the people in our audience who may not know who you are and about your story is a bit about that your background and how that has led you to this unique perspective that you have on the world.

Yeah you know my background is two industries. One is you know personal transformation or what some people call the personal development industry with seminars and books and tapes and all that kind of stuff. Tony Robbins Bob Proctor you know Jack Canfield Wallace. And so I've had 20 plus years of being on some of the best stages in the world and some of those guys. So I've always had my finger foot whatever into that industry of self development. The other side has been technology and we've built numerous companies some we've kept some we've taken public as a matter of fact I'm building another one now and we're partnering with Elon Musk's company. So I really believe that person will develop them as an environment is a great way to to constantly want to improve and to grow whether it's in business or life or relationship chips or any of that stuff. So that's the short version of you know the playground's that I've been in.

I want to start with a question actually that I didn't ask you asked him why do you think people get so addicted to personal development that don't actually do anything with it.

Well the addiction and the doing are two different things. Addictions. You know you're actually talking about addiction theory. I'm not an expert in that but I can tell you that behaviourally a lot of people who go through personal development go through it because they feel like they're not enough. That's at the core and you know it feeds their ego. For some people it's it's their church. You know they didn't feel comfortable going to the church they were and all of a sudden you know they heard something there that lit them up for some people it's to connecting the feet you know be around a community of people that are positive moving forward. So whatever the reason is you know they get into it for that. And then depending on the types of programs they go into and you know I look at personal involvement like wine being you know you may love red wine but you can drink the same exact bottle every time you're going to taste this and try that and then eventually you'll come up the ones you really enjoy based on where you are in your life at that time. So I think that people get into it for whatever reasons they want to they want to reach optimal performance.

Well the way to fix a problem a lot of times people come into person when they have a divorce death or bankruptcy and that wakens them up because they're uncomfortable enough to look at their life and go man. I've got to change something. And then you know if they stick with it then they will start to realize that most of it is telling you the same thing which is you have the ability to transform your thinking your feelings and your behaviors. And what happens is is if you look at it as an industry and I've studied it for 20 plus years a lot of them are teaching the same principles.

But it was when I got exposed to not just motivation and inspiration but actual strategic and tactical thinking inside of it I started to realize there are some really good content like environments work that is tangible and measurable and trackable and that's where I started to go. There's the what I call opium you know the ancient personal development drug of hope. And then there's the actual stuff the ego ma'am. I can immediately implement this experience the result. And that can start me down a new pathway.

Now you mentioned the idea of not feeling like you're not being one of the drivers that gets people into this and I'm wondering before we do a deep dive into what we really want to spend our time on. I want to talk about that and talked about how you navigate it. I mean have you ever felt that in your life and how have you gotten out of that.

Yeah I only felt the first 46 years of my life. So. You know I I realize something that you know I've been pretty fortunate some of my friends have been fortunate but most of us grew up feeling like we were in lack. And when I talked about my friends I talk about you know Jack Canfield or Tony Robbins or John Asraf for you know any of these guys even Ilan mosque and what you realize is just talk to these people is what drove them to such levels of success was actually that feeling of not enough not enough money not enough friends not enough power not enough whatever.

And so what I have found is as the day we whatever evolve we start to realize that we really are enough especially if you live anywhere you know where you have any kind of first world benefits. We have more than enough. And what happens is we're exposed to so much media or memetics as we'll talk about later that we are actually constantly trained and programmed to think that we don't have enough that we've got to have the next bigger house bigger car bigger whatever and we lose track of what's important to us which is number one who we are. And number two what we truly value in life. Most people have no clue what their values are because we've been marketed all this stuff for so long that we're not actually having our own thoughts we're regurgitating the programming that's happening to us for the last 5 10 20 30 40 years.

One of the things you said earlier was that often what brings people to personal development or this decision to try to make changes in their lives there's some sort of a wakeup call like a death or a bankruptcy or a divorce or something just horrible.

I mean really wondering about this and I say it's because it seems to keep coming up over and over as a theme in the show. You know in story they call this an inciting incident. Right. Or you know our friend Salim Ismail who runs Singularity University called it a forcing function and he said that it seems to be common to a lot of entrepreneurs.

Do you think that can happen without that catalyst or inciting incident.

I think it can. I think the likelihood is way less. I like to say that most people grow out of desperation and eventually they grow out of inspiration. And that desperation is that catalyst. And it moves people into a place of being uncomfortable enough with what's familiar because most people are actually not in a comfort zone. You know you hear that personal development. I don't believe in a comfort zone. I believe that people operate in a familiar zone. In other words they're Firemans haven't changed enough for them to want to do anything different. But then all of a sudden an environment changes. You know you haven't paid attention to your health and you suffer a health issue you haven't paid attention to your health and all of a sudden you know your spouse isn't interested in having sex with you anymore.

You haven't paid attention to your finances and now as a result you can't travel and your kids are feeling like wow you know you know does this parent really care about me or can they provide or whatever the or the wife I mean if you look at divorce why do a lot of divorces happen. You know they say it's finances it's not finances finances is the end result. Yeah your money situation may not be great. But the truth is that person's not getting their needs met their frustration levels are high. And of course they're pointing at the finances as the problem. But the reality is people have to be uncomfortable enough to be willing to move into new environments and that often happens. I say this all the time ago husbands pay attention. If all of a sudden your wife starts working out hanging out with friends and isn't spending as much time with you she's been planning for probably six months her exit users aren't aware of it. So I've seen this in thousands of people's lives so you know the thing you have to pay attention to is what's in your control. And if you've gotten into a place of complacency if you've been programmed for mediocrity you have to accept that and then go what do I truly want in my life. You'll either do it out of inspiration or you'll do it out of desperation.

