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Great insights from some of the leading bloggers, authors, and thought leaders online today. If you haven't subscribed you should do it right now.

Enlightening, inspiring, all around amazing podcast

I seriously never want the interviews to end. Every single interview is full of unique insights, real-life advice, and universe-rocking ideas. Shrini is an incredible host and I learn so much from him and his many guests.

Perfected Brainpickings

I stumbled on this podcast series through Twitter, because Srini - the host - happened to be friendly enough to chat with me and I figured I would go check him out. I was impressed by the lineup of respected business figures, but even more impressed by the clear, smooth and focused way that Srini conducts his interviews. I have long been obsessed with the inner workings of entrepreneurs and business building in general. The way that Srini is able to pick the brains of so many interesting people is, to me, truly remarkable. I come away with a better understanding of the message and great thinking that makes them so unique. My only problem is that I find it hard to multi-task while these podcasts require your nearly full attention. But it's worth it.

Amazing! Srini is the Charlie Rose of the Blogosphere!

BlogcastFM isn't just for bloggers -- it's a resource for all types of entrepreneurs. Srini is literally the Charlie Rose of the blogosphere -- he interviews amazing people who are at the top of their game. Not only does he ask insightful questions, but he leaves you inspired with actionable ideas for implementation in your own business. I've been listening for over a year and haven't been disappointed with a single episode. BlogcastFM is a gold mine of information and a must have for anyone looking to expand their group of virtual mentors!

My New Favorite!

I am so grateful for my great friend recommending your podcast. Really a one-stop-shop for motivation, inspiration, and practical tips. Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive show!

So much to learn in new media - Blogcastfm helps with great methods

After listening to Srini's interview with Seth Goden, Chris Brogan & The Super Inspirational Mayi Carles it occurred to me that this is great stuff - CANT LIVE WITHOUT CONTENT for sure. Five Star *****

Awesome podcast

Useful, actionable advice. Lots of content on other sites about entrepreneurship is overly-broad and unuseful...BlogcastFM is in a league of its own in terms of perspective, quality and depth.

Excellent, actionable content.

I am a HUGE fan of the BlogcastFM podcast, and every new episode gives me more things I can do to improve my business, both online and off. Every day while working out (P90x!) I listen to a BlogcastFM podcast and am motivated to try something new and crush it in my business (and with the massive amount of podcasts, I won't run out for a while!) Srini is an excellent host and interviewer. No matter what industry you are in (I'm in the real estate niche) this podcast will help you improve your business and grow. Definitely check it out. It's a terrific Podcast.

Fantastic Insights for Bloggers & Online Entrepreneurs

This podcast is my new addiction. Consistently great insights into blogging, writing, social media, finding your voice, publishing a book and so much more. Srinivas is a talented interviewer who asks thought provoking questions and drives the discussion forward my adding his own insights. It's a must listen!

BLOGCAST FM is excellent!

I just discovered Srini a few months ago (he had me on as a guest) and I was super impressed with his interviewing style so I listened to more. I'm officially addicted! Make sure to have a notepad nearby; your brain will go crazy with ideas!

Srini directs interviews like a conductor

I must admit, I listen to many podcasts and didn't want to add another one to the list, but then I found BlogCast FM and got hooked. Srini doesn't ask the bland, boring questions EVERYONE ELSE asks, but instead dives in asking "Why something works" rather than just "How". Start listening to BlogcastFM now!

refreshing and inspiring

I came here to listen to Danielle LaPorte and couldn't stop listening to everything else. Super fresh ideas, great connections, inspiring and motivative conversations. Srinivas really has his heart and head in the rich place with this blogcast. What a great place. Thank you for this community!

All bloggers should subscribe to this podcast!

No matter if you're a beginning blogger with just a few posts to your name or a seasoned pro with a devoted following, you can learn from Blogcast FM. Host Srinivas Rao interviews the best of the best in the online space in business, marketing, branding, writing, and entrepreneurship. All the heavy hitters are here, Danielle LaPorte, Chris Guillebeau, Tim Ferriss, and Ash Ambirge, and Rao's engaging interview style means you'll be inspired throughout the entire interview. No filler here, just good advice and personal stories you can readily apply to your own blog and online marketing. What are you waiting for? Subscribe already!

The podcast for entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur or interested in becoming one, Srini's BlogcastFM is a podcast you can't miss. Amazing, never boring, and extremely useful content. Fabulous!

