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An inspiring and personal podcast

I've been listening to Srinivas's podcast since my friend Gladys Ato was a guest (check out her awesome interview!). He's never disappointed in the value and inspiration he continues to bring to the table with his interviews - smart questions, allowing space for his expert guests to share their ans…

Jeffrey Shaw Interviw

As an artist starting out this podcast gave great information on the aspects of business and buyers I never thought of but are so important! Applicable to any business owner. Time spent listening was well worth it!

Great guest!

Loved listening to interview with Ashley stahl @schulmanArt host of the inspiration place podcast

I’ve been listening for a long time and I’m finally leaving a review!

It’s refreshing, inspiring, real, down-to-earth, and honest. I freaking love the host, his questions are on point, he’s vulnerable, and he asks exactly what Im curious to know about the guest. Good job 👍

Engaging and illuminating

yes there’s a lot of inspirational content here but what i enjoy most is the grounded nature of the host and conversations. as a solopreneur in the trenches i wish there were more shows like this

We are listening. And we need to hear it.

Hello Srini. I just wanted to reach out and tell you how much your work means to me. I started listening to you years ago when my marriage fell apart and I was a single mom, working full time at an ad agency while going to grad school. Your conversations were what got me excited to contribute to th…

Enlightening, thoughtful, insightful

Have enjoyed the realness of this podcast.


The most original and beautifully welcoming podcast, LOVE!!! xx

Always leaves me feeling inspired!!

If you are a creative needing inspiration this podcast is for you! The host, Srini, has such a way with mining for valuable nuggets of wisdom from his insightful guests. Each episode sparks new ideas for me and gives me confidence to move forward with my creative ventures. Love it SO much!

A great spark for creativity and ideas!

I walk away from each episode inspired and curious. Interesting guests, informative interviews and great takeaways that have helped me both creatively and in business.

The Creative Kick in the Pants to get you going

Sometimes tapping in to that creative side can be the last thing you want to do after a long work week, but when I listen to this show, I get inspired, and find the desire to push towards my creative goals. While the guests can be wildly different, and speak on different topics, you can always lear…

I’d give Unmistakable Creative a 6 star rating if I could!

I’ve been a listener of Srinivas and the Unmistakable Creative Podcast for years. The guests are phenomenal and the dialogue is fantastic!! I ALWAYS take away nuggets of wisdom that I’ve applied in my business and my life. If you’re not a current listener you should... no... you MUST subscribe righ…

Inspiring and Humane

I was recently introduced to Srinivas Rao’s - The Unmistakable Creative podcast and after listening to my first episode by Lydia Denworth on the Science and Psychology of Friendship, I am completely hooked on it. I make it a point to spend my valuable 1-2 hrs listening to it daily, current and past…

Great Topics!

This is one of my favorite podcasts, lots of gold nuggets of wisdom- love it!

Enjoy it!

I really enjoy this podcast, Sirini interviews a huge variety of interesting and accomplished leaders. I really enjoyed the Laura Belgrey interview, she shared her winding path to success and it was very relatable. I highly recommend --

Very interesting

I’ve listened to Unmistakable Creative for over a year now, and it’s one of the few podcasts that have lasted me that long. I love the guests, I love Srini’s questions, the podcast length is good, and there’s not too many ads. Always makes me think about topics in a way I haven’t before, or hadn’…

Wonderful show!

Srini expertly interviews a wide range of guests and together bring valuable & diverse perspectives to the table on every topic. The conversations are authentic, deep, and real, as are the insights provided. Well done!

I am hooked!!

Listened to my first episode (Tara Swart) and I’m officially a fan. Great job!!! You are a fantastic interviewer! Thank you.

Awesome Podcast!!!

Srinivas, host of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast, highlights all aspects of creativity, art and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!

