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Srini does a great job of casting a wide enough net to capture my attention, yet bringing home points from his interviewees that I can take to both the real and internet worlds. I'm an attorney without a blog and I find the content extremely useful and actionable. Listen up folks - tune in here.

Inspiring, Encouraging, and Honest Podcast!

I sooo enjoy listening to Srini interview others, talk about his experiences (he's very transparent!), and share resources, a lot of which have helped me move forward and/or confirm that I'm on the right path! I learn something from each and every podcast and consider it a valuable resource in my box of success tools! Kesha Uncommon Chick

Solid guests, great questions, always interesting

Great stuff from Srini and co. I always love to hear the real stories of both success and failures from people out in the world actually doing cool stuff and creating content! It's a must listen for anyone looking to make the most of their blog - useful tips, actionable steps, and high level strategies - keep up the good work fellas!

Great Education for Bloggers and Businesses

If you're looking to improve your blogging skills for yourself or your business, then this podcast is for you. BlogcastFM chooses the most successful bloggers to interview and reveals their strategies for success. No matter how much you think you know, you're guaranteed to discover at least one new thing to add to your blogging strategy in each episode.

BlogcastFM absoltely helped my business.

Each morning as I prepare mentally for my day I listen to one of a small group of podcasts. BlogcastFM gets played twice a week. Once to catch the latest episode. Once to catch a past episode that I might have missed OR to re-listen to something that I felt needed a second play. The info is practical and the interviews are veyr helpful and professional. If you're not subscribed, fix that.

Well worth your time

I found this podcast through an interview they did with Mark Manson of PostMasculine. I'm a big fan of Mark's writing and the interview with Srini was fantastic. Since listening to that first show, I've gone back and listened to dozens in the archives. Srini asks very pointed questions and gets to the good bits about how these successful people did what they did. I love listening to interviews where the interviewee is surprised by the depth of the questions. I've learned quite a bit and I highly recommend the show.

One of my favorite podcasts!

I love BlogcastFM! It has some amazing guests, but it's also the host (Srini) that makes the show. He asks his guests questions that elicit thoughtful and interesting answers. Here are just a few thoughts that have stuck with me (but there are many more!!): -You can't compare your insides with someone else's outsides (Jennifer Boykin) -Don’t confuse activity with achievement! (Ameena Falchetto) -Fear of the unknown. People would rather live with unhappiness than uncertainty. (Unfortunately, I can't place exactly who said this, although Jonathan Fields has a book, “Uncertainty,” which is on my reading list. I'm guessing it's him or someone quoting him). -Be yourself but magnify yourself into three times that. Take your most awesome self and take it three times up as much. Still be yourself, but the most extreme level of it. (Mars Dorian w/others on Why Being You is Great For-business) I've only recently started listening, but I'm definitely going to listen to all 300+ episodes. Two things to note: -Keep a notebook handy when listening so you can jot down all the valuable information you learn. -Make sure you listen to episodes with guests outside of your world, or "bubble." You will learn something great.

Must Listen Podcast For Entrepreneurs-Excellent!

When I first discovered BlogcastFM I had no clue what an educational goldmine I had found. The lessons and words of wisdom from the A-list guests provide me with entrepreneurial insights and wisdom that would otherwise probably be outside of my (current) grasp. Srini asks the questions I feel myself wondering in my mind as I listen. In my opinion, that is the hallmark of a fabulous interviewer: He asks exactly what I would if I was sitting there with the guest. In addition, Srini digs deeps and pulls priceless insights out of the guests. I even hear the guests having "ah-ha" moments throughout the conversations. It's abundantly obvious he really knows his audience and goes to great lengths to provide interviews that help us in our businesses and lives. I enjoy the fact that there is something for everyone from the newbie entrepreneur to the "been in the game for quite some time" entrepreneur (and everyone in between). The show is enjoyable, funny, smart, priceless and getting better by the episode. Do yourself a favor and subscribe!

One blogcast I look forward to!

