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If you want to accomplish more

I just finished listening to Srini’s interview with Salim Ismail on The Keys to Exponential Personal and Professional Growth. Srini’s style of interviewing enables him to dig deeper on subjects that the listener wants to probe further. I have been listening to Srini’s podcasts since he rebranded to the Unmistakable Creative. He had me at creative. Salim’s body of work regarding what we are capable of accomplishing is so inspiring, especially his point of view that education should be treated as a system for learning, one that is continuous, regardless of our certificates or degrees. The half-life of a degree or a certain type of knowledge on a subject is shorter and shorter, meaning that technology changes will challenge us if we don’t keep up.

Exceptional Interviewing & Inspiring Content

Srini has an incredible knack for identifying fascinating people and drawing out their most unique stories and insights. He is one of the most talented interviewers I have ever encountered, and his podcast is one of the select few shows I consume on a weekly basis. Srini’s work has inspired me to hold myself to the highest standard of creative excellence.

This podcast makes me a better person

Srini is a master at finding inspiring people to tell their stories and at drawing out their wisdom. I've been listening for about three months now and I've never left a review on any podcast before - but I had to do it for the Unmistakeable Creative. Every week I tune in and at the end of the hour I'm just in awe - full of new things to wonder about myself, my purpose and my world. I pass on the wisdom of this podcast to anyone who will listen and I tell everyone I know that they are missing out if they don't make the Unmistakeable Creative part of their lives. Thanks for all the awesome content - it's truly been life-changing for me. Bless you.

Life changing! A MUST listen!

I’ve been listening for about a year now and the interviews just keep getting better! When I need a boost, when I’m feeling lost, or alone, or just plain stuck—I literally play an episode of Unmistakable Creative and everything becomes clearer. Srini is an excellent interviewer and always goes for the deep. I’ve had breakthroughs of my own just from listening and would recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to feel more alive and more courageous inside of themselves. Unmistakable Creative is a life changer! Tune in now! Play an episode and let it awaken your heart and mind. <3

Pan’s Labyrinth Buffet (minus the eye monster) for the Artist’s Soul

I have myself to thank for discovering The Unmistakable Creative (thanks self). I did a search on podcasts for artists and a could not stop recommending this to friends and family. I am a self taught artist working on expanding and sharing my work and the episodes are windows to worlds I would love to be part of, getting some time with great mentors I would otherwise never even heard of. Being an immigrant to the US, the past decade + was spent on work (any work!) and the time has come when I can “work” on things I am passionate about — creating, and could use all the help I could get (...for free : P) I wish all artists/creatives can have access to a computer + internet and get to listen to these practical, deep, enlightening true stories from creatives who are already living the beginners’ goals. Thanks Srini and team! Grateful for the work you do and hope you reach many more artists’ ears! Still “starving” here but my ears, mind and heart are full.

Practical insights on how to empower yourself

I have been listening to Srini for more than two years now. I don’t listen to every episode, but I know every time I hit play on one of these podcasts, I am in for great conversation, deep knowledge, and a more thorough understanding of whatever the topic might be. Keep it coming!

Srinivas is an Unmistakable Creative

One of my favorite podcast. Actually, this is my “go to” podcast. I love the way Srinivas Rao conducts his interviews. He pulls out things that often cause the interviewees to say things like: “I’ve never talked about that before” This is excellence in podcasting.

Get inspired!

This is an amazingly inspiring podcast series. Deep, personal and professionally done, you will be hooked!


I listen to a lot of podcasts on creativity and business and social economics. Unmistakable Creative an amazing blend of those 3 topics and is on the top of my must listen list every week. The very first episode I listened to was the 2 part show on How to live well and die well with Greg Hartle. If you are a new listener I recommend starting there. Thank you for investing in people.


Love the questions Srini asks during his interviews. Very good guests who bring insightful, authentic, and genuine answers to life questions that are relevant to me. Definitely recommend it.

Amazing, inspiring, true.

Srini and team do an excelling job of putting together a compelling, provocative, dig-you-up-in-the-middle podcast that is literally changing my life. Thanks for such a great show!

Some of the best interviews I’ve ever heard!

Srini does a fantastic job interviewing some of the most thought provoking people! I often have to rewind parts of the podcast so that I can absorb everything that I’m hearing. I can’t wait to see who he interviews in 2016!


Srini Rao and his team are Unmistakable and absolutely inspirational! I’ve furiously listened to almost every single interview and have gleaned so many lessons I can’t count them all. If you want to learn, be inspired, and see another super-interesting view point on the world and humanity, listen to Srini and his team. So good!!! Congratulations to your entire team!!!

A Must Listen

Thanks to the guys at Idea Lemon in Chicago, I found this fantastic podcast. If I don't have time to listen to anything else, I find time to listen to Srini and is guests. Have a listen and be inspired!

A podcast made of pure gold

I've been listening to the Unmistakable Creative for a year now and I am still surprised and inspired by Srini's interviews. This podcast is a part of my daily routine and I have to re-listen to most episodes because there is so much to learn. This podcast is pure gold, especially if you are an entrepreneur or creative. Thanks, guys, for building something beautiful, powerful, and enjoyable.

