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The podcast that will nourish your soul.

While many reviews talk about this being a podcast for bloggers and marketers. It doesn’t just stop there. It’s a very real opportunity to listen to incredible people doing amazing things, sharing their journey, insights, advice, and more all about life - not just about starting and running a company. Srinivas does an impeccable job at really digging into what makes interviewee tick and how their experiences have impacted their story and led them to this successful point in their lives. The inspiration that each podcast has given me, seriously nourishes my soul and gets me excited, even in this dreary Chicago winter of 2014. If you love yourself. Give it a listen. Some of my favorites are with Simon Sinek, Amber Rae, and Sarah Peck.

Terrific running companion!

Any podcast that uses surfing analogies resonates with me! But Srinivas goes much deeper than extracting great content from his guests through the lens of "what does it all mean to me?" Unmistakable Creative is frequently in my earbuds on my daily runs along the river - great content and inspiration. Thanks Srinivas!

More Than Blogging

I first started listening to this show when it was focused on bloggers and blogging, and i feel like it's evolving with my own interests and profession. The rebrand came about just as I was no longer thinking of myself as a "blogger" and began to identify myself as a graphic designer and storyteller. Srini has top tier guests and is a great interviewer. I always learn something and feel supported as a creative when I listen to this show.


A really inspiring podcast that is packed with great insight into the motivations and techniques of creative people.


Within the last few weeks I've listed to interviews with Seth Godin, Danielle LaPorte, Nisha Moodley, Amber Rae -- each interview moved me and has made a noticeable impact on my work. This podcast is awesome!

My new favorite podcast

I serendipitously found Srini's podcast one day back in January and gave it a listen. I've been going through a fair amount of personal and professional issues and this podcast spoke to me instantly. I find the people interviewed to be insightful, interesting, authentic, and always have something of value to share. Srini does an excellent job of allowing guests to share their best selves and their stories. I really appreciate the interviews and the added backstage candid conversations between Srini and Greg. I would give this podcast 10 stars if I could. Thanks for all your work and effort to produce this show—I for one am benefiting greatly.

An absolute must-listen for independent creatives & other creative business-builders

This is hands-down one of my favorite go-to resources for creative inspiration. Every Sunday when I get the email with the lastest podcasts, I feel giddy. Yes, giddy, I tell you! : ) I've learned something strategic, tactical or inspiring -- or all three -- from each and every episode I've listened to. This is not your usual business podcast, in a good way. A *very* good way. So if you're a creative entrepreneur who's doing or has done things a little differently, and you don't want to follow the usual, conventional beaten path, then this podcast is for you. Over 400 inspiring interviews here with every kind of creative entrepreneur you can imagine, spanning every kind of background. L-O-V-E it.

You are not alone!

Srini knows how to get to the heart of the matter. This podcast celebrates the individual while reminding listeners that we are not alone. As a Nashville-based songwriter, I can assure you that this is not just for bloggers. If you are an independent thinker, then this is the podcast for you.

Eminent Creative Essence

This team is an example of how to re-brand and re-launch successfully. They popped the bubble and created fresh air. New website is awesome. Content is relevant, candid, smart and brings me back. Guest interviews are conversational and personable. Easy a 5 star

Fantastic!! Finally, a Podcast that's only reason for being is to inspire and excite the mind!

Wow, where do I start. Well, for those of you that don't know, Srinivas Rao is the founder of BlogcastFM. While BlogcastFM was an amazing podcast in it's own right (focusing mainly on the world of blogging and internet marketing), what it has morphed into with Unmistakable Creative is (imo) LEAPS AND BOUNDS ahead of it's predecessor. What we have now is a podcast that trumps many others in terms of creativity, but has the same depth and intelligence (and voice) that was BlogcastFM. The most important aspect of this program is the roster of guests. A who's who of people you may not have heard of but who are FAR more interesting then SO many of the "big" guests on so many other shows. This makes for an incredibly compelling show and one you can barely pull yourself away from! Srinivas is a master interviewer never talking too much (or too little) and brings a warmth and depth to the conversation that very few others can achieve. I think this is partly due to his passion and uncompromising attitude. A broadcaster that TRULY is more interested in his audience then in himself and you clearly hear this when he speaks. Do yourself a favor and listen to this podcast! Don't say I didn't warn you because once you start, it will be difficult to stop:)

A fantastic resource

I've been learning so much from the Unmistakable Creative podcasts. I've been a devoted listener for about a year and have gained so much insight from the interviews. I feel like I get more from these shows than any other source that I rely on for learning more about growing and being better at what I do. I can see how my thinking and approach to my work is fundamentally shifting for the better... I'm grateful for the compass!