Beyond Inspired

I was introduced to this podcast several years ago, I tried to listen then, but for some reason, it didn’t stick. Last week I came across a post where Srini was discussing how the audience of one will be there every morning, and it intrigued me, so I decided to give the podcast another listen. I…


Really enjoy this podcast - Srini's conversations with all manner of creative people and perspectives, along with his own unique story and cultural background. As traditional paradigms of employment, identity and aspirations are rapdily shifting, this podcast helps to give guidance and shed light o…

Fun and informative gets my brain going

I’ve been listening to this podcast for well over a year and enjoy hearing new perspectives and from creative people. Srini has interviews with people from all walks of life so there’s a variety of points of view. The fun comes in as Srini always tries to apply the wisdom his guests offer to his ow…

Prepare to be RAO’d

A host who fosters fresh and valuable dialogue with interesting guests without any of the trite conversations plaguing podcasting? It shouldn’t be revolutionary but it is. Definitely recommend tuning in! 💃🏻

Best podcast interviewer

I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Stini delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!! For that listener that is ADDICTED to creating their future. For the listener who KNOWS they are destined for greatness but didn’t believe they could actually…

How to make 1.5 hours on a treadmill feel like 10 minutes.

I stumbled across this podcast series by accident. One episode and I was hooked. Srini, the host, has tapped into a void in the podcast content world. His carefully curated guests + his excellent interviewing style make each one exceptional to listen to. After hearing a few episodes and taking craz…

Authentic, Deep, & Informative

This is my favorite podcast. I started listening in 2016 and then binged listened to almost all of the episodes immediately! Srini has an absolute gift of asking poignant, important, interesting, and deep questions that matter and keep you captivated, learning, and seeing things from new perspecti…

A great creative rescue

Srini always does a wonderful job of exploring ways in which we can all be more creative. His interviews are in-depth and he covers a wide range of topics very well. Highly recommend!

💯 amazing

I can always count on Unmistakable to create episodes that uplift my spirit, inspire wonder and give me a new perspective. This podcast has been my fav for 3 years. Amazing guests. Amazing interviewer. Amazing topics. You will want to have paper and pen handy for note taking!!

Healing your imagination

Really interesting to hear about Liberation Spring. Would love more on the idea of healing your imagination.

Good guests

I’m always interested in the guests but often the recording has poor sound with echo’s and muffling. I also wish the questions were switched up a bit and a more conversation back and forth was had. Ad’s are jolting and splattered in randomly which is a shame. I think this podcast could be really gr…

In the words of Scotty “This is exciting”

Every episode keeps my attention which is hard to do.

What Makes This Podcast Unmistakable...

It seems only fitting to begin this review the way Srini ends each episode. To answer the question... this podcasts content and inspires unmistakable moments of identification with each of its guests. I also enjoy the cadence of Srini's questions, inputs, and isms. There is a level of humility in e…

Fascinating Interviews!

Srini has a way of bringing out the best in each guest so that what they share opens up your eyes to amazing new insights and perspectives on yourself and the world around you. I love this podcast!!

Inspiring and riveting

This is one of my favorite podcasts! Srinivas does an incredible job of having his guests open up and offer valuable insights for us listeners! Real take-aways all provided in an enjoyable and entertaining way. I recommend this podcast to anyone, and especially anyone who is interested in meaningfu…

A wealth of info and support for all kinds of creatives

Each episode is distinct and inspiring in its own way. Srini finds amazing guests who share their insights into all aspects of creative and whole-hearted living.

A MUST subscribe podcast show

A life-line for aspiring individuals to connect their heart and mind to their everyday personal and professional work.

Compelling, consuming & captivating! A must-listen

An absolute delight to listen to! What a refreshing find--real conversations, in-depth, insightful and anything but formulaic. Dive in and learn from a highly intelligent interviewer who asks amazing questions.

Top notch interviews and inspiring stories!

This podcast is fantastic! Real, true storytelling. Inspring stories and wonderful content. Srinivas has a way of making you feel like you are just listening in on a conversation inside of a coffee shop, where him and his guests dig into real stories without the fluff, and canned questions, and the…

Listen Now

If you have ever wondered what the secret to everything was, or you have been striving for goals unmet, then you have to listen to the interview with Srini Pillay published Jan 1, 2018. I have listed to it ten times. Great work!

Wonderfully Inspiring

i love this podcast. Srinivas Rao brings so many interesting and diverse people together to discover new things about creativity and how to bring it alive in the world. this podcast is inspiring and i recommend it to any creatives who want to be unmistakable!