So we'll get to the environments and how to make changes. But that raises one other question for me about people who after situations like that experienced significant growth versus those who experience post-traumatic stress and what differentiates the two. Do you think it's nurture nature. Do you think it can be learned.

I don't know that I'm qualified. I mean there are some great neuroscientist's out there that debate it on both sides. Yeah. You know Dr. Mark Waldman who is a friend of mine will tell you that PTSD financially is a big issues. Matter of fact that's one of the things he worked with me on because in 2008 you know when the crash happened we had five homes we had multiple companies we had quite a bit of stock and cash and all this and next thing you know overnight we took a 90 percent haircut.

Well I didn't realize the impact that that had on me for years to come. But when I talked with Dr. Mark Waldman he said You do realize that the human brain or mind cannot tell the difference between losing one dollar and a million dollars subconsciously in other words any loss of money creates stress. The more that you have the work you're creating PTSD and I realized that there were certain sets of beliefs that I had not had prior to the crash that I adopted which were actually preventing me from being able to fully engage in business again. It was like having one foot on the gas and one on a break and when I did this exercise with him a belief from the medic popped up that said man if it took all this effort to create the wealth because at 40 we were pretty much retired. If it took all this effort to create all this and then it can go away that quickly. Why even bother so with a competing belief like no numbers wanting to rebuild and do all this stuff. But at the same time in my subconscious this belief was saying why even bother. I was feeling friction and tension and all the things in my own head and not realizing why I couldn't perform it's like having a Ferrari you know revving up the engine and your foot on the brake you're going to burn the engine out. And so I did it again. I don't know that I'm qualified to answer your question but having personal experience with it I can tell you that there are things that have to shift internally in order for you to produce the results you want. Extremely.

Yeah I would agree with that. I think that it's very hard. I mean even as a as a creative person it's hard to have optimal creative output when you're dealing with a lot of heavy stuff internally.

Yeah that's that's an important thing and that's why personal development is helpful for a lot of people. For some people doesn't work but the reality is pretty basic information and you know if you marinate yourself in enough good stuff you're gonna become good stuff.

Well I think that makes a perfect set up to do what I want to do now which is to spend the rest of our time talking about this concept of the night environment. You know last time we talked about this idea that everything is an investment but you know we've got a lot of new listeners. So before we do that and for everybody listening we'll be sure to link up Jim's previous episode in the show notes. But for people who are not familiar with you and this concept of nine environments let's kind of introduce them to it and then get at each one.

Sure. Do you have any particular angle you want to take on. Just a quick overview I think let's do a quick overview and then we'll go into each one.

Okay. So the quick overview is this concept that you know you talked about nature versus nurture. The concept that we are surrounded by environments 24 hours a day seven days a week. So if you look around no matter where you are listening to this look maybe you're sitting in your car maybe or in your office maybe you're outdoors wherever you are. Take a look around and I want you to just imagine for a moment that everything around you is an environment your phone is an environment your desk is an environment your body is an environment and so is your mind. In other words the part of you that's listening to this interview is your mind your processing information. And that is an environment that is built on this whole paradigm of your beliefs in other words since you're zero till 10 for most of your beliefs about money. Most true beliefs about family most beliefs about everybody. So imagine for a moment that everything and everyone is an environment of you now you have to ask yourself how did those environments impact you. And the simple version is this. They're either inspiring you or they are expiring you inspire is to add energy expire is to drain energy.

So when you look at your desk for example if you have a clean clear desk it's going to add energy to you. Your thoughts will be clear your creativity will be better. Well almost that creativity is sometimes actually a chaotic environment stimulates more creativity for some people and just like some people can go to a library and get really focused. Some people have to actually go to a coffee shop with a lot of people and noise for them to get focused environments impact people differently. But the key concept here is the environment's inspiring you are x barring you. And so when you look at your home you look at your car you look at your office you look at your body you look at your relationships you look at your networks you look at your spiritual environment you look at all these improvements and their environment will go on a second. But when you look at all of them the simple question is does this environment inspire me and move me towards a better life or does the environment expiry me and drain me or hold me back.

Recap so that's that's the core core concept. Oh yeah register Yep absolutely. OK. So now what we started doing as we go. OK.

So if I understand that everything's an environment I understand that the environments are on 24 hours a day seven days a week. In other words my willpower to get my butt up off the couch and to go to the gym. That requires willpower. But if I design environments properly the environments will do the work for me instead of me having to force myself to do the work. This is the reason that people start off with a new year's resolution and then three to four weeks later they're back into their old habits or patterns routines. The reason that is is their environments are designed by default. If you're doing life by design instead of life by default it means that you're saying here's my current reality here's what I want my future reality to be. I want to be happier. I want to be healthier and I want to be wealthier. So I'm going to design the environments around me that automatically force or pull me into that future me instead of unconsciously allowing my environments to hold me into my normal patterns. So this is where we start saying I'm going to do life by design and I want to become happier healthier wealthier. What environments do I need to put in place. What environments do I need to eliminate. And it can start in the very simple level and we'll go through through the different environments. Now it's really important for people that either draw out this environment we'll or just you know use a diagram as printed often enough you know you'll have a link to it.

