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Life-Changing Inspiration Delivered Weekly

Like sitting down with old friends over a cup of great coffee, this podcast provides me with support and encouragement in my creative work every single time I listen to it. Thanks to Srinivas, his team and the insights from the show's guests, I'm re-inspired to bring my uniquely authentic voice to the world through my writing. Amazing podcast!

Excellent and incredible helpful!

I am a big listener to podcasts in general and this is a wonderful addition to my daily roster of listening. The thing I like most about the episodes that I have listened to is the diversity present with the people that are interviewed. I find that sort of perspective valuable to me and others as well. Excellent work thus far and I look forward to many episodes into the future!

Blown away.

Mr. Rao, this is a remarkable collection of podcasts. Literally each one I listen to, I literally play the role of a sponge and just soak it all up! As a 22 year old, hearing these individual's experiences and advice is truly priceless and keeps me striving to better myself and turn dreams into fruition. Thank you an infinite amount of times and looking forward to Wednesday!

Unbelievably valuable!

I wish I could locate the eloquence sufficient to express my appreciation for this podcast. It is valiantly doing its part in the fight against the epidemic of ‘lives of quiet desperation’. Do you need an inflection point to dislodge you from a habitual approach to life that may be locking you invisibly away from your best potential? There’s a pretty good chance there’s someone interviewed in this podcast who will strike you in just the right way so that the message that you need to hear will sink in and start causing a ruckus. We all know that it’s often not the information that we need, it’s the presentation of that information in such a way that it resonates within us and causes the chain reaction that causes us to act, perhaps tentatively at first, but with greater and greater urgency. Srinivas finds and susses out the kernels of action at the core of many successful creatives. The most recent (as of this writing) two-part interview of Greg Hartle was profoundly startling to me. Greg was so heart-stoppingly honest about the perils of a creative life while also quite brilliantly pointing out how necessary is the attempt at a life of authenticity and true creative force. This podcast was the first place I’d ever heard or heard of Greg and I’m not certain that guests of this type or quality are available elsewhere. Lastly, look down the page. You’ll see an ocean of 5-star reviews! That isn’t a coincidence. If you’re looking to get out of your rut and discover your voice, subscribe to the podcast and start checking out the back-catalog of interviews!

Inspiring and engaging

I've been following this show for years since back when it was called Blogcast FM. These unique and inspiring interviews refresh my perspective. Srini is a dynamic host who is capable of getting the story behind the story and learning how his interviewees got where they are today. Srini has a knack for selecting interesting guests. They're often people who haven't done the podcast/media circuit before so there is a lot to learn here!

Fantastic insights & wisdom inside the interviews

Anyone who is trying to create in any way that might show up for them should absolutely give this podcast a listen. The interviewees are phenomenal and the one hour long sessions are packed with great wisdom and perspectives to consider as you create/run/build/grow your business .. or simply a more fulfilling career.

Helps you get outside the box

Guests are interviewed in a way that brings out very unique golden nuggets every time.

These interviews will rev you up, and send you flying back to your own best production.

The interviews are so brimming with excitement. The questions asked are always looking for that excitement, and it is totally contagious. Apart from the amazing people interviewed, there’s Srinivas himself: he's a geiger counter for the most activating aspects of each person because he is himself so activated. Getting to the essence of what the interviewees are reaching for is exactly what the interviews are about. Srini will follow their development, step by step. He will extract the unique nature of the products developed by his experts, and gather the trial and error wisdom gleamed by them along the way. Questions and answers are uniformly articulate. Nothing is vague. Much is laugh out loud funny. The value in making it public is that it sets the paradigm for parallel paths and energies, the energy of getting your product out there, moving through failure, moving through success, with many tips along the way. That’s service! The fact that the amazing people attracted to this interviewer, and Srini himself, put art and service first, will rev you up, and send you flying back to your own best production. I use these talks to get myself going just before I pick up my pen. I’ve been listening for years, never miss an episode. It’s hard to imagine, but the interviews keep getting better. Bravo! If I am ever to emerge, Srini and his band of misfits will have shown me how.

Life Changing Podcast

I'm not exaggerating. It can be hard to find a community of support and mentorship, but this podcast gives me knowledge, insight and courage from thousands of miles away.


This is by far my favorite podcast. I have started listening to it in the morning as I get ready for my day, and it motivates me to stay creative and to keep working on my current project. Really grateful to have found it, and grateful Srinivas is doing what he does.

Can't get enough of this one

I love the variety of people that Srini interviews. No episode is like the one before it. I love the questions and the room that he gives people to answer the questions. I sometimes get impatient with longer podcasts - not this one. Thanks, Srini, for finding unmistakable people in all kinds of interesting places. @BeckyBerryCoach

Insightful, Useful and Inspiring

So happy to have found this podcast. In the sea of interview format podcasts out there, The Unmistakable Creative stands out. Looking forward to listening to more.

Unmistakably fascinating

Srini finds interesting guests and lets them reveal the complete path to their present place in life. Then he digs in to the key elements to understand what really makes us what we are. I'm frequently inspired by both Srini and his guests.

Satisfied Visual Designer/Artist/Crafter

This podcast is well rounded. I learn something valuable every time I listen to the Unmistakable Creative. I appreciate the transparency of the host and guests. I am at the educational stage of entrepreneurship and listening to this podcast keeps me motivated and inspired. The topics are very relevant to my daily life and I appreciate the sacrifice and energy invested in these podcast. God bless! --LaQuesha "LuckWeSha"

Inspiring on many levels!

This is one of those podcasts that leaves you dumbfounded, in the best way! Srini asks deep and thoughful questions to some of the most inspiring, change provoking creatives. If you have any desire to pursue a creative passion, this is the one podcast you need to push you into action. It's no accident I found this show when I did, and the impact its had on my projects is unmistakable! Thanks, Srini!