Awesome show, highly recommend!

Srinivas and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting profound stories from some of the world’s highest achievers on how they’re pioneering positive change both in their own life and the lives of others. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Un…

Dean Kosage!!! - Awesome to hear his voice again

Missed hearing Dean Kosage and his talks for last few years. Learnt a lot from his 1 hr talk. Thanks Srinivas Rao for interviewing him

My favorite

Perfect length for nuggets of wisdom. You MUST listen - one of the best interviewers on podcasts.

Outstanding material!

Overall, excellent interviews and content! I’ve been enjoying your podcasts since I heard about you several years ago. Enjoyed the Tiago Forte interview … Keep up the good work!

Goes below the surface.

Especially enjoyed Andy Molinsky's interview and his "three C’s: Clarity, Conviction, and Customization." Other podcasts I listen to for action items, but this one goes deeper and, usually, I don't need to take notes because it sinks in.

Learn something with each podcast

I take away something extremely valuable from each podcast. I appreciate as well that Srini actually listens to his guests and asks them great questions. Thank you.

I love the Unmistakeable Creative

The Unmistakeable Creative is one of the best if not the best podcast out there. Siren interviews the most interesting people. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

One of a kind, highly recommend!

Srinivas and his guests share inspiring and actionable lessons on how to be your best self in life and business. This show is one of a kind, and I highly recommend listening if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to get your creativity and life's purpose to work for you in achieving all your goals!

Srini Rao is friendly, cares, and it shows in every interview

I've had the honor and privilege of Srini interviewing me, as well as reading his books and becoming friends. Unlike some podcasters, he's there for the guest and audience, not just himself. He makes you comfortable sharing, thinking, and revealing what you care about, even vulnerabilities. That…

Love it!!!

Srini Rao is awesome and so are his thoughtful questions. I love this podcast and it makes me want to do something more with my life!

Love the stories!

The best way for me to learn is through storytelling. This podcast brings stories that are fascinating. And I remember the details b/c of the stories shared. Great podcast!

Keeps my brain happy & engaged

This podcast goes beyond the fun side of creativity towards mind science which I love since I get a bit tired of "woo-woo" new agey stuff. I've listened to some episodes several times. Excellent stuff


Fantastic range of topics and guests. Very interesting each time. Thanks!!

Glad to have found it

As a creative myself, I really enjoy the conversations and what Srini brings to them as an interviewer. Just discovered this, but glad I did.

Founder - The Mindful Advantage

I came across this podcast series about a week ago. This is simply some of the best content out there for entrepreneurs, creatives, contemplatives, etc. These really are "must listen to" interviews. Jim Posner


My favorite podcast and I'm picky as I read a lot and get bored easily. Loved Srinivas' style of interviewing, learning just from that and then the guests and their insights, simply awesome. Truly unmistakable😀

Universal truths

I continue to dig through many prior (and current) episodes and do not grow tired of it... many unique insights and universal truths throughout.

So unique and fascinating

I love so many things about Srini's podcast, but I think what I appreciate most is the thought put into his guests. Don't get me wrong, I'm a podcast junkie and enjoy hearing my favorites each time they're interviewed, but at times it does get a bit redundant. With Unmistakable Creative I'm constan…

The one and only!

This is one of my favorite podcasts! Srinivas Rao is one of the best interviewers in media period! He asks brillance questions and draws really authentic responses from his guests.

Thank you!

Srini and posse: just needed to take a second to let you know how valuable this podcast has been to me in the last year or so. The guests and your conversations with them are so inspiring. I just finished the episode with Samantha Bennett- WOW. Thank you for what you do. Cheers from Charleston, SC!

Really worth listening to!

Srini asks the BEST questions - he is a truly gifted interviewer. Sadly, I have to unsubscribe to some other podcasts because they are becoming annoying ;-) My favorite thing: he doesn't edit out or avoid talking about various religious and spiritual views in detail.

Tons of Insights from Great Guests

I look forward to this podcast every week. Almost every guest has an interesting story and offers great insights into personal achievement and excellence. At the same time, the discussions are fairly well grounded.