Yeah we'll make sure that people have downloadable version.

Okay perfect. So for those of you who don't have that yet I'll describe it in the middle of the page you draw a circle just an answer to why and have the word Y O U while u is the part of you that's always been here. It's your soul it's not your physical body it's your soul it's the energy that animates the soul. And we say inspirers it means in spirit in spirit within. So you have an indicator inside of you that when you're on track in life you have more energy when you're depressed or defeated or feeling bad you feel like you have less energy. Well what's happening is is your soul is either you know saying hey we're on track or your soul is saying we're off track. So the whio you is your soul. Every other environment is around that. So when you are born or you're conceived right you have energy that starts to shape form so to speak. Cells splits in the four cell splits in the eight to 16 32 and they say you know the brain the heart and the body is developed inside the womb. So your first environment that you're in is your mother. Right. So your father mother come together two things of energy are created and boom you start to warm your body start to to be created. Well some people believe that even in the womb you start to form your next environment which is your memetics.

Now memetics which is the next circle outside of while you is your Mimis meem stands for ideas concepts or beliefs. So some people would say that in prenatal therapy if your mom was a single mom she wasn't wed and she was afraid that she was going to tell her parents that she had sex out of wedlock which in the 50s was a big deal right. It's possible that she who was creating you as an environment biochemically she's creating you. It's possible that if that fear was running through you may have picked up some kind of inner Laydon beliefs about your self-image not being wanted. Some people might also say that well you know my mom was struggling financially. And so you know a free time in the month would come she would fight with you know my dad at the time. Even though I was in her womb some people would say that that would have given you a prenatal imprint or patterning of being. Unconsciously rejecting wealth or or thinking that money is bad or hard or evil. Why. Because biochemically your mom is releasing stress hormones which is incubating you inside of the womb. Now that's a theory as what we do know is as you get out of the womb in other words you're born from the age of 0 7. Kids don't talk in the in the first year for the most part right. They don't make sound. So what we know is is that we start to develop our patterns of recognition our beliefs about the world based on our father mother church state the media all the TV everything starts indoctrinating us with our beliefs.

If you grow up as a child in Southern California that's different than if you grow up in northern Russia or in China or Japan or Australia you speak a different language you have different beliefs about money different beliefs about people different beliefs about everything. So just the fact of where you're born if you're born in India you have a different reality the first 10 years of your life than people who are born in different parts of the world. So your beliefs begin to form and as those beliefs form and you look at the environments around you these outer eat environments I'm about to describe. As your beliefs reform you think that's real. Everything that you see whether it's in your finances whether you see the health of the people around you whether you see how these people do relationships you believe that that's reality. And as a child it is. But the mistake that a lot of people make is they think that that has to be their future reality. So they don't change environments. If you ever go back you know. Let me ask you questions raised when were you do live in the same town now that you grew up in. No. I've grown up all over the world.

You've grown up all over the world. And if you went back to that same town would there have been people who still live in that same tell me never went away. Probably. All right. If you've had conversations those people as I've done that I've gone back to my high school town for example and when I went back I hadn't been there for 10 years. I left after college and traveled and I met Tony Robbins. I traveled over Canada in U.S. then I met Bob Proctor. We built a company in Kansas City then I moved to California. I grew up in a small town in Florida called the barrier DeLand Florida. And when I go back there I got most changed. Why. Because I didn't think the same as any of those people I didn't talk the same because I wasn't having the same environments 24 hours a day seven days a week that they had had for the last 20 years. I changed my environments and therefore I changed me. And a lot of people don't realize that these environments are working on us 24 hours a day seven days a week. So let's go through these outer environment so the while you is in the middle. The next one is the medics memetics is every piece of information that ever come into your space whether it's radio TV print this podcast. This podcast is I'm a medic. You can get on here and you could talk about how bad the economy is you could be one of those conspiracy theorists you know conspiracy theorists.

But you're not you're in here providing valuable information it's improving the quality people's lives so when somebody listens to this podcast they're indoctrinating into their minds into their memetics a certain set of language or pattern that dictates the way they see the world. So we can control that. There's a reason they call TV programming TV programming is programming you to think a certain way. So if you don't then you watch Discovery channel like I was with my son or the night before we were watching the movie Racing Extinction which if you haven't seen that it's a very powerful thing that's happening in the world right now about the nature environment. You know when I chose to watch that instead of watching something else. Why. Because I wanted him to see the reality of what's going on in the world and why we're working on businesses that are changing the world. So that's a conscious choice of choosing the medics versus watching something that might have drama or killing or whatever. And in fact most children will see over thirty six thousand violent deaths and murders through games and TV before they reach the age of 18. So what does that do to our memetics. And what does that do to the conditioning and programming of children. Well some would say well does it make them violent people.

No it doesn't. But you are programming them to see that over and over and over again. So let's move from a mess out to the outer environments because memetics are the filters through which you see and create the rest of the world. If you change your beliefs you change your reality but you can't just change your memetics so go into personal development buying books and tapes and this now is working on the inner game as a friend of mine John ASRock says it's inner sizing every day you wake up. You should enter size your brain like you exercise your body. You want to reprogram your brain to have the thoughts that you want instead of what the media has controlled you to have that out the next environment on the outside his body and your body. If you look down at your body your body is different than my body your skin is different your hair is different your height is different your weight is different. Even though we have similar organs and structure we have the same number of bones most likely with the same number of organs most likely the same organ systems our bodies are different the way we move our bodies the way we have to feed our bodies. You know there's basic nutrition. But the reality is your body is different than mine. So that body environment also has other environments that are impacting it. OK so you can see if somebody takes care of their body environment northwards the food oxygen and Nuge you know the food oxygen and water that they put into that system if it's healthy then we know that they're going to be you know they'll develop a healthy body if they hang out with other people if they eat unhealthy foods.