Learning SO much!

I discovered BlogcastFM late this year and I am now catching up... a bit addicting, but I am learning SO much! Srini is fantastic! and the topics are so fresh and useful. Love, Love, Love it and highly recommend it-- it's a must.


Great stuff guys.

On your must list for 2013

If you haven't started listening to BlogcastFM, be sure to include it in your New Year's resolution.

Srini has a sexy voice

Apart from Srini's voice, which I could listen to all day long, the content is the bomb. I think I've listened to this podcast more than any other, period. Interesting folk - and crucially, folk you might not find elsewhere - and good advice. Were BlogcastFM a person, it would be the ideal dinner party guest.

Most useful podcast for bloggers, entrepreneurs + online business owners

Every single interview I've listened to on BlogcastFM has provided tremendous value - both in life and in business. Srini is a fabulous host, with the ability to ask thoughtful + insightful questions to his guests who all have amazing stories to tell. I look forward to every new interview because it means I get another chance to improve my own business. Awesome.

Great stuff

Srinivas does great interviews with fascinating guests.

Great series for anyone seeking to grow

Srini's ability to land powerful guests only pales in comparison with the impactful questions he asks. He is a talented interviewer and we're lucky to be able to listen and learn alongside him as he chats. If you are interested in growing your business or expanding your life, this is the podcast to help.

FANTASTIC podcast, enlightening interviews

This is in my top 3 of podcasts to listen to regularly--intelligent discussion, insightful questions, and great topics for bloggers and business owners to learn from.

"I'm hooked and I can't stop listening. My brain hurts, mommie!"

There are only 2 podcasts that I currently listen to. This is one of them. As a solopreneur handling everything in my business from concept to implementation, I am very particular about how and where I spend my time. Always a huge propoent of lifelong learning, it's rare that I get to read or listen to something that is equally informative and practical as it is inspirational and exciting. And when I do, it's hard NOT to get hooked on it like I have with this podcast. Blogcast FM is the epitome of "work hard, play hard." You are guaranteed to learn something just as valuable (if not more) as something you'd be taught in an MBA program. I know this because I have my MBA. Unlike the stodgy MBA curriculum and setting, the content in this platform is sexy. Thanks to Srini, David, and all the amazing guests, we can learn, improve, and have fun in the process. There's a concept that works! DISCLAIMER: Side effects of listening to this podcast before bed may include excessive idearhea, induced intellectual orgasm, and unexplained invigoration. Listen at your own risk.

Great and not the same old thing

BlogcastFM is a "must listen" podcast for anyone doing business online. I love the mix of guests that Srini gets on the show.

So glad I found BlogcastFM

Srini is a great interviewer. I'm in the process of attempting to launch my first business, and I've already filled a few pages of notes with things from BlogcastFM. Will be a listener for a long time. Please keep up the hard work!

Brass Tacks. Nuts to Soup. My favorite Podcast.

Srini is a pleasure to listen to and I always look forward to finding out who he will be interviewing next. His passion for finding footprints to success can be felt in every question he asks. I follow him on FB and read his posts in between interviews. Thank You for providing such a great show. Michael, Costa Rica

Great podcast!

This is a great podcast for people trying to create or develop a successful blog. The speakers and topics are always interesting and provide a lot of useful advice.

I never(EVER) write podcast reviews, but..

I found this podcast yesterday and already I've listened to 5 different casts. I listened to them while finishing my work day. I listened to them while making dinner. I listened to them while taking a shower. I listened to them while eating breakfast. What I'm trying to say is this: There has never been a podcast so incredibly valuable to bloggers and entrepreneurs as BlogcastFM, and a quick glance at the interview roster will confirm. That impressive roster coupled with Srini's casual way of interviewing makes for something you can't afford to miss.

Interviews loade with insights and ideas

This podcast consistently has excellent interviews about all topics surrounding business, entrepreneurship (particularly digital), marketing, and writing. I find myself listening to each interview multiple times and getting something new out of them each time. My little moleskine notebook is rapidly filling up with ideas thanks to this show. A huge help for anyone like me who's just starting out on this path. :)


Srini does a great job of casting a wide enough net to capture my attention, yet bringing home points from his interviewees that I can take to both the real and internet worlds. I'm an attorney without a blog and I find the content extremely useful and actionable. Listen up folks - tune in here.