Great guests and not a lot of ego

I am really enjoying this podcast. The guests have been interesting and thought-provoking. Srini is a grounded interviewer who doesn't let his ego get in the way.

inspiring podcast for the unconventional thinkers and doers

Srini is an attuned interviewer and I enjoy listening to all the thought provoking interviews with smart people leading all sorts of inspiring careers and desiging life on their own terms. Highly recommend if you're pondering the path of creating something of your own or at the beginning/mid point …

Love it

Been binge listening to these the last two weeks, can't get enough!

great show

have been a big fan for a while. Srini is a great host full of awesome insight. love the conversations he has with his guests

Amazing Insights

Learned about this podcast from Jeanette Nyberg, who promoted it as a guest of Patty Palmer on the Art Made Easy podcast and am in love! As a creative individual, the content is both is fascinating and relatable. I especially enjoy how universal and transferable the key concepts are: well done!

Makes my brain explode with ideas

I've been listing to the Unmistakable Creative for at least two years. It's part of my daily "Car University" education. Listening to each episode makes my brain explode with ideas to address with my clients and in my book and blogs. Love that Srini finds guests who aren't completely known in the m…

incredible podcast

These interviews are authentic, inspiring and full of epic quotes. I pre-ordered the Unmistakable Creative book because the content is so incredible. thank you for your amazing work!

These episodes flow together

I came across this podcast as I was searching for Ryan Holiday about a year ago and I've been addicted to listening ever since. The information has helped me work through things in my life and apply them in the real world. One of the main reasons I like it is because the episodes flow together wi…

Truly inspiring

This podcast really gets to the essence of what inspires us to follow our bliss.

Inspiration For Any Field

This one is right up there with This American Life and Serial! Unmistakable has guests that will blow your mind every episode. Whether you work in their field or not. Srini is also one of the best interviewers I've listened to. The conversations are casual and always insightful.

Inspiring, thought-provoking, one of my favorites!

The Unmistakable Creative is by far one of my favorite podcasts – and I listen to many! Srini is skilled at asking interesting and provocative questions, and I really enjoy his interview style. He knows how to keep things moving and I love how consistent themes run through each episode. I’ve also b…

Chief Marketing Officer

I love it! This has become a new place of inspiration for my long drives. I really appreciate the ideas and perspectives from so many people doing great things in the world.

Incredible podcast

Srini is a master interviewer and what's most interesting is the range of guests he has. I highly recommend this podcast!


I love these interviews, they have inspired me personally, led to blog posts from the material and inspiration I receive and I am always impressed by the guests, the questions and how good they are!

Excellent Interviews for Entrepreneurs!

This podcast is excellent. Srini asks great questions to highly influential guests, and following an afternoon of listening I am leaving the office more energized, focused and motivated than I have felt in months. Thank you Srini!

Excellent podcast!

This is a very engaging podcast with a lot of really great interviews. Highly recommend for anyone looking for some inspiration and new perspectives.

This really is the best!

I’ve listened to my fair share of podcasts and this one takes the cake. As a creative entrepreneur this meets all my needs. The guests are incredible and Srini is a fantastic interviewer.

Another Level of Conversation

I am new to the podcast world, Unmistakeable Creative was one of the first podcast’s I’ve been introduced to and now I have high expectations! Fantastic interview questions & thought-provoking conversation. Felt like true insight into the daily thoughts of these creative leaders, aside from just th…

It actually stops me

This is a show where there have been times I have had to stop everything I’m doing to let the information sink in. It does more than move you, it stops you. I’m consistently amazed at the nuggets of wisdom Srini pulls out of his guests.

If you want to accomplish more

I just finished listening to Srini’s interview with Salim Ismail on The Keys to Exponential Personal and Professional Growth. Srini’s style of interviewing enables him to dig deeper on subjects that the listener wants to probe further. I have been listening to Srini’s podcasts since he rebranded to…

Exceptional Interviewing & Inspiring Content

Srini has an incredible knack for identifying fascinating people and drawing out their most unique stories and insights. He is one of the most talented interviewers I have ever encountered, and his podcast is one of the select few shows I consume on a weekly basis. Srini’s work has inspired me to …

This podcast makes me a better person

Srini is a master at finding inspiring people to tell their stories and at drawing out their wisdom. I've been listening for about three months now and I've never left a review on any podcast before - but I had to do it for the Unmistakeable Creative. Every week I tune in and at the end of the hour…

Life changing! A MUST listen!