If they don't move that body properly if they don't get the proper amount of sleep we know that the condition of that environment called the body is going to degrade over time. It's going to expire instead of inspirer so important to understand is as you look at your environment you have to ask yourself do the things I have in my pantry do the things I have in my refrigerator do the restaurants I visit the friends that I have support me and getting in health or in sickness are the things I'm eating cleansing or the things I'm eating clogging and when it's 10 o'clock at night. All right. And you had a long day. Maybe you're tired and you stumble into the freezer or you stumble into the pantry. If the only thing that's in that pantry or freezer which by the way is an environment is healthy live organic foods then the only thing you can put into your body is healthy live foods. But if you have junk foods and sweets and chocolates and sugars and things like that when your willpower is low the environment will always win.

So that's just the body environment. So if I said hey you know this isn't my case but I was talking with a client this morning who for the last six months she's been wanting to change her physical weight. She wants to drop 30 pounds. And when I started talking to her I said part of your challenges is that your environments are set up to fail. She said What do you mean. I said what what's the food that you reach for at 10:00 at night when you're hungry lonely angry or tired Hult hungry angry angry lonely or tired. She goes Oh I reach for peanut butter and then to counteract the peanut butter. I reach for the ice cream. And I said OK if those weren't in your environment what would you eat. She goes Well I guess I have a piece of fruit. So great if you simply didn't bring those things into your environment at 10:00 at night which is when you're triggered. You would not be able to eat the bad food. Now this is a simple version OK. In addition to that we could out a personal trainer. We could add a network. We could put mud runs in her schedule we could do all kinds of stuff that is going to change her behavior because there are new environments in there. OK. So let's go into these other involvement that the body environment and you know you're going to get to your body by design or do by default to you.

I personally think this is one of the best areas for people to start to upgrade their environments. And believe it or not getting rid of clutter getting rid of you know all the stuff we have in our lives will actually add more energy to the body. It'll clear up your mind and it will make you want to take better care of your body. And next to Marmon is yourself environment and yourself environment is what I call your inner architecture. So any of the assessments that you've taken like the Colby or the disk or the printer values or attributes really things that tell you who you are and what you're good at. These are the self environment your self-image is the reflection of your memetics on the self. Now again I know this is advance and I know some people are. Oh my gosh. You know what may be lost in this already. You have to go back and listen to the original interview we did which was the basics about the nine environments. But when you get into designing your world around yourself environment around your strengths around your gifts around your talents which is what high performing people do they're very critical about what they do and don't allow into their environments. But they also know who they are. They understand that not every day that they're not capable of being great everything you know Tony Robbins for example was an incredible order.

He was fantastic in assimilating information and delivering it back in a way that people could understand. He also was great at creating environments in similar rooms where he use lights and music and videos to inspire people and to keep them moving in a peak state. He called it for days on end so that he could help them reprogram their thinking. So Tony understood who he was at that level and said I'm going to design my business around what my strengths gifts and talents are which is to communicate and assimilate information and control environments and inspire people to make change. What they didn't do until recently was actually help people track and follow through on those things. So there was no coaching in their company until years ago as a matter of fact I was part of the team that started that in one of their franchises in Washington D.C. because I realize people come to the live events for two or three days they get excited they get pumped up they get motivated just like going to church or going to a rally. But then they go back to their old what are their old environments. So you spend two days in there beat your chest and walk in on fire and you know put putting arrows in your throat or whatever and you're outside and you feel like I can change the world but then you come back to the same home to the same office to the same job to the same spouse to the same dog.

And you get reprogrammed back into the old. So the best thing and you'll see this time and time again. The 4 percent of the people who actually end up succeeding at a highest level understand either consciously or unconsciously that in order for them to change they have to upgrade their environments. That's why you see you know people like me I lived in a bomb shelter at one point and I ended up moving to a beach house. You know you hear people about Tony Robbins you know similar stories you hear people Elon Musk all these guys Elon Musk who had a dollar a day. That was his diet. Now he did it because he wanted to prove themselves that no matter what he could live off of 30 dollars a month with food he took scarcity out of his thing. But Elan has built his businesses around his brilliance which is science and engineering. He understands who he is the best leaders in the world understand who they are and a lot of people they just don't have a clue because they've been taken through an education system that programmed them for 12 to 16 years are not who they are but on a skill or a talent that they need to learn to go get a job and that doesn't always work for people.

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Creative so the next environment is your spiritual environment and I'm going you know from body to self to spiritual on purpose. You'll notice that the body cell spiritual in the next 20 to nature are on the top part of the nine environments. And the reason they're on the top part is because these are the ones that actually are the most important. But where people end up spending most of their time is focusing on the lower ones which is their relationships network's finances physical. And the truth is if they understand how to take care of their body they understand who they are the self environment they're connected to the spiritual mind which is higher power if you look at religion for example there are 17 major religions. Religion is to more people gathered with a common belief. So the Catholics have common beliefs about how to access the spiritual environment. So the Buddhism's and so to the Muslims. But what all of these have in common these 17 major religions is a belief in something that has a greater power some call it God Allah Yahweh Krishna energy Christ whatever you want to call it. But the spiritual environment is one that is our guiding light. It's the one that pulls people into a bigger them because it connects them to this thing called the University energy or whatever god you want to pay homage to or not some people are gone that's not real at all. That's OK. But they're saying I have a set of beliefs about a spiritual environment.

