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Super helpful and relevant content!

I am a recent listener (within the past few months), and I must say that BlogcastFM is a gem. There is so much useful and FREE content that has helped me and is continuing to help me build my site and connect with people/build a community. If I had all the time in the world, I'd go back and listen to all the episodes. So much great info. His guests are motivating, inspiring, and resourceful. And, Srini knows how to ask good questions. Srini's ebook on the Kindle is also a good, quick read. Check it out!


Each podcast show has wonderful nuggets of information and inspiration that will help and motivate you take your business or passion to higher levels. Love the interviews and the flow of the show. Don't miss out - subscribed! - @TommyPix

An awesome resource!

Entertaining, informative, inspiring - this podcast has it all if you have any interest at all in blogging or building an online business. Srini is an engaging interviewer, often sharing bits of his own story as he gathers up nuggets of wisdom from his guests. I haven't finished a single show without concrete new ideas that I can apply to my business, and I'm always charged up with new inspiration. The notebook comes out and I jot down action steps. I can't recommend this one enough. Even the shows I've been tempted to skip - because I thought the interviewee wouldn't have anything relevant for me - turn out to be storehouses of valuable information. Download this one today!

LOVE this show!

Srini has created a luminous and insightful show that brings a wide range of on (and off-) line experts into conversations with newbies and professionals alike. Fun, focused and mind blowingly good. I'm so grateful.

Best // fantastic range of interviews from biz to art

Whenever there is a new podcast, that's how I start my day—listening to the show. Srinivas has a talent for spotting extraordinary people, famous or not, it's always a pleasure to listen to their journeys and biz tips. My only wish is so there is a new show every day. A must. ::Marta

A must-listen podcast for online biz and entrepreneurs

Highly recommended for anyone in biz online and off. Seriously. I have gotten so much from this podcast. Topics covered are diverse but are always about finding your voice, passion, growing your biz, creating a presence online, getting published, how to market, and more. Srini is a wonderful host, and he has some top quality guests that many of us could never afford to hire! The guests are diverse--publishing, marketing, copywrighting, successful business peeps, artists, etc. And one of my fave things- Srini asks the thing so many of us want to know, "How did you go from here to THERE" - love the stories of how people made it online. The advice is top notch, actionable, and better still - it's completely understandable. Very accessible for the newbie and pro alike, promise. Thanks Srini for rocking it like you mean it! Robin Hallett

Packed with excellent content

This is an excellent collection of podcasts and it keeps growing each week. The guests are really top-notch and each brings new, fresh and sometimes challenging insights to your journey along the blogging/entrepreneurship path. Srini and Sid have a real knack for drawing out the best in their guests, whether by leading them through a formal interview or letting the conversation unfold organically, often it's a beautiful mix of both. Rarely do I complete listening to an episode without having a handful of new insights or action items for my task list. Keep up the great work Srini and Sid!

Great show

I've been listening to this show for quite awhile and it's been a great source of both inspiration and information, especially now that my husband and I are working on a business together. Srini has amazing guests and infuses each interview with his own insight as well. Also, each show really makes me want to learn to surf. :)


This is my favorite podcast on the Internet. Srini is always focused and interested in what his guest has to say and what his listeners want to know.

Look forward to blogcast FM every week!

I have my own business and I look forward to listening to the view points that blogcast fm offers up weekly. I found you from your spree cast. Do more of those. Love the topics and advice your show provides to me as a business owner and entrepreneur.

Great podcast - great mix of practical advice and inspiration

I'm really loving this podcast, and I like the balance between the inspiration messages and the practical advice. I'm actually addicted listening to these interviews, and knowing that there's so many possibilities of what online business I can create. Listening to the interviews has helped me get more focused. Thanks so much!

Great and always getting better!

I've been a long time listener to the show and it has been great to see the company evolve. The guest are not just bloggers but also influential individuals in the online space, such as social media experts, entrepreneurs, and community managers. At this point, BlogcastFM is for all bloggers and any entrepreneur looking to do business online.