I’ve been listening for about a year now and the interviews just keep getting better! When I need a boost, when I’m feeling lost, or alone, or just plain stuck—I literally play an episode of Unmistakable Creative and everything becomes clearer. Srini is an excellent interviewer and always goes for …

Pan’s Labyrinth Buffet (minus the eye monster) for the Artist’s Soul

I have myself to thank for discovering The Unmistakable Creative (thanks self). I did a search on podcasts for artists and a could not stop recommending this to friends and family. I am a self taught artist working on expanding and sharing my work and the episodes are windows to worlds I would lov…

Practical insights on how to empower yourself

I have been listening to Srini for more than two years now. I don’t listen to every episode, but I know every time I hit play on one of these podcasts, I am in for great conversation, deep knowledge, and a more thorough understanding of whatever the topic might be. Keep it coming!

Srinivas is an Unmistakable Creative

One of my favorite podcast. Actually, this is my “go to” podcast. I love the way Srinivas Rao conducts his interviews. He pulls out things that often cause the interviewees to say things like: “I’ve never talked about that before” This is excellence in podcasting.

Get inspired!

This is an amazingly inspiring podcast series. Deep, personal and professionally done, you will be hooked!


I listen to a lot of podcasts on creativity and business and social economics. Unmistakable Creative an amazing blend of those 3 topics and is on the top of my must listen list every week. The very first episode I listened to was the 2 part show on How to live well and die well with Greg Hartle. …


Love the questions Srini asks during his interviews. Very good guests who bring insightful, authentic, and genuine answers to life questions that are relevant to me. Definitely recommend it.

Amazing, inspiring, true.

Srini and team do an excelling job of putting together a compelling, provocative, dig-you-up-in-the-middle podcast that is literally changing my life. Thanks for such a great show!

Some of the best interviews I’ve ever heard!

Srini does a fantastic job interviewing some of the most thought provoking people! I often have to rewind parts of the podcast so that I can absorb everything that I’m hearing. I can’t wait to see who he interviews in 2016!


Srini Rao and his team are Unmistakable and absolutely inspirational! I’ve furiously listened to almost every single interview and have gleaned so many lessons I can’t count them all. If you want to learn, be inspired, and see another super-interesting view point on the world and humanity, listen…

A Must Listen

Thanks to the guys at Idea Lemon in Chicago, I found this fantastic podcast. If I don't have time to listen to anything else, I find time to listen to Srini and is guests. Have a listen and be inspired!

A podcast made of pure gold

I've been listening to the Unmistakable Creative for a year now and I am still surprised and inspired by Srini's interviews. This podcast is a part of my daily routine and I have to re-listen to most episodes because there is so much to learn. This podcast is pure gold, especially if you are an ent…

Pure Gold (as Srini says)

I recently discovered Unmistakable Creative and was instantly hooked, some of my favorites thus far Jim Bunch, Greg Hartle, Dan Martell and Bob Goff. This recent discovery has been influential in my desire to reclaim my identity, my life and take the steps toward becoming a business owner and entr…

Crack for Creatives - Click “Subscribe” to Change Your Life

If you’re a creative, love to be inspired or just want to feel motivated, this podcast is meant to be your spirit animal. No lie. Srinivas is an amazing host and brings some amazing and interesting people onto his show. This show has given me great insight and inspiration on how to push myself as a…


I have been starting every day listening to a different episode. The unmistakeable creative has changed the way I great the day. I begin with positive, transformative, inspiring interviews that have literally changed the way I look at the world. Beyond grateful for this podcast. I highly recommend!

Why I'm listening to the Unmistakable Creative podcast

I'm a creative and that's not important. I'm someone who is creative and finally living sober, that's important. Right now the three constants in my life are AA meetings, creative work, and the U.C.P (Unmistakable Creative Poscast). For me I love hearing other creative's stories; I like the host…