So if you anchoring your environments properly what you're doing is you're triggering yourself to be in alignment with the things that you want to create in your life. If you anchor your environments improperly what you're actually doing is is that you're pulling yourself away from who you are. So I've found in my own life that when I have a clear vision I have a clear mission. I have clear goals and I feel that I'm on my spiritual pathway which were always on our spiritual pathway. But I feel like I'm more in alignment my life works better my businesses are more profitable my relationships are better and my health is better my networks prosper and grow. When I feel like I'm on purpose and that purpose is something that you can discover because it's been leaving clues through your whole life. So as your body improves as you get to understand who you are better in yourself environment as you get more connected to the spiritual environment you will find that you attract a higher quality of person you will find that business and life becomes easier you will find that you end up making a bigger impact in the world because of these things being in alignment. This makes sense so far. The God. Now the next one is the nature environment and nature is life. It's the seasons itself Dorsets anything that's living. So if you if you step outside the earth for a moment you look at these beautiful pictures of of this nature environment called Earth versus Mars.

I just watched Martian the other night as a movie fascinating movie. Right. And the whole thing was how do I create life or food using know sunlight and water to grow plants in this in this desert. Basically. Well you come. You look back at Earth then and you realize we live in this bubble called Nature and as humans for some reason we have disconnected ourselves from nature. We live in boxes we wake up in a box called a bedroom. We live inside that box called the house we go to a box called an office we get in a car called a box hold a car. You know maybe we go to another box called the office. Then on the way home you stop at the gym which is a box and then you come back to your house which is a box so environmentally what most people are doing is they disconnected themselves from everything that's living which is nature. They're under fluorescent lights in front of computer screens and on concrete floors in recycled air. Most of the day and my biggest thing right now is to help people understand that the planet nature is the most important thing we can pay attention to because we're not separate from it. The other key point to all of the environment is every environment is connected. You can't change one environment and not have it change another if you improve one environment it will send a ripple effect through the other environments.

If you improve your physical body as an environment what happens to your self-image. It improves your self-image improves what happens to your networks your networks improve because you'll quit hang out with the people that are bringing you down. What happens when your network improves while your net worth is related to your network in other words your financial environment can start to improve because the quality of people you're hanging out with better Your self-confidence is up your strength gifts and talents are up your physical health is up so you have more energy to commit to your vision and mission and your passions. So all of these things are connected and vice versa is true if you notice that you're on a downward spiral. If all of a sudden you're starting to eat unhealthy maybe you're short and watch TV that isn't empowering you. Maybe you're starting to doubt yourself and environment a little bit. Maybe you're starting to notice that the people you are hanging out with aren't actually doing healthy things they're not really growing and improving. What you're is is that by default on allowing the environments around me to bring me down you're doing life by default. So I'm on a big tear right now to educate people about the Nineham arms but also to reconnect people with nature because the reality is we as a species that 7 billion of us do not exist unless we begin to repair and regenerate the planet which we have been destroying over the last 50 years.

That's the simple reality. It is the number one most important you know environment for us to take look as a matter of fact. If you look at the Paris climate talks that happened you had 190 nations that agreed that the number one thing we have to do is we have to stop the production of carbons or CO2 on our planet. We have to change the way that we live and exist or else we're like the fish in the fish bowl. We've contaminated the fish bowl. We're continuing to do it and the fish are going to die. And the fish are dying. OK. So 90 percent of the fish in the ocean are overfished and dying of coral reefs are suffering massively our oxygen supplies on the planet are being overtaken by CO2 and it's at an all time high. The last time we had this was in the last extinction there's been five major extinctions that have happened on this planet. We are manmade forcing the sixth one. So why am I sharing all this right. This is a political thing yes and no. The reality is this. If we want to be happier we want to be healthier we want to be wealthier. We have to improve all the environments. We can't improve just one. Now the next environment is the physical environment your physical ph why Sisia ale stands for your home your office your possessions. This is another one that's easy to start changing. So your body is an easy one to change and the physical is an easy one to change immediately.

So if you have clutter if you have an equipment that's broken if you have things in your environment that are not working they're toleration or things you're putting up with. Right. What that does is that subconsciously drains your energy. This is why you'll find a super successful people are meticulous about their homes their offices their environment. It's not that they're looking to have some big fancy homes or look around to go look how good I am it's that they understand that the environment the physical environment is impacting them 24 hours a day seven days a week. You're seeing a big shift now in designers and architects to make sure that they're doing environmental design. In other words they're wanting to direct the behavior of the users into a certain area. So if you're the CEO you're going to design your office to make sure that it's in alignment with your goals. If you're running a podcast right you have certain equipment that you use to make sure that you've got clear audio broadcasting and this. Now that's a physical environment and what people need to understand is your physical environment is working on you 24 hours a day seven days a week. So I'm going to pause for a moment because I know I'm giving a lot of data and I want to you know you asked me to go deeper in this stuff. I want to make sure that I'm hitting the market.

