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I'm Addicted

This is an awesome way to spend your time driving/running/walking/etc. Srini asks great focused questions that you don't hear on other interviews. Each time I hear an interview (Erika Lyremark for example) I think "Wow! That was my favorite so far". Then I hear another interview (like Amber Rae) and I think that one is my favorite too. The guests appeal to everyone from business to health, there is something for everyone. Definitely my #1.

Motivating and Insightful

Srinivas Rao is an awesome interviewer. He pulls out from his guests nuggets of information that helps people realize their creativity and decipher that voice that pushes entrepreneurs. I highly recommend this podcast! Get listening!

I'm liking the changes!

I’ve been listening for some time now and thoroughly enjoy the interviews and your self-disclosure. The dialog is always very intelligent. The new intro is fantastic and really sets the stage for what’s coming.

Creative Type? You Need To Listen to This!

Srini Rao has threaded the needle with this interview show! It's what you need and when you need it ….to "know" that what goes on for you as an artist or any creative person… there are others who live this as well. If you've "stumbled" onto The Unmistakable Creative… it IS for a reason! These guys are awesome. Period, end of story!

My Go To Place

I am starting a modern plush toy company and when I want to learn or need to research about how to do something, from the latest pinterest tips to customer “delightment” to motivation and inspiration to overcome challenges this blog is my go to place. All I need to do is skim through the titles and I will find exactly what I need.


These interviews are fantastic!! I am now in love with Danielle LaPorte after listening to Srini interview her. I learned about these podcasts only a month ago and can't get enough of listening to them! The new website is so perfect, too, and I love the cartoon images. Since starting to listen to these interviews, all the conversations I have with friends include me saying how I heard something about what they are asking in one of the podcasts and suggesting they listen for themselves. I am busting with creative ideas and every one of Srini's interviews just sparks more. Thank you so much for offering all of this juiciness to the world, The Unmistakable Creative!! You're awe-inspiring!

The Re-brand is Incredible

The new name is sooo much more reflective of the nature of the show. The intro and outro music speak to my soul! Great job. I was sub-consciously afraid to recommend the old show to friends just because of the name. Now I have a list a mile long of people I will tell about it. Great show, worth every minute of listening!

Love Srini's style

I learn so much in every episode. Srini has an engaging style that brings out really interesting nuggets from his guests. I find this podcast to be inspiring and stimulating. Put this one on your MUST LISTEN list.

One of my favorites

I came across Srinivas by way of Pat Flynn as well, something about Srini struck me with curiousity to seek out more. Do you ever have those holy crap moments? I did when listening and getting high on self inflicted dopamine. There really is more to my life and I love hearing how it is possible even in my 40's. Bravo to this podcast and Thank you!

The best

I really enjoy listening to this podcast. Srinivas is a terrific interviewer. He asks specific questions which end up being techniques others can use in their lives. I especially like the choice of guests, people that are interesting not just the ones with the most awards.


This is a great resource for the creative entrepreneur. Highly recommended!

Straight, No Chaser!

I love how Srini cuts thru the b.s. and gives you the information you need to perfect your own craft. I found him through Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas. I don't take my podcasting lightly. I'm a fan! And I've learned a ton! Thanks man.


This is my favorite podcast and one of only four that I regularly listen too. I've been a fan for at least two year. There are ALWAYS strategic takeaways that I can apply to my creative practice or business, not next year or next week, but now. I love the fundamental authenticity of both Srini and the guests he chooses to interview. The ones this fall have just been life changing! Thank you, Srini!!

Grateful for this Podcast!

As I have taken on a new chapter in my life (and hopefully a new direction in my career), I am so glad I found this podcast. This is simply amazing and honest. Thanks to Srini and his team for putting together a great podcast and wonderful content. Inspiring to say the least. Subscribe. It is worth your time.

New listener - Love this

Sharp, energetic & relevant. I’m a new listener/subscriber but already this is one of my faves. Excited to see the incredible backlist of podcasts available. Pick one, listen, and be hooked!

One Of The Best Podcasts To Bring Value To A Twentysomething

After searching for business podcasts, I stumbled upon Srini's podcast because of the diversity of guests he had on the show. He interviewed over 100 people I found interesting and I was hooked. Srini is a underrated interviewer that asks questions to his guests that allow them to fully explain their background, what makes them different, and how they achieved success in their own unique way. I can't thank Srini enough for the value he has provided me as a twenty something. I highly recommend this show for anyone who wants inspiration, value, and ideas from great guests.

A lucky accident!