Very Interesting Podcast

I'm so glad I found this Podcast, it's been entertaining, inspiring and incentive.

The Podcast of Wealth

The Unmistakable Creative is a goldmine. The interviews are highly structured with great content, intentional questions and vulnerable answers. Out of the several podcasts I listened to, every single person attempted to be transparent and vulnerable about their life story. So beyond being a source of quality content, it is an example of great storytelling. Srinivas Rao allows the interviewee great flexibility and freedom to answer the question in a way that best fits their interruption of the question; there are no fillers or self-driven attachments to the responses. In addition, his voice is calm and genuine. I try my best to share this podcast with everyone. I am grateful that podcasts like this exist because it adds great value to my life.

Unmistakably Great

Was looking for an insightful, motivating podcast and Unmistakable Creative delivered beyond my expectations. Srinivas does an excellent job of picking intriguing guests and asking them the right questions. This has quickly become my favorite podcast and I highly recommend it to everyone - creatives and non-creatives alike.

Just Awesome

So glad I found this podcast. So far I've listened to four episodes and I'm looking forward to more. Just finished listening to the Donald Miller interview and is a favorite along with Elle Luna. Thanks Srinivas!


I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a year now, and started off strong by literally listening to every podcast as soon as it was released. I was filled with so much incredibly useful information as I was transitioning/pivoting in my career and I remember specifically listening to this to validate that I was in the right direction. During my transition I honestly didn’t listen to this as much, but I recently began to pick it back up and it’s a continuous path down the rabbit hole of inspiration. I love how Srini lets his guests talk without interjecting and manages to pin point exact topics to focus on after the guest practically brain dumps before our ears. He navigates each conversation methodically and it feels completely natural in the sense that I can picture each interview being done in a setting that feels like home. I’ve shared this podcast with my colleagues and friends and love when I get the random texts asking if I’ve heard the latest (followed by a series of “!?!??!!!”). Keep up the great work, Srini. You and your guests inspire me to be better each day so I can show up as my best self and be an inspiration to others.

Best interviews

Today, like it or not everyone has become content creator. The Unmistakable Podcas is one of the best tools to discover and chart a path to success. Excellent interviews in a simple environment. It's like going back to school with the best teacher I have ever had.

Compelling Conversations

I'm consistently blown away by the stories of the amazing people on this show. There are so many learning lessons and nuggets of wisdom laced through each conversation. This is one of my sources of inspiration when my well gets a little dry.

Finally, Real Education

What if the reality we are living in could be so much better? Srinivas Rao, host of Unmistakable Creative, searches to understand the paradigm shifts thats others have discovered to make their lives fascinating, successful, and most importantly, deeply satisfying. To be a listener of the show, and witness to these interviews, is to receive what I call a real education in the world: the positive re-reprogramming we all deserve. This is why Unmistakable Creative is my favorite show, and my strongest recommendation to others.

Insanely addictive + integrity to burn

It’s not just the guests that Srini is bringing to this podcasts series that “make” the podcasts. Yes, they’re all people who have done incredible things, and yes, they’re all people who have inspiring things to say, and yes, they’re all rockstars in their own right. What makes this particular podcast series stand out is the way in which Srini dials down on the questions. He clearly knows his audience. If someone gives him an answer about, for instance, how to stay motivated after a creative failure, and if that answer is beautiful but not yet spelled out in a way that’s tangible for the audience, he’s going to ask the guest to dial down deeper and offer something that a listener can utilize as an immediate takeaway. I have a decade of experience as a college professor, and this quality of taking information and going beyond just disseminating it, to the next step of making it pro-active and useful, is a rarity in a world of podcasts where questions are obvious, rote, and answers can become canned. There’s a reason why so many high-profile and successful people have come to this podcast, and it has a lot to do with the host and what is obviously an incredible team of people, each bringing her/his creative talents to collectively create a podcast that’s full of integrity, inspiration, and fun.


Hello Srini, I am thankful for your podcast series. I have been inspired a lot over the past year from your interviews. You are a great role model for myself and others. Thank you for giving your time and energy to this project. It means a lot to me. -travis

amazing podcast

I listen to Srinivas Rao as soon as he posts a new interview. Inspiring, interesting and I always walk away learning something new. One of the best podcasts to help expand your mind and life!

Genuine Wins

I first became aware of Srini and Co's podcast when he gave an opening keynote at Podcast Movement 2014. So many podcasts about inreviewing creative people fell short with me, but there was something about his talk that made it clear: "This one will be different." And I was right. Srini isn't just out to scratch someone's back in the hope they scratch his. He's genuinely concerned with what makes people tick and -- it seems -- highlighting that there is struggle involved in creation. I find that comforting when so many other podcasts seem to be more like, "Dream it, and the universe will give it to you..." There's no feel-good fluff, here; just stories about people who love what they do so much that they can't imagine not doing it. Sure, there are interviews with some well-known people, but it's often the stories of people I've never heard of that I love most. As sort of a bookend, I saw Srini moderate a panel at Podcast Movement 2015. It was one of my favorite sessions of the weekend; in large part, because Srini is so good at what he does.

Fantastic Podcast

Srini’s interviews go right to the heart of what it means to be creative. His style, questions, and phenomenal roster of guests continue to inspire me each time I listen to the podcast. Well worth your time to give a listen!

Can’t Download

I was able to get some earlier episodes downloaded, but there is some problem with the most recent episodes. Don’t think it’s my computer because I’m having no trouble with any of my other podcasts. Could you check into this? Thanks.

Inspiring, insightful and full or substance

The stories told are fantastic. The host does a great job finding great people to interview.