Gold is gold. I'll just do it for the sake of taking that pause I'll tell you a story about the physical environment that really kind of changed my life and it was kind of mind blowing. I've have read it last year. There's this book that came out called The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying up by a Japanese woman who was an interior designer and she had said that as people start to change physical environments which was you know like getting rid of stuff that they didn't need. She said that people started losing weight like all sorts of changes started to happen that they didn't plan on. So you know I looked at my bookshelf and I realized I was like a lot of books here that I really don't like and I'm never going to read.

And the only books left were the ones from Penguin Portfolio who happens to be the people who are publishing my book really surreal like I don't know if that's just a coincidence but it was always it always made a nice story to talk about changing environments. I love a love.

Well and that's that's key too. You know people have asked me how can you guys move so often. And I'll tell you every time that we move it changes my wife and son my behavior it changes the way we think it changed the way we feel and it changes the way that we act. So you know living at the beach for example with you which you've been to two of our beach homes each one of those environments is different. One of them was like a real beach house another was like a modern house on the beach. Our behaviors were different now here's what I noticed too. It only takes about 10 days for a new environment to become a familiar environment. So when I moved into the beach house that you were at last ride that modern kind of beach house what happened was is that everything was new where you know where the utensils were was knew where my office was was new and it was like you know none of our habits or patterns from the other house. We brought over. But within ten days I noticed that we started getting into some of the routines. So when you were moving around environments recognized that within about ten days your new patterns are going to start set in in the physical environments other ones take a little longer but you can actually start to design physical environments by putting your gym shoes right by the door or your gym bag so that everyday when you walk out you go Oh that's right.

That's a reminder for me to go to the gym. OK. You can start to set up triggers for example you know maybe you put a little card in a you know on your mirror that says here's the three questions I'm going to ask myself today that that three by five card is an environment that's anchoring you to remind yourselves ask yourself what am I grateful for today. What can I do to move closer and faster to my vision and mission. Who do I love and how can I make a difference in their life. If you put those three questions on a three by five card you paste that on a mirror everyday your mind is going to read those. It's going to force your consciousness to focus on that. So that's anchoring and environment. Same thing with a gym bag. So the physical environment is imperative for us. And again it's one of the easiest ones for us to start with because once we start to do that that environment will work on us. So the next one. And you had talked about this before you know a lot of people are like How do I get my financial environment to improve. All right. So this is situational meaning if somebody has debt and I talk about different stages of wealth.

The first stage is called repair and recovery. If somebody is in repair and recovery financially it means that they're dealing with debt. They're dealing with overwhelmed. They maybe don't have a good strategy in place and are making enough money. They're stressed out. That's for parent recovery. The same thing that repair recovery with your body means that you have low energy. You're dealing with disease or sickness financials are the same way. OK. So it could be that their memetics their beliefs about money are actually preventing them from being able to create men and create money manage money and invest money. Those are the three keys to it. But when we're in repair and recovery we have to start building a solid foundation that's Level 2. You want to build a solid foundation and it's super simple. Number one know the numbers. Number two earn more than you spend. Number three invest the difference. It's not hard to build a financial foundation if you have those three things in place. You will win. Now as you get more and more sophisticated with your finances you're going to add wealth team members which is an environment you're going to add software which is an environment you're going to add strategies which is an environment so you may be purchasing real estate you may be building businesses or acquiring businesses you may be investing in businesses. All of these are environments.

So at one time as I mentioned we had five homes. Those five homes were environments in our financial portfolio. Insurance is an environment a will and trust is an environment we are a wealth team. So we had bankers we had real estate investors we had financial advisers we had insurance agents we had all of these as part of our wealth team. And some people like well I don't have the money to have that team. You have the money because you have the team. You see your net worth is related to your net work. So as you start to build a financial environment you're going to start to realize wow if I put the right environments in place I will be pulled into wealth. This has been you know what does a company a company is a group of people that gather for the purpose of providing a product or service and earning a profit. Well that's a financial environment. So Microsoft is an environment Apple is an environment you're a company right. Unmistakable is an environment and it spins off these finances. Now we get way more in-depth on this. But the simple reality is you have to look around and ask yourself do the environments I have around me pull me into wealth or are they causing me to stay and struggle. Time money is energy. That's all it is. So you want to constantly be adding energy and then you want to add team to manage that energy.

The next one is your network. Now your network is any clubs groups or associations. So right now you see a billion people a day logging into a social network called Facebook. But every day it seems like there's a new one popping up. We've got Periscope and Twitter and Pinterest and Instagram and LinkedIn and Facebook. These are all networks and the networks that you participate in are going to determine your thoughts your feelings and your behaviors. So when I go on Facebook I go in there for a specific reason when I go into LinkedIn I go in for a specific reason. If I'm broadcasting a youtube video I'm doing it for a specific reason because I realize each of those are environments. Now what happens to some people is they get sucked into these environments not just a social network but they get sucked into personal networks. So if you belong to a club or a group or an association right let's say that you joined your kids PTA and that PTA in particular is very productive. They're up to good things that are really making initiatives happen. That's a positive environment to be a part of. But I've ever been a part of a club or a group or an association where you know there's some negativity where there's drama or chaos that drains you.