Smart, Honest & Focused

The interviews are always smart and to the point making this podcast of a quality that you would expect to pay a subscription. You'll listen once and be hooked! The no nonsense information and focused interviews are a pleasure to listen to. Some podcasts ramble on and it's torture to wait for the punchline. I love the variety of topics and the authenticity of the content. The guests are as diverse as the topics. When I see the list of episodes, it looks like my email inbox. Every one of my favorite bloggers and thought leaders are there along with a few I suspect I will be following soon. There's something for every entrepreneur here. Simply brilliant!

The Subscription Reduction Podcast

Time is precious, I'm very selective about what I spend my time consuming; whether through reading or audio. Prior to finding Blogcast FM, I subscribed to around 6-9 podcasts that I'd rotate between on my daily commute and (on occasion) while running. Since I started listening to Srinivas and Blogcast FM, I'm down to three and one is my own podcast. LOL The variatey and quality of guests this show has is perfect. As a self-published author, podcaster, and writer I find a little bit of everything on this show. From inspiration to personal PR strategies, I always hear something I can apply to my own brand and life.

Fabulously useful inspiring & fun

I am addicted to this podcast. The guests always share great tips and inspiration because Srini is such a good interviewer and knows exactly what to ask. It's like he reads our minds as we listen. He also manages to keep it fresh and entertaining - no contrived stuff or self consciousness. Good humored honesty and insightful wisdom for becoming successful as a blogger & entrepreneur. You'll be so thankful for many of the people Srini introduces you to.

A Great Show!!!!

This is a great show for those interested in blogging and beyond. I look forward to having new episodes and Srini consistently delivers quality stuff. It's not often that you come to really cheer for someone's success as a result of listening to a Podcast but with this one, I do! I most like the diversity of guests and how they approach business and life in unconventional ways.

Great Podcast, Would Highly Recommend!

I just started listening to PodcastFM, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The podcasts are great with content that I find informative and helpful and guests with whom I can relate.

Best kept secret on the internet. No exaggeration.

If you want to learn what the pros are doing to make it big online--and off--in terms of marketing, strategy, promotions, thought-processes and philosophy--this is the PLACE. It's the best kept secret on the internet - it would cost you thousands of dollars to pay for this information. On top of that, I love the community feel - Srini has been doing an awesome job for years now, and not only does he have a whole host of dedicated fans--he's an absolute pleasure to listen to as well. I've been a guest in the past, and look forward to being a guest in the upcoming weeks!

Must Listen

BlogcastFM interviews have provided me with new insights, useful information, and inspriation for blogging and my business. Love it and I would definitely recommend to others.

Packed with useful information

One of the best podcasts out there. I highly recommend Blogcast FM

The Information Station!

BlogcastFM is the go-to place for learning about new topics. Every single podcast will teach you extremely VALUABLE information, that you'll never regret acquiring. Each interview is captivating and provides tactics that can be easily applied to any business model. Srinivas Rao is a walking dictionary or textbook about all things blogging, business and social media. Since BlogcastFM is a free resource, there should be no excuse for any business owner to pass it up. Subscribe now and help your business boom.

BlogcastFM has helped my business

My mobile lifestyle allows me to listen to approximately 30 podcasts a week. Srinivas and David's interviews are well done and insightful. I am always amazed that people can provide such good free content like they do.

Brilliant Blogcast

The information is presented clearly, professional done, relevant, and entertaining while getting the main ideas across. It is refreshing to listen to Srini, who clearly enjoys his work and has a passion for helping others.

Whenever the doubts creep in...

I am 54 years old, married with a bunch of kids and a mortgage. I quit my high-paying job at the end of 2009 to more fully live my values of independence and service. I have had to learn very quickly how to play in the online space. Whenever doubts start to creep in as to whether I can pull this off (Brownstone Fitness) I look for Srini's latest interview. He never fails to have stories not just of motivation, but of actionable items for old dogs like me who are learning new tricks. Whether it is PR, time management, niche selection, or content creation, Blogcast FM is there to provide my education about the online world. Thank you.