The internet is so magical. I just love how it connects me to the right people at the right time. Initially, I was inspired by just Srini's blog but now I'm excited about listening to all these podcasts as well. I will also be reading his books. The blog, these podcasts and the books is creativity taken to another level and I'm extremely grateful to have stumbled into all of it right now! It's like entering a different kind of Faeriland! :-)

Not just for bloggers

Srini's BlogcastFM isn't just for bloggers or those who want to start blogging. It is for people who want to better themselves. Srini's ideas and outlook on life is inspiring and contagious. We, as people, should act and embody what we think is ideal. We are all microcosms of a bigger picture and how we live is a small example of how the world should. Srini and his guests are what we all should be striving for.

Dreamer & Doer

These podcasts hit straight past all of the FLUFF that keep too many people/businesses stuck in their ruts until they forget how to dream and impact lives. Highly recommend!

An inspiration for young professionals

I first learned of Srinivas Rao's podcast from watching the Glenn Beck Program and was so moved by his story that I immediately started listening to his interviews. Blogcast FM offers a valuable tool for Millennial's that goes far beyond the content of these remarkable interviews. His life's work, story, purpose, values, mission, and work ethic serve as a beacon for a "lost generation". Many will come for the remarkable content. I will stay in support of Srinivas' work ethic.

Lot of insight from doers

I listen to Blogcast FM whenever I get a chance and I keep coming back because I get lot of insights from both Srini and his guests.

Looking for Inspiration? Look no further!

Srini and the guys at BlogcastFM do a phenomenal job bringing on guests that are not only fun to listen to, but leave inspired to go after your dreams. I love the conversational tone that Srini has that allows the guests to really open up and pull back the curtain on some of the amazing things they've done and how they've gotten to where they are. Definitely my go to podcast for taking on the world!


This is the only podcast I listen to regularly, and there's a reason for that -- seriously. The guests are top-notch, and Srini digs into the details of their lives and businesses in a way that's tactical, valuable, and immediately applicable. Definitely worth your time: I come away inspired after every listen. You'll find no watered-down BS here.

Inner Dialogues with Vulnerable Experts

Srini has done the amazing--he brings together an outstanding group of people, opens them to their vulnerability, and allows the amazing to happen. You hear more than the standard "here's how I got here" story--you hear the resistance, the pain, the disappointment. You hear both fortune and failure. Once you start listening--you won't be able to stop. If you want to become remarkable--Srini shows you what those who have come before you have done.

I now approach my work differently.

Srini and his guests provide impactful doses of information I can immediately implement into my work. And the genuine, candid conversations occurring are beyond motivating. There are important stories being told here. I like it!

Commutes never sounded so good!!

I've been meaning to write this review for months because it's been almost ten since I first discovered BlogcastFM. I was a fan from the very beginning! For all you creative entrepreneurs, burgeoning content creators, artists, and social movers and shakers, this podcast is for you! Srini has not only introduced me to a slew of brilliantly eloquent and insightful people with mind-growing philosophies and business strategies, but he has also given me a wonderful reason to love my commute. I listen to his interviews in completion every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (regardless of guest or topic) and recommend that anyone else out there with the dream to build magnificent, unique, and meaningful work and art do the same. Thanks, Srini! I'm telling all my friends.

If you're a blogger, don't miss it

I listen to 5 to 15 podcasts on any given day. From Lewis Howes to Pat Flynn to Derek Halpern. Those guys are all great, but the content that I've found on this podcast seems to surpass them all. It's easy to listen to and the content seems never-ending.

All of my mentors in one place

I stumbled upon Srinivas Rao's gem of a podcast Blogcast FM because one of my favorite entrepreneurs, Alexandra Franzen, was speaking on the show, and I am so glad I did! It can be exhausting searching for all the different wisdom that's out there for creators; from e-newsletters to blogs to tweets, sometimes there are just too many places to look. What Srini does that's so special is extract the best information from the most brilliant, successful, creative innovators working today and then wrap it in an audio bow. And we're all better for it.

The Key to Deconstructing the Best in Business

The key to good interviews are having good interviewers. I think Srini has fast become one of the best in the business. Listening and analyzing the content provided through blogcastFM alone will give you such great ideas and inspiration for your businessit's like being part of an incredible virtual mastermind with fun and brilliant mentors.


Just an amazing, dynamic, entreating and super useful podcast. really high quality people sharing their stories, their pathways, their passions. Lots of insights, inspiration and motivation to take action. Srini is a wonderful interviewer who gets the best out of it.