And believe it or not that screws the rest of the environments. OK. So did I cut you off there used element of them. Very good. So when you're choosing your networks and I encourage everybody to do this to look at their environments every year and start to ask themselves how do I rate each of these environments. Do I have the network that I want. You know the network that I have now I can pick up the phone and connect with just about anybody through most of my network. I was talking to a good friend of mine John Asraf and he had just finished having dinner with Larry King and Wolfgang Puck not punk but all of them get a kick. And you know what's is the Wolfgang Puck right. The owner of all the restaurants and you know Larry King has interviewed everybody from Osama bin Laden to the presidents to actors and celebrities and Hollywood's and this and that he said you know Larry what do you find that all of these people have in common. What is it that makes these people no matter whether they've been mass murderers or whether they've been you know political heroes. And he said the number one thing is drive the number one thing that they have is drive. So I looked at the network that Larry had surrounded himself with which is basically everybody I looked at my networks I looked at John's network and I go through and I do an inventory and I ask myself.

And I learned this from John also is this person in my life for a reason. Are they in my life for a season. Are they in my life for a lifetime. If they're here for a reason that's great maybe we're doing a deal together that's fine. If they're here for a season they may come in for a little bit go out a little bit come in for a little bit go out a little bit. If they're here for a lifetime it means we're going to build a relationship together forever for the hundred years plus that we're on this planet. So I'm very conscious of who I do and don't invest time with. And it has to be mutually beneficial. The networks that I belong to the associations the clubs the groups like Right now I'm chairman of the board of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Why. Because I believe that that network is going to shift the face of business forever. I'm also building a network in our business. We're building 100000 entrepreneurs that want to see sustainable business right. So when I plug in the LinkedIn or any of these networks or I decide what shows I'm going to be on like yours I want to make sure that these are the types of networks that are moving in the direction that I want to head.

Otherwise I don't have a need for them. And so the last one is relationships and I leave relationships for last because for a lot of people there's this is a tough one for them for. I've been very fortunate in relationships probably because I know who I am. I understand people really well and I understand you know how these environments work. But a lot of people struggle in the relationship environment because they don't know themselves they don't know what makes them truly happy and they're looking on the outside for somebody else to make them happy and it doesn't work that way. Now the relationship is your spouse your significant other your family your pets even the people you work with because a lot of times you'll invest more time with the people you work with. Then you will your own family. So if your team doesn't inspire you they expire you. You've got the wrong team. That's the simple reality. You need to be with people who are everyday inspiring you on on a common vision and mission. The same is true with your family. You know when people first started dating they see the best sides of themselves because they don't present that all the time. But if you presented you all the time you would find the relationships that you get into are not going to have to be fixed because they're not broken you're just being you my wife and I said this when we first met.

You know it is very clear there are things that I love to do and there are things I'm not willing to do with the time that I'm here. If the if you and I have common interest we have common values and we have common goals. We're going to have a fantastic life and we have. And you know it's not to have is making a hole it's two holes making more and so the key on relationships number one. Work on yourself first because I find that 90 percent of the problems that people have in their relationship whether it's their finances or their lack of drive or whatever. If they handle that themselves and quit blaming the other person all of a sudden their relationships get better. So 90 percent of the work if you just improve yourself you commit to being who you are. You're going to find that your relationships work and who you are doesn't pair up with the person that you're currently in relationship with. Then bless each other and move to another relationship. It's that simple. If the relationship of Byron isn't working improve yourself through the relationship or move to a new one. So that's a that's an overview. And a little bit more detail and feel free to directly wherever you like but where do you want to go with that.

Well there's not really a ton left to say because I mean you pretty much gave us a ton to to sort of sit on. But you know I guess the one question that comes from me having gone through this process myself and worked on each of these involvements. What do you think people go wrong with this life. Where are they likely to screw this up.

Gosh it used to be you know this by now. Yeah it depends on who they are and what they're dealing with. What I find is most people have an Achilles heel. Yeah. All right. So let's say their Achilles heel is financial. Well they will keep trying to fix that financial environment instead of bringing other environments and that fix it themselves. Right. Also tell you another place that people go wrong is they work on just one environment. Now I believe in starting with one. Right. So fix your body environment first or fix your physical environment or fix your financial whatever it is choose that area and decide that you're going to master that one and get that one cranking. But bring in resources I have found in my life that is difficult for me to see the areas that I'm blind to. And so I rely on trusted advisers and friends to give me feedback as to what they see what is working and what isn't my life. So where people screw up is they don't. Number one recognize most of us have an Achilles heel. I don't know anybody who is mastered all nine of these environments even though that's a great goal. Myself included.

I also will tell people that the way I see them fail is they think they have to do everything. And one of my favorite phrases is You need to delegate your success to the environments. OK there are certain areas that I already have habits of health and wealth and happiness. But there are some that I don't. So instead of me forcing myself to try to get better in those areas I will simply employ environments to mold me into the person I want to become. One other piece I forgot to share with you. When people are setting goals. Okay most people are setting goals to attain achieve or acquire something I want to attain a new house I want to experience that new trip I want to do it over. What I encourage people to do is to start to look at their environments and ask myself how can I use these environments to evolve me. You see the purpose of a goal is not to attain achieve or acquire something. The purpose of a goal is to simply evolve you. You came down as a spiritual entity your being whatever your beliefs are and you took on this thing called a body.