I enjoy listening and re-listening to these podcasts! Srinivas always picks quality peopl to interview (and sometimes gets interviewed by), it's always a treat to put my headphones on for this podcast.

love it, love it, love it

I've been listening to the show for a long time and just haven't left a review. I absolutely love it, love it, love it. See... I'm a picky, don't-waste-my-time, Type A gal. I'm I find each week motivating and inspiring because regular folks like me and you have figured out something cool to share with us about their journey. I never miss Blogcast FM and am honored to be able to leave this review so others can find it. You won't find a more authentic, honest and helpful podcast. BOOM.

Actionable Business and Marketing Insight You Can Implement ASAP

BlogCastFM discusses real blog, marketing and business topics with established and emerging leaders within the digital media industry. Srini's incredibly engaging, his guests bring heat and the conversations are always on point. No matter how seasoned you are, you'll walk away having learned something impactful + actionable that you can apply to your business right away.

Actionable and inspirational

Sri asks great questions and the content on this podcast is actionable and inspirational.


It's really simple. These guys provide value. Everyone shares cool pieces of information that are helpful to others, whether it's brand new stuff, or validation of what we already know. It'll never run out of value. Massive learning. Good stimulation for the entrepreneurial brain :) !

One of the best ways to learn how to run a successful business

I'm a big believer in learning from other people's success and (especially) their mistakes. is an extremely valuable resource for entrepreneurs, no matter what industry you're in. Srinivas is a master at getting people to open up and share their stories. The way I see it, the more you learn about business, the more successful you're going to be. And one of the best ways to learn about business is by listening to this podcast. As a serial entrepreneur who built and sold four successful businesses, I can't recommend enough.

Why Didn't I Find Blogcast FM Sooner?! An Awesome Resource for Bloggers/Entrepreneurs

I am officially a Blogcast FM junkie. I love, love Blogcast FM because it delivers relevant content in an entertaining way. The host, Srini does an amazing job in asking all the questions you've been dying to ask bloggers and entrepreneurs you admire. It's just jam-packed with extremely valuable information-- actionable advice, tips and even strategies to start your own profitable blog/biz. I am very selective about what I will listen to for one hour… and I can say that Blogcast FM comes highly recommended.

The most important hour on the internet

I've been listening to BlogcastFM since the early days and it is consistenly one of the most valuable resources to dream, plan, get a reality check and some gritty how-to knowledge for anyone interested in building their own business. There's a school of thought: people thinking way outside of the box, determined to make the world better and live on their own terms...if you even remotely feel like you want to be part of that, BlogcastFM is the place to start.

Inspiring, yet practical

Let me begin by saying that I rarely consume podcast content, choosing rather for writing/videos. However, I've been listening to Blogcast FM for well over a year. It strikes a balance of inspiration, mixed with practicality. Even if many of the interviewees aren't in my field or relevant to my interests, there's often some great principles that I can apply to myself. Srinivas asks great, challenging questions. I highly recommend, whether an entry level blogger or experienced blogger/marketer.

My favorite podcast for bloggers and entrepreneurs!

I discovered Srini and his blogcast fm movement after an online interview I stumbled upon. Checked out an episode of blogcast FM and now I'm an avid fan for life. Very insightful and I really dig his conversational style of interviewing. The guests on his show are amazing and inspirational. I make sure to have a pad and pen by my side every time I listen to his interviews. He's great at asking the RIGHT questions too! Another key note is the quality behind the inteviews. Clarity of sound and very professional. Highly recommended for bloggers and all the movers and shakers of the world! Keep up the great work and keep inspiring. Thank YOU!

