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Keeps my brain happy & engaged

This podcast goes beyond the fun side of creativity towards mind science which I love since I get a bit tired of "woo-woo" new agey stuff. I've listened to some episodes several times. Excellent stuff


Fantastic range of topics and guests. Very interesting each time. Thanks!!

Glad to have found it

As a creative myself, I really enjoy the conversations and what Srini brings to them as an interviewer. Just discovered this, but glad I did.

Founder - The Mindful Advantage

I came across this podcast series about a week ago. This is simply some of the best content out there for entrepreneurs, creatives, contemplatives, etc. These really are "must listen to" interviews. Jim Posner


My favorite podcast and I'm picky as I read a lot and get bored easily. Loved Srinivas' style of interviewing, learning just from that and then the guests and their insights, simply awesome. Truly unmistakable😀

Universal truths

I continue to dig through many prior (and current) episodes and do not grow tired of it... many unique insights and universal truths throughout.

So unique and fascinating

I love so many things about Srini's podcast, but I think what I appreciate most is the thought put into his guests. Don't get me wrong, I'm a podcast junkie and enjoy hearing my favorites each time they're interviewed, but at times it does get a bit redundant. With Unmistakable Creative I'm constantly discovering new people and hearing new ideas, I love that. Thanks Srini! ☺️

The one and only!

This is one of my favorite podcasts! Srinivas Rao is one of the best interviewers in media period! He asks brillance questions and draws really authentic responses from his guests.

Thank you!

Srini and posse: just needed to take a second to let you know how valuable this podcast has been to me in the last year or so. The guests and your conversations with them are so inspiring. I just finished the episode with Samantha Bennett- WOW. Thank you for what you do. Cheers from Charleston, SC!

Really worth listening to!

Srini asks the BEST questions - he is a truly gifted interviewer. Sadly, I have to unsubscribe to some other podcasts because they are becoming annoying ;-) My favorite thing: he doesn't edit out or avoid talking about various religious and spiritual views in detail.

Tons of Insights from Great Guests

I look forward to this podcast every week. Almost every guest has an interesting story and offers great insights into personal achievement and excellence. At the same time, the discussions are fairly well grounded.

Great guests and not a lot of ego

I am really enjoying this podcast. The guests have been interesting and thought-provoking. Srini is a grounded interviewer who doesn't let his ego get in the way.

inspiring podcast for the unconventional thinkers and doers

Srini is an attuned interviewer and I enjoy listening to all the thought provoking interviews with smart people leading all sorts of inspiring careers and desiging life on their own terms. Highly recommend if you're pondering the path of creating something of your own or at the beginning/mid point of that journey.

Love it

Been binge listening to these the last two weeks, can't get enough!

great show

have been a big fan for a while. Srini is a great host full of awesome insight. love the conversations he has with his guests

Amazing Insights

Learned about this podcast from Jeanette Nyberg, who promoted it as a guest of Patty Palmer on the Art Made Easy podcast and am in love! As a creative individual, the content is both is fascinating and relatable. I especially enjoy how universal and transferable the key concepts are: well done!

Makes my brain explode with ideas

I've been listing to the Unmistakable Creative for at least two years. It's part of my daily "Car University" education. Listening to each episode makes my brain explode with ideas to address with my clients and in my book and blogs. Love that Srini finds guests who aren't completely known in the mainstream yet and features their voices and ideas. Love this podcast and it's easily one of my Top 3 favorites!

incredible podcast

These interviews are authentic, inspiring and full of epic quotes. I pre-ordered the Unmistakable Creative book because the content is so incredible. thank you for your amazing work!

These episodes flow together

I came across this podcast as I was searching for Ryan Holiday about a year ago and I've been addicted to listening ever since. The information has helped me work through things in my life and apply them in the real world. One of the main reasons I like it is because the episodes flow together with an underlying theme that helps the listener build on information from an earlier episode. Srini really gets into the meat by asking questions I would want to ask if I knew to ask them. This show is highly underrated and I recommend it 1000%.

Truly inspiring

This podcast really gets to the essence of what inspires us to follow our bliss.

Inspiration For Any Field

This one is right up there with This American Life and Serial! Unmistakable has guests that will blow your mind every episode. Whether you work in their field or not. Srini is also one of the best interviewers I've listened to. The conversations are casual and always insightful.

Inspiring, thought-provoking, one of my favorites!

The Unmistakable Creative is by far one of my favorite podcasts – and I listen to many! Srini is skilled at asking interesting and provocative questions, and I really enjoy his interview style. He knows how to keep things moving and I love how consistent themes run through each episode. I’ve also been incredibly drawn to his guests. I have no idea where he finds so many insightful people with such amazing stories to share, but I can honestly say that I’ve learned something from every single one. Srini, thanks for the great work. Keep it up - you bring so much to the table!

Chief Marketing Officer

I love it! This has become a new place of inspiration for my long drives. I really appreciate the ideas and perspectives from so many people doing great things in the world.

Incredible podcast

Srini is a master interviewer and what's most interesting is the range of guests he has. I highly recommend this podcast!


I love these interviews, they have inspired me personally, led to blog posts from the material and inspiration I receive and I am always impressed by the guests, the questions and how good they are!

Excellent Interviews for Entrepreneurs!

This podcast is excellent. Srini asks great questions to highly influential guests, and following an afternoon of listening I am leaving the office more energized, focused and motivated than I have felt in months. Thank you Srini!

Excellent podcast!

This is a very engaging podcast with a lot of really great interviews. Highly recommend for anyone looking for some inspiration and new perspectives.

This really is the best!

I’ve listened to my fair share of podcasts and this one takes the cake. As a creative entrepreneur this meets all my needs. The guests are incredible and Srini is a fantastic interviewer.

Another Level of Conversation

I am new to the podcast world, Unmistakeable Creative was one of the first podcast’s I’ve been introduced to and now I have high expectations! Fantastic interview questions & thought-provoking conversation. Felt like true insight into the daily thoughts of these creative leaders, aside from just their typical interviews.

It actually stops me

This is a show where there have been times I have had to stop everything I’m doing to let the information sink in. It does more than move you, it stops you. I’m consistently amazed at the nuggets of wisdom Srini pulls out of his guests.