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Fun and informative gets my brain going

I’ve been listening to this podcast for well over a year and enjoy hearing new perspectives and from creative people. Srini has interviews with people from all walks of life so there’s a variety of points of view. The fun comes in as Srini always tries to apply the wisdom his guests offer to his own life, which is the hallmark of a true learner. Abstract ideas don’t acquire real meaning until we can find applications or connection to our own reality. Inevitably I too find ways to apply the lessons learned to my own life. It’s a great listen!!!!

Prepare to be RAO’d

A host who fosters fresh and valuable dialogue with interesting guests without any of the trite conversations plaguing podcasting? It shouldn’t be revolutionary but it is. Definitely recommend tuning in! 💃🏻

Best podcast interviewer

I love the tactical, honest and real rawness Stini delivers in this podcast. I hit subscribe and definitely can’t wait for the next show!!! For that listener that is ADDICTED to creating their future. For the listener who KNOWS they are destined for greatness but didn’t believe they could actually make money in it. This podcast is for you. Srini asks very candid and heart opening questions.

How to make 1.5 hours on a treadmill feel like 10 minutes.

I stumbled across this podcast series by accident. One episode and I was hooked. Srini, the host, has tapped into a void in the podcast content world. His carefully curated guests + his excellent interviewing style make each one exceptional to listen to. After hearing a few episodes and taking crazy notes, I realized this was a masterclass in self-development. Now, I run each morning on the treadmill with a notebook propped up so I can jot down the pearls I glean from these conversations. The time goes so fast, I actually hate to jump off. Thanks Srini!

Authentic, Deep, & Informative

This is my favorite podcast. I started listening in 2016 and then binged listened to almost all of the episodes immediately! Srini has an absolute gift of asking poignant, important, interesting, and deep questions that matter and keep you captivated, learning, and seeing things from new perspectives. It doesn’t feel like the questions are for the audience as much as because he is genuinely curious and seeking answers and we get to benefit from it. It’s like listening in on their private conversation. The guests are diverse and somehow there’s always a mix of getting deep into their personal history and beliefs but still time to hear and learn the practical information about their work and how it can benefit the listener. Super good- highly recommend!!

A great creative rescue

Srini always does a wonderful job of exploring ways in which we can all be more creative. His interviews are in-depth and he covers a wide range of topics very well. Highly recommend!

💯 amazing

I can always count on Unmistakable to create episodes that uplift my spirit, inspire wonder and give me a new perspective. This podcast has been my fav for 3 years. Amazing guests. Amazing interviewer. Amazing topics. You will want to have paper and pen handy for note taking!!

Healing your imagination

Really interesting to hear about Liberation Spring. Would love more on the idea of healing your imagination.

Good guests

I’m always interested in the guests but often the recording has poor sound with echo’s and muffling. I also wish the questions were switched up a bit and a more conversation back and forth was had. Ad’s are jolting and splattered in randomly which is a shame. I think this podcast could be really great, so here’s hoping!

In the words of Scotty “This is exciting”

Every episode keeps my attention which is hard to do.

What Makes This Podcast Unmistakable...

It seems only fitting to begin this review the way Srini ends each episode. To answer the question... this podcasts content and inspires unmistakable moments of identification with each of its guests. I also enjoy the cadence of Srini's questions, inputs, and isms. There is a level of humility in each episode and the guests are chosen for their accomplishments, rather than their status. Thank you Srini. I am a fan.

Fascinating Interviews!

Srini has a way of bringing out the best in each guest so that what they share opens up your eyes to amazing new insights and perspectives on yourself and the world around you. I love this podcast!!

Inspiring and riveting

This is one of my favorite podcasts! Srinivas does an incredible job of having his guests open up and offer valuable insights for us listeners! Real take-aways all provided in an enjoyable and entertaining way. I recommend this podcast to anyone, and especially anyone who is interested in meaningfully progressing forward!!

A wealth of info and support for all kinds of creatives

Each episode is distinct and inspiring in its own way. Srini finds amazing guests who share their insights into all aspects of creative and whole-hearted living.

A MUST subscribe podcast show

A life-line for aspiring individuals to connect their heart and mind to their everyday personal and professional work.

Compelling, consuming & captivating! A must-listen

An absolute delight to listen to! What a refreshing find--real conversations, in-depth, insightful and anything but formulaic. Dive in and learn from a highly intelligent interviewer who asks amazing questions.

Top notch interviews and inspiring stories!

This podcast is fantastic! Real, true storytelling. Inspring stories and wonderful content. Srinivas has a way of making you feel like you are just listening in on a conversation inside of a coffee shop, where him and his guests dig into real stories without the fluff, and canned questions, and the "batch" interviews that you hear on many podcasts. I am a huge fan of this show!

Listen Now

If you have ever wondered what the secret to everything was, or you have been striving for goals unmet, then you have to listen to the interview with Srini Pillay published Jan 1, 2018. I have listed to it ten times. Great work!

Wonderfully Inspiring

i love this podcast. Srinivas Rao brings so many interesting and diverse people together to discover new things about creativity and how to bring it alive in the world. this podcast is inspiring and i recommend it to any creatives who want to be unmistakable!

Awesome show, highly recommend!

Srinivas and his guests provide some incredibly actionable and compelling content, spotlighting profound stories from some of the world’s highest achievers on how they’re pioneering positive change both in their own life and the lives of others. Highly recommend listening and subscribing to The Unmistakable Creative if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to become the very best version of yourself (and reach your overall goals as a result)!

Dean Kosage!!! - Awesome to hear his voice again

Missed hearing Dean Kosage and his talks for last few years. Learnt a lot from his 1 hr talk. Thanks Srinivas Rao for interviewing him

My favorite

Perfect length for nuggets of wisdom. You MUST listen - one of the best interviewers on podcasts.

Outstanding material!

Overall, excellent interviews and content! I’ve been enjoying your podcasts since I heard about you several years ago. Enjoyed the Tiago Forte interview … Keep up the good work!

Goes below the surface.

Especially enjoyed Andy Molinsky's interview and his "three C’s: Clarity, Conviction, and Customization." Other podcasts I listen to for action items, but this one goes deeper and, usually, I don't need to take notes because it sinks in.

Learn something with each podcast

I take away something extremely valuable from each podcast. I appreciate as well that Srini actually listens to his guests and asks them great questions. Thank you.

I love the Unmistakeable Creative

The Unmistakeable Creative is one of the best if not the best podcast out there. Siren interviews the most interesting people. I strongly recommend it to everyone.

One of a kind, highly recommend!

Srinivas and his guests share inspiring and actionable lessons on how to be your best self in life and business. This show is one of a kind, and I highly recommend listening if you want the knowledge AND mindsets to get your creativity and life's purpose to work for you in achieving all your goals!

Srini Rao is friendly, cares, and it shows in every interview

I've had the honor and privilege of Srini interviewing me, as well as reading his books and becoming friends. Unlike some podcasters, he's there for the guest and audience, not just himself. He makes you comfortable sharing, thinking, and revealing what you care about, even vulnerabilities. That's talent, experience, and caring about others.

Love it!!!

Srini Rao is awesome and so are his thoughtful questions. I love this podcast and it makes me want to do something more with my life!

Love the stories!

The best way for me to learn is through storytelling. This podcast brings stories that are fascinating. And I remember the details b/c of the stories shared. Great podcast!