Pure Gold (as Srini says)

I recently discovered Unmistakable Creative and was instantly hooked, some of my favorites thus far Jim Bunch, Greg Hartle, Dan Martell and Bob Goff. This recent discovery has been influential in my desire to reclaim my identity, my life and take the steps toward becoming a business owner and entrepreneur. I look forward to all that 2016 has in store and your is going to make it that much more worthwhile. Many thanks Srini, do carry on. Dan Solo

Crack for Creatives - Click “Subscribe” to Change Your Life

If you’re a creative, love to be inspired or just want to feel motivated, this podcast is meant to be your spirit animal. No lie. Srinivas is an amazing host and brings some amazing and interesting people onto his show. This show has given me great insight and inspiration on how to push myself as an artist, live deeply and reach my goals. It’s an energizing podcast full of creative, thought-provoking people with big ideas. Bar none - it’s the best podcast I’ve ever listened to and the content is easily on a much higher level than those other “top" shows I’ve listened to on iTunes.


I have been starting every day listening to a different episode. The unmistakeable creative has changed the way I great the day. I begin with positive, transformative, inspiring interviews that have literally changed the way I look at the world. Beyond grateful for this podcast. I highly recommend!

Why I'm listening to the Unmistakable Creative podcast

I'm a creative and that's not important. I'm someone who is creative and finally living sober, that's important. Right now the three constants in my life are AA meetings, creative work, and the U.C.P (Unmistakable Creative Poscast). For me I love hearing other creative's stories; I like the host's earnestness and that's all I need. A little background on me, my creative spark took off listening to podcasts while making deadlines for college papers and studio art class assignments. Thanks to a love for podcasts, I pivoted my love for listening to others into a love for creating for those I had been listening to. My dream of becoming a professional artist began to open up for me when I no longer had fears of failing. Since then I've worked with the Comedian Marc Maron, (summer of 2014), the Comedian Pete Holmes, (winter of 2014), the Author Teju Cole, (winter of 2015), and began a professional tattoo career all while in my junior and senior year of college at Indiana University. But me needing sobriety finally made me leave tattooing and the arts, a field I love, one day I hope to return sober. So right now I'm listening to U.C.P. to remind myself who I am. I'm a creative, I'm good at what I do, and I'm going to be the best I can be. This podcast helps me find the tools I've already developed from school, happy clients, sold out artwork, and a career path waiting for my return. I'm listening so I can retain the ability to listen. When I can't remember to listen, I surround myself with fools and substances that create fools. I'm still a creative as long as I can relate to the person being interviewed. So all I really need out of this podcast is something I've always had. A curiously to listen. Send positive energy my way for my battle with sobriety and know that this podcast for me helps. Thank you, A listener from Bloomington, IN

My New Favorite Podcast

WOW WOW WOW… I just found this amazing podcast and it’s blown me away. Such exceptional inquiry in all the lesser explored places, with such a wide variety of voices and perspectives. I’m in love!

Amazing Show with Profound Impact

Listening to the Unmistakable Creative is liking having a legion of world class mentors with all of their wisdom at your fingertips. Every single episode offers insight and lessons that will impact the way you live your day to day life. My whole family listens to this show. It's almost impossible not to walk away inspired after listening.

Thought provoking

Srini Rao asks the most uniquely intriguing and thought provoking questions which results in conversations that have me scrambling to take notes, laughing out loud or pausing to let it sink in. Listen if you're looking for strength to try new experiences or are interested in being a better version of yourself.

Webb Family Interview

I always enjoy your podcast, so much inspiration. The Webb family interview was so truly inspiring! Thank you!!!

Great Conversations

All great interviews. Lots of inspiring content and conversations that can be applied to any new venture, whether a new blog or starting a business.

Unmistakably Addicted

I listen to lots and lots of podcasts, but this is the one that started it all. After the first listen, I chased The Unmistakable Creative down the rabbit hole and into an entirely new way of thinking. Everything from being more confident in myself and my unique style, to actually taking action on my ideas. This even inspired me to start a podcast of my own, not to mention my own company. Pairs well with a cup of coffee and a brain full of ideas :)

You'll want to devour each episode

That's what I do. The guests, the quality of the conversation, the depths with which the guests share - makes this show one you just want to listen to more of. Highly recommended!

great podcast with ideas for life

Every interview I’ve listened to has given me inspiration in life and work. It’s a great podcast for anyone striving for growth, especially for entrepreneurs. I highly recommend it!

Expands my creative thinking EVERY TIME.

I absolutely love this podcast. I’m a newbie to the world of podcasts and stumbled upon this as I was driving this summer and trying to learn more about Danielle LaPorte. From there, I kept listening. Anybody from funny travel writers who don’t take themselves seriously, to Sally Hogshead, to the CEO of Moleskin books. And yes… I do love keeping a journal, too. Take note, this is one podcast to subscribe to. Host Srini Rao consistently delivers a great show.

Fave Podcast for Creatives

I love The Unmistakable Creative and Srini. He’s a great host and does an impeccable job asking thoughtful questions. I enjoy the diversity of his guests and his ability to relate their life story to their current reality. Not only is it packed with great business advice, it’s equally as valuable for living life well. I look forward to new episodes every week!

Thought provoking content

Srini has a gift of being able to extract unmistakable content from his guests. I became a fan after the Rob Bell interview, which was just amazing. Life changing. Long been a fan of Rob’s work, but the conversation was different then others than I have heard with him. When he started talking about pursuing ‘craft vs. success’ I was deeply moved. It really resonated with me and I have been trying to explore what that’s all about for me. Will be interesting to see where this exploration takes me. It’s a journey I’m on in no small part to the work Srini and his team are doing; gleaning some fantastic insights from amazingly talented and thought provoking people. Keep up the good work, I continue to listen often. It’s inspiring me to be unmistakable.