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Blogcast FM ROCKS!

I learned about Srini and Blogcast FM from David Siteman Garland's Create Awesome Interviews course. I immediately subscribed. I listen to the show to learn from Srini, David and their guests about growing an online business and show, creating and launching products, email marketing and all of the other little details I don't know that I don't know. Thank you for your insights and inspiration as I build my own online brand!

Highly recommended

Must listen for anyone trying to start a business in the online world. Srinivas interviews thought leaders that provide tremendous insight into how to create an online presence and market your business. I've gone back through the archives and listened to over a hundred episodes and am recommending this to all my friends in the entrepreneurial world.


This is a truly informative podcast, with extremely interesting guests and a skilled interviewer. Each interview covers the guest's background, how they have fused their past work/life experience into their current business, how purpose motivates them and what techniques or hacks have helped them create their blog platform and products. The behind the scenes Friday podcast is also very good giving more insight into the two guys behind BlogcastFM, their philosophies, their must-have apps and how the podcasts come together. I always come away from an episode with ideas to pursue for my own business, and I find myself pausing the audio many times just to ponder particularly interesting quotes. A real inspiration to listen to.

Addictive and inspiring

Awesome host asks all the right questions and engages in illuminating and fun conversations with fascinating guests. What more could you ask for?

One of my favorites by far

I've been listening to Blogcast FM for over a year, and am constantly impressed with the guests and topics. If you want to become a more successful blogger, there's no better way than to listen to very successful people share their stories. It's like having 100 different mentors! This podcast makes long bus & plane journeys a pleasure.

I never miss an episode

I have come to a point where I am very selective about what information I take in, but Blogcast FM is a regular part of every week. I love the mix of people from many areas, including many who are not "internet famous". Srini also has a special gift for getting inside their creative processes, and that has sparked so many ideas for me. I listen to the show with a piece of paper next to me, so I can capture all of the ideas I get while listening to the show.

Finally, Entrepreneur Discussions From Dudes I Relate To.

Amongst the myriad of choices on business oriented podcasts, it's refreshing to hear from people who knows what their talking about, but are laid back enough, you feel like having a beer with the guys. Perhaps it comes from Srini's coastal living, being in the ocean waves often, but the low-key, straight talk, clearly actionable content is worth paying for … and they give it away freely.

Great podcast

Great in-depth interviews with amazing people.


My iPhone is really competitive - your podcast has to be fantastic if you want me to stay subscribed to it. Well, this one is! Give it a listen if you're interested in blogging and entrepreneurship. I really like that there are great interviews mixed with great solo shows and informal discussions.

High-quality, Informational & Inspirational

I came across BlogcastFM after an author I follow was featured: Jaimal Yogis. I loved the featured so much that I had to hear/read more. The content that BlogcastFM produces is high-quality, informational and inspirational--the perfect combo and the best kind of podcast for ALL bloggers to listen to. Thrilled to have come across them!

Loved Your Charlie Heohn Interview

Your interviews are consistently impressive, however, the interview with Charlie Hoehn was especially insightful and packed with useful info. Thanks for drawing out the best from your guests and giving your listeners a super experience with much take away.


So much valuable content.....I never leave reviews but had to on this one. Just listen to a few of these and you will know what I mean. Great infomtaion and it helped me in many ways. Big thumbs up!

This is the one

If there is only one podcast that you listen to, make it BlogcastFM. Srini does not disappoint. He delivers time and time again with amazing guests, thoughtful conversations, and actionable takeaways.

BlogcastFM -- worth every minute

I became an avid listener of BlogcastFM after hearing Srini's interviews with James Altucher and Kamal Ravikant. His rapport with both was very engaging and I am now quite the fan. I've listened to dozens of interviews. Then today, I listened to Friday's behind the scenes podcast about time management where Srini and David invited folks to contribute their tools/tricks and I felt compelled to share this. I work full-time at an international adoption agency, have two children, a husband, have my own parenting blog and write for another, and a business I'm growing during my "spare" time. To say my time is limited is an understatement. Because I'm launching this business while still doing so many other things, I have to be very careful how I spend my time and I have to be efficient when it comes to learning... as you know, it's easy to find yourself investigating every new and cool thing you hear about. I listen to BlogcastFM every day during my commute to work instead of the radio. And while I learn from each episode, I also generally get a feel for what is worth following up on and what is not through the questions Srini asks and the vibe the whole interview gives me. I use the show as a screening of sorts. Essentially, BlogcastFM has become one of my go-to tools for time management.

Highly Recommended!