Helpful and inspiring!

The Unmistakable Creative podcast is the only podcast I listen to consistently. I love the interviews & stories. Hearing other stories makes me feel less alone & inspired to keep creating.

Never miss a show

Love every podcast. It's focused but not scripted, enteraining and educational. Srini sets up great interviewees and does an amazing job interviewing them


Easily one of the best creative career/lifestyle podcasts out there. Srinivas Rao consistently facilitates in-depth and meaningful interviews with some of the most inspiring in the creative world. A great way to start the day. Highly recommend!

Unmistakably Awesome

I hadn't realized how awesome this show was until I paid close attention. But I love how the depth of the conversations and how story plays a huge role in all the interviews. I've learned a great deal of wisdom from every show I've listened to - the interviews are more conversations with tons of insight from awesomely successful people. Definitely useful and great show!

Inspiring People, Inspiring Interviews

I found this podcast through a friend of mine and have been listening ever since. There are inspiring people in the world who do inspiring things, and Mr. Rao does a great job of presenting their stories in a casual, off-the-cuff manner. It's a great podcast for your commute, or for a weekend, to discover fascinating personalities that you might not otherwise meet.


Srini introduced me to a new way of thinking that I always had in me. I used to go after projects for money and that alone. The extraordinary people he interviews have opened up my eyes to a whole new meaning of creativity and purpose. Thank you for being you and helping me to learn that I was out here to be me.

Exceptionally Well Done.

The Unmistakable Creative is an exceptionally well done podcast that I am glad exists. The thing I most value is the sincerity Srini and Co/Host Greg Hartle aka "The Jack Bauer of the Internet” share with their listeners. The interviews stretch the spectrum providing a combination of interesting stories, practical tactics and inspiration that you can apply to your business and art. Being unmistakable is not the easy road and I appreciate that they aren’t just speaking into a mic, but are living and learning through the process as we should all be doing. Much Respect. Thank You for your work, its really helped me on my journey.

Great Interviewer

I'm not sure how I found this podcast originally but I'm glad I did. Srini's a great interviewer... Bright guy asking great questions...well worth the listen

Simplistically Great!

This show is AWESOME! If you are on a mental and spritual journey, in your life, to a land that you have never seen, this show is for you. Great Guests+Great Insights= A Wonderful Show


Great podcast! Relevant and inspirational!

Inspiration for creatives.

There are countless podcasts on internet marketing and entrepreneurship. There are few that creatives can draw much needed inspiration from. The unmistakeable creative provides fuel for innovators through unique insights and emotionally compelling interviews.

Excellent Podcast.

Great Conversation with Dave Ursillo. Really enjoyed open and honest talk between the two of you and looking forward to hearing more. Keep up the good work.

Make No Mistake About It. The Best Interviewer On The Web.

I can’t get enough of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast! Srinivas’ unscripted, authentic style; his ability to elicit deep, authentic conversations; and his connection with guests lure me back again and again. If you’re looking for behind-the-scenes stories not told anywhere else, a champion for the misfit and creative in us all, and the most candid conversations on the web, you will feel like you belong at The Unmistakable Creative.

Consistently Inspiring

I’m consistently impressed with the caliber of people Srini gets to participate in this podcast. Always great stuff on perfecting your craft as a creative and not being afraid to live your dreams. I look forward to each new episode!

Inspiring and Motivational podcasts for Entreprenuers...or anyone!

I found the book The Art of Being Unmistakable by Srinivas Rao and then started listening to the podcasts. I listen on my iPhone while I walk and it makes the walk go by so quickly and is more enjoyable. The interviews are so inspiring. I especially like the different creative perspectives of all the guests. I'm not sure yet what I'll do with all the great information I'm hearing but it makes me feel good to listen and for now, that's enough.

Unmistakeable creative

Srinivas Rao's interviews are awesome. He's genuinely interested in his guests and draws information that will help you in every area of your life. He explores different ideas for entrepreneurship and how to put the information into practical use.

Always thought-provoking, smart and inspiring.

I appreciate Srini’s dedication to interviewing insanely interesting people. I just discovered the podcast in late 2013 and have yet to be disappointed. Srini’s unconventional but brilliant interviewing style (he says he never prepares questions in advance) always leads to a dynamic discussion that makes each guest’s insanely unique circumstances universally relatable. If your goal for 2014 is to cure your addiction of podcasts, don’t start listening to the Unmistakable Creative.

Has become my #1 listen

The guests are great. The questions dig deep. The ideas help make my life better.

Practical and Enjoyable

You will be a better person because of this podcast. Thought-provoking.