My source for inspiration and action

This is my second review of Srini's BlogcastFM podcast. I wrote the first one when I was merely in the haze of getting to know this show. Back then, I was impressed and intrigued. Now I'm committed and in love. This is the only podcast that consistently keeps my attention, inspires me, and makes me pause on my walks (or while driving) so I can make a note about a great insight a guest has shared, a follow-up question Srini asked, or an epiphany that has popped into my head while listening. The diversity of the guests makes this my go-to place to hear the people I already admire, discover new voices I haven't yet found, and get to know the missions and behind-the-scenes stories of people I kind of knew, but wanted to know more. I love the cross-industry nature of the guest list - it really helps broaden my perspective and give me new ideas that I might not otherwise have found. Finally, though I'm gushing about all the inspiration, I also love the brass tacks element of the blog - the "let's get down to exactly how you did that" part. I love that Srini asks some very pointed questions that dig into the how as well as the what and why. All-in-all - love the podcast. Learning so much and having loads of fun doing it.

Thanks for the great podcast!

I am at the point now where I find myself refreshing my feed for to refresh and bring me a new interview. Absolutely fantastic information for a new/upcoming blogger or basically anyone looking to be more successful in life. The interviews are great and always informational/helpful and have helped me take my blog to the next level. Thanks!

Srinivas asks what I'm already thinking!

I discovered Srinivas on The Rise to the Top. His interview with David Siteman Garland was truly "epic." Srini, the advice you gave about how big brands should interact with bloggers was awesome. I've been hooked ever since! Most recently, I found Tara Gentile and I enjoy listening to her. I agree with you that she's one of the smartest person in the web/ blog world. Anywho, I searched for her on iTunes and she appeared on Blogcastfm. You ask great questions, the questions I want to ask but can't seem to formulate. Great content, keeps me interested, and great guests!

This is a Masterclass in Entrepreneurship

I just found out about this podcast when Srini was interviewed on another podcast. I liked his style there and decided to give this a listen. Now it's on regular play in the car, and I put quite a few miles on a week. He's a master at uncovering what's behind the words. He helps the speaker articulate their ideas in ways even they didn't know existed and he does it all so that we can learn something new that will help us grow our businesses. The guests he's finding are, for the most part, people I've never heard of - and they are gems. I applaud BlogCastFM and want them to know that I'm a huge fan. If there is a standard, this should be it. High quality interviews, information, and insight. Jeff Hendrickson Laughing Raven Studio

Refreshing and Relevant

With so much hype and recycled info about making money online today, it's wonderful to listen to a podcast with fresh perspectives and unique ideas. Each and every interview always brings something new to to the table. I don't listen to many podcasts, but I make time for this one.

Great guest, great content - BlogCast FM in my idol!

I just listened to Jennifer Louden and absolutely loved her interview - so much wisdom. As I scrolled through the other episodes - it was hard to choose which one to listen to first. There were so many great topics and so many of my favorite thought leaders to follow on line. Great job guys - please keep it up.

More than blogging

Load up your iPhone and listen for hours--that's what I've done with this podcast. It's about more than blogging; I'd recommend these interviews for anyone who has an online business or creates content.

Srini is Oprah of the Blogosphere

Everything you ever wanted to know about blogging and so much more is covered. Srini gets in deep and asks the perfect questions to dig out the best actionable info. Must-listen for everyone who has a presence online or wants to build one!

Supercharged Business Conversations

Came across Srinivas Rao's Blogcast FM after he interviewed my biz coach Erika Lyremark. I'm super impressed by the quality conversations and wide array of guests. Quality far above the same-old-same-old. Do yourself and your business a favor and subscribe now!!

Helpful Podcast!

There's nothing more helpful then hearing the strategies that make your blog a success from the experts that crafted them. Numerous articles discuss the topics covered in this podcast, but there's no comparing the quality insights that happen in these interviews and discussions. I'll definitely recommend this podcast in the future.

Blogcast FM

Blogcastfm is exceptional. I learn from every listen. Jennifer Lee's Right Brained Business Plan was a life changer for me and Srinivas is an amazing interviewer.

I never miss an episode.

If you're a blogger or do business online, this is the podcast for you. Srini Rao has developed a real ear for the interview, always asking provocative and probing questions of his guests and bringing real value to his listeners. He's interviewed some fantastic entrepreneurs, visionaries and online upstarts, and I never miss an episode.