I listen to Blogcast FM several mornings a week as I get ready for work. Srini has top-notch, insightful guests from a variety of backgrounds and I always takeaway something value that I can apply in work and life. Great job, Srini!

Great podcast

Srini always does a great job interviewing. This is one of the most motivating podcasts on iTunes. Subscribe and learn.

Whether you're a marketer or not there's something here for you.

I just finished listening to Sri's podcast about the book THE ART OF DOING and highly recommend you listen to it if you haven't already. From business leaders to sports legends there's something in it for all of us. I'm also subscribed to Sri's non spammy e-newsletter at BlogcastFM I hope you enjoy it because I know I am.

Entertaining + informative

Lots of actionable content, no fluff, & I'm never bored listening (which is saying something because I have a pretty short attention span). Highly recommended if you're into blogging and/or online business!

Actionable info from very first podcast!

I got so many great ideas from the first one that I had to get out my iPad and take notes! I got the inspiration for a new tag line I was struggling with and got tons of other great tips as well. This is now on my "must listen" list!

Srinvias brings it every time!

Srinvias is an incredible host, and he gets the most out of his amazing guests. If you are not listening to BlogcastFM, you are at a major disadvantage to those that are! ~ John Lee Dumas

Really interesting people, great interviews, strong content

not only does Srini introduce us to really smart people we've possibly never heard of, but he does an awesome job at interviewing them. He is deeply concerned about getting answers that his audience can apply to their own businesses. I can get tons of actionable ideas from each and every episode.

The 1st Podcast I liked...

The only thing I didn't like - how long it too me to find the place to give you a review! But seriously, this is the 1st podcast that spoke to me. Not just as a fitness guy, a sales/marketer, or a business owner...Srini does a great job keeping it fresh + significant. Thanks - Ambrose WB

Best Podcast on Blogging I've Found

I've been blogging since 2009; I discovered podcasts about a year ago and immediately started looking for one on blogging. Either the podcasts would fade away or they had no true focus. Blogcast FM is exactly what I was looking for and I've been listening everyday. I count myself lucky that I just discovered the podcast, because I can take my time listening to past episodes. I've been a fan for a couple months and have already learned a lot of things that have changed the way I look at my blogging business. If you're serious about blogging, want to take it to another level, or possibly want it to be a fulltime business, BlogCast FM is a free resource full of amazing information that's fun and entertaining to listen too. Kimberly ~ Keep the Tail Wagging

Mandatory For Bloggers, Writers & Entrepreneurs

I have listened to many of these podcasts on my way to work and consider it mandatory for new and seasoned bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs in general. For the amount of exceptional content, you quickly realize it is one of the best podcasts you'll ever listen to. It's like having my very own consulting team. I'm thirsty for more!

Very glad to find this show

Stumbled on this show recently and I'm so glad I did. It can be hard to find quality non-recycled blogging information but Blogcast FM is like a database of incredible insights from industry leaders. Love it!

Epic content

Last week I've listened to a series of Srini's interviews for the first time and as soon as I finished one I would play the next! I've learned so much in each interview as the guests share content in an extremely generous way. I don't think that Srini and his guests hold any information back. I am a fan and I thank Srini and his people for sharing such abundant information in each show. Epic stuff, from beginning to end!

It's like sitting in the living room of visionaries...

This is a great podcast for so many reasons. The guest list is top notch--there's something for everyone--the blogger, the entrepreneur, the fan of motivational speaking--everyone can connect to this programming…Srini's interviews bring out the best in these conversations. I always feel like I'm in the living rooms of some of the greatest thought leaders and visionary minds when I listen to this podcast. Often, I bookmark them to listen again. They make me wish I had a longer commute.

Srini Gave me the Red Pill

I've been listening to BlogcastFM for about 6 months now… There is difference between the way Srini interviews his guest and way it's done on other shows. Guests are asked to dig deep into their lives and give authentic answers about how they achieved success and what people can to find their path. I'm a different (better) business professional today for having listened to BlogcastFM for the last 6 months… I can't wait to see what comes next.

Great for aspiring entrepreneurs!

I have been listening to BlogcastFM for almost three years. I remember when it was just a show for up and coming bloggers. The behind the scenes look at what it takes to build a thriving audience is invaluable. I can't begin to describe what this podcast has done and is doing for my entrepreneural journey. Mostly, it has given me the courage to put myself out there even when what I have to say, may not be well received. I have and will continue to refer friends and aspiring entrepreneurs to this podcast. It is truly amazin!

Packed with how to's.

I really enjoyed the Ryan Holiday interview. I found it packed with actionable information.