Then you took on these things called environments and took these things called beliefs and my belief is the purpose of us being here in this physical body on this planet at this time in our lives is to simply evolve you spiritually because when you die when you take your last breath that environment called The Body environment is going to immediately begin to decay because there is no energy animating the cells. So it will immediately start to turn back to dust. So if you think about that your soul came into this physical plane it's going to lead this physical plane and go somewhere else. Right. So what is the purpose of you being here for 10 years 20 years 100 years 120 years maybe 250 years. What is the purpose of that. And I believe it's to evolve you I believe that if you take any human. And you begin to upgrade their environments you can maximize their potential and you can create an amazing life. But if you take that same human and you keep the environments the same or you make the environments worse that human is going to constantly be struggling. So my messages upgrade upgrader environment to upgrade your life.

Well this has been really really phenomenal. I know you guys have a happy healthy wealthy games I want to let you tell people about that because I've been through it myself and it was hands down one of the best investments we made I mean we had everybody we agreed as a company that we would all do it together. And so let's tell people about that and then we'll wrap things up.

Sure. This was an environment that I wanted to create because I needed it for myself. I needed something that would force me as an environment to focus on the three most important things to do every day. And what we did is we surveyed thousands of people and we realized no matter what their goals were whether they wanted to buy a new car or a new house take a trip lose 10 pounds find their soulmate whatever it was. All of those goals fit into three categories. Their happiness their health and their wealth. So I thought how do we create a fun inspiring games slash environment that challenges people everyday to just take three actions a day. One happy one healthy one wealthy. And then I said What are the topics of information we need to teach what's the memetics we need to build. What are the habits we need to build these people to help them become happy healthy and wealthy as it takes. Depending on how frequent you do it it takes somewhere between 21 and 66 days for habit to be formed. OK so if we know that we said we'll now we know we have to do something that's been in 66 days.

Why don't we do a 90 day happy healthy wealthy game where people take 3 actions a day. They track their progress and a score card. We bring an environment and called an accountability partner we bring an environment and called Nine training webinars. Mind levels where we teach for example the nine environments that's one of the nine levels of training that we teach. What are all the MRM is we have to put in place to statistically prove that your life can change in 90 days or less. And the big emphasis strany was. I was tired of seeing people go to seminars get excited get pumped up and then come home to their normal environments and not change anything. And so this program is designed to meet you in your home in your office. It's very simple three actions a day. We track it and then we keep working with you from an accountability standpoint to create momentum in your life and to change your environments. And so that's the program you can you can find it by either googling Jim buncher the ultimate game or happy healthy wealthy. I think you might have a little to get out of your email list.

Yeah and I can I can honestly say it was one of the best things I ever did last year.

So what were some of the changes you had so people have a reference.

Well I got my book deal during the 90 day challenge so I can't. It's hard for me to say anything bad about it. You know it honestly was one of those things I was going through a really tough time as you know when when I started it was there was easily one of the most valuable things we did and it was eye opening. I think it was one of the best things and I think the accountability partners made a huge difference. Like I said I mean. I can speak volumes about how good it is because I saw tangible change as a result of it.

Awesome. Well I'm I'm super excited that you and Brian and everybody I've met through you guys is basically learning the environments and sharing it with more people because that is part of what I want to do is to make sure that people understand the concept and that we as a species 7 billion of us begin to take responsibility for our lives and for our environment because as your life improves my life improves as my life improves as the next guys. So there is an opportunity. It's interesting to me the right now of the seven point three billion of us on this planet five billion of us have accessed each other through the Internet and through mobile. That's never happened before. And the reason I'm so excited is that I believe that that's by design not by default. When I look at a school of fish for example or swim in the ocean all of a sudden they shift gears and they go to the right. Or they go to the left. They move almost simultaneously and I think we as a species are doing the same thing. I think we have access to each other through the internet for a reason and that is for us to evolve.

For us to let go of the old beliefs we've had of not enough to let go of the old beliefs that that you know only a few people can have abundance. We live better today than most kings did two three four or five hundred years ago. That's the reality. And yet we're still carrying the old beliefs that make us think that there's not enough money not enough time not enough everything and we live in this modern day spiritual trap of scarcity. And I think this is the time where people can wake up and realize we have the ability to feed everybody on the planet to do it sustainably. To have people doing the jobs and careers that they love. We have an opportunity to let go of the old political systems that give the privileged few. And everybody else nothing that doesn't have to happen. We will actually all have more by sharing with each other and so sharing the nine environment sharing this content doing the work that you're doing is paramount in shifting all of us as a species to understanding we truly can live an amazing life and this can be heaven on earth.

Wow. So I have one final question for you what I asked you last time. I'm curious to see how this will change a year later. What do you think it is that makes somebody or something unmistakable.

Honestly I think it's them knowing and living their self. I think the more that you know who you are and who you aren't you can stand in that power and that makes you unmistakable when people stand out in their strength and in their power and they are here doing the work that they were specifically designed to do. That's unmistakable and I'd love to see more people doing that.

Awesome. While I think that makes a really beautiful way to have our conversation that I really really appreciate you taking the time to come back and go so deep into all of these armaments and share your insights about listeners.

Thank you Sereni I'm happy to be here anytime to support you and your environment's awesome and listening.

We will wrap this show with that one today on the unmistakable creative.

You're always trying to find the right balance between madness and measure. You know too much to measure and you're just part of the system. You're a bit grey. You're a bit forgettable to March Madness and your chest. We did. No you're just that oddball that scares people off.

But if you find the right balance between madness and measure then you have the ability to be interesting and potentially disruptive and potentially attractive to people Michael Bungay standing joins us to talk about coaching to create behavioral change and great work.

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