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This is the GOOD stuff!!!

Finally, something that makes me feel sociable without being exhausted! Great content and inspiration. Love the style and especially the honesty. No fluff here. The world need s more of this!

Srini's the bomb

Srini has the knack of asking the exact questions I want answered from a guest. Nature or nuture? If you read his manifesto (great read) he'd probably say the latter. Whichever the case, his Blogcast FM rocks!

Inspiring + Practical

I recently discovered (holy crap! what has taken me so long?!) Blogcast FM and I love it! I appreciate the inspiration and ideas that the interviews have sparked!

One hell of a show!

This review is long overdue as I have been listening for a while the interviews and really love the Friday episodes with Hartle...Srinivas Rao is one of my new online heroes!! Pura Vida Costa Rica Guy

Always a source of great info & inspiration!

Srini's interviewing style is very balanced, which I appreciate. He lets his guests speak, and guides the interview to bring out the essence of his guests' expertice. It's obvious he cares about bringing quality info to his listeners.

5 STARS - highly recommend!

Blogcastfm is an rare gem among internet websites / podcasts. Srini is a gifted interviewer, an entertaining host, and the guests he brings to the show are always top notch! Listeners get a steady stream of inspiration, entertainment, and useful information that can be applied to their business and personal lives. I love this podcast and highly recommend it!

So good!

I've new to the podcast (listening a few weeks now) and I'm loving it. Not only a great range of guests - from super well-known to unknown success stories - but Srini's great interview style is so thorough and yet easy going and fun. Subscribe to this podcast today. You won't be disappointed.

lncredibly insightful and informative podcast - Highly Recommended

I have been listening to Srini and for about a year now, and always come away having learned something new that can be put into action immediately. Srini does a fabulous job of gleaning insights from his guests that are invaluable whether you are new to the online business arena, or have been involved with it for quite some time.

Great show full of information and inspiration

This is by far one of the best business, entrepreneur, inspirational shows in the podcast world. Srinivas is a fantastic host who naturally interacts with guests and gives so much amazing business insight and information. His shows flow very well and his guests are incredible. Two thumbs up!

New favorite

This is a must-listen if you're an entrepreneur. The guests are amazing, Srini is an excellent host, and the information is always, always valuable. This is my new favorite podcast.

Great podcast

This podcast is full of useful information! Keep up the great work!

The Best of The Internet

As an entrepreneur and writer, these podcasts are a regular source of new information and serious inspiration. Having access to these interviews from such creative minds is like going to the smartest business school in the world. But you know, in my living room. My favorites so far are Seth Godin, James Altucher and Justine Musk, though I've gotten something out of every one I've heard. Highly recommended.


So many great insightful interviews in one spot. One of the best podcasts on iTunes, Thanks.

Do it!

Srini is a mover and a shaker and knows how to get things done. He has fantastic ideas, and is always willing to share them. Srini is also super open with his audience, and not afraid to expose his flaws and weaknesses to his audience. Love it!

Powerful Info Delivered with Fun and Wit!

Srini consistently delivers great content we can use to market more effectively and build our business. I love his style of being real and conversational. Always a joy to listen to this podcast and learn. I find I often want to listen a few times to catch all the wealth of info. Keep up the great work, Srini! Love your content! - Terry

Web designer

I look forward to this show every week. Srinivas interviews the smartest, most successful people in the online world. Each show is packed with actionable and inspirational information. If you thrive off of breaking the status quo and creating your path in business and life... this show is for you.

Srini nails it on every episode

Intriguing conversation, not just an interview. This is the format that I dig so much about Blogcast. It's not your typical podcast in many ways, even though it shares certain common aspects of the medium. Overall, it's truly compelling dialogue with truly compelling people. Highly recommend.

Insightful Podcast

Srini's easy interview style has me hooked. That plus the topics he covers and guests interviewed make this a must-listen podcast. Great content for a blogger looking to improve his/her work. Keep hitting them outta the park, guys!

A must!

With all of the online noise, it's hard to determine where you should spend your time. I assure you that listening to BlogcastFM will be time well spent. Srini is a humble, gracious host who knows how to bring the best out of people during his interviews -- leaving listeners both inspired and informed. Do yourself a favor and subscribe today. You'll be glad you did.

A must subscribe!

A constant source of inspiration with amazing guests and thoughtful interview questions.


Love listening to Blogcast FM... ! Interviews are solid and guests are alwasy informative. Blogcast keeps you glued to the converstation. Gotta love him!

Great podcast!

Great interviews from the best-of-the-best in the online space. Bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs - all are featured on Blogcast FM. If you want to do work online, this is the podcast for you. Srini knocks it out of the park every time.

An Entrepreneur's BFF

Love your show Srini... it's my constant gym and dog-walking companion! Anyone starting out or needing extra entrepreneurial support, motivation or inspiration should be listening to your show.


I am constantly inspired….thanks Srini

Insightful, inspiring and highly entertaining!

Every podcast episode is filled with nuggets of information that can be applied to every aspect of your life! Plus, Srini brings a kind of inspiration to every conversation that it's highly entertaining regardless of who is being interviewed or what the topic is. Definitely a must to listen to :)

Go Ahead, Subscribe Now…I'll Wait

I only recently started listening to this podcast and loved it immediately. I really appreciate both the specific action items shared as well as the deeper, more soulful moment. Srini's going to just get better and better at this.

A must subscribe!!

Great content. Great format. For anyone looking to sit in on conversations with today's top forces in the world of entrepreneurship.

Multi-passionate super-fessionals for success, fun, and meaning

I've immensely enjoyed listening to this show regularly,which I got introduced to after being a guest. The host, Srinivas Rao, is a consummate curator and tastemaker for what people should be exposed to for their own "social business." He always picks interesting and multi-passionate guest who shares so much that's helpful along with memorable personal stories. What you get out of these shows is not just strategy and business tips, but a real quest for meaning. Being "social" isn't just about what gets us what we want out of life, it's what makes us all better people. Those are the values I admire in this show, and if you do as well then subscribe right now!

A Very Resourceful Business Podcast

Though this podcast is called BlogCast FM, it does way more than blogging world. I am glad that I discovered this podcast and have been listening to it for a while. Pros: 1. The host, Srini Rao, talks liberally, but he listens very well too. When his guests are speaking, he let them complete the concept that they are detailing and then get back with thought out questions. 2. He does him home work. He has matured his craft and you can make out that he has done this show enough times that he can navigate the conversation with ease. 3. The hosts are from all sorts of areas. I kind of get positive surprises from this show. There are actionable ideas that come out of these lively discussions. 4. The podcast has a structure and the questions go around a certain pattern. But the structure has enough flexibility to allow serendipitous conversations. 5. Content is diverse in nature Cons: 1. I don't call it cons, but I wish if they employed a better gear for this podcast. Sometimes I had to turn up the volume to hear the host. 2. Again this is also a technical thing, iTunes directory doesn't show enough shows from the past. You may have to go to the website and download. 3. It would also have helped the listeners, if they provided an index of guests at the podcast website. Overall, I love this podcast and week after week I return to hearing great shows.

Super helpful and actionable

I love how Srini dives deep with the interviewees and helps us see deeper into each person's business, blog, and lifelong career. It's great to be a fly on the wall during these conversations and interviews, there's so much to glean in each episode!