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It's good stuff.

Srini's focus on providing a collective compass (rather than a roadmap) for creating unmistakable greatness is pretty profound. I don't resonate with all of the interviewees, but I do love hearing a person with genuine interest (in "the journey") interviewing successful people willing to share openly what their's has been like. I would be interested in anything produced by Srini, he's clearly a thoughtful, insightful man.

The Real Deal

This is one of the best show's I've ever listened to. The level of quality conversation is unmatched. If you are looking to get inspired look no further.

Thought Provoking

I've become an avid listener of Srinivas Rao's podcast The Unmistakable Creative. What makes the show unique, is Rao's ability to ask thought provoking questions and connect with his guests in a profound way, illuminating their distinct perspective/experience. It is truly a gift to all listeners. Keep up the wonderful work!

Awesome, insightful interviews

Siren brings on really interesting guests, and does a great job drawing them out. Really a must-listen.

The best

I love this podcast and the way Srinivas interviews his guests! I look forward to this show each and every week!

Loved Michael Grandinetti

Thank you for the conversation with Michael Grandinetti, it was one of my favorite podcasts.


Really a great program. Very insightful conversations.

Flying High with Unmistakable

High spirited and engaging, I often listen to Unmistakable while I’m flying. Srinivas Rao brings out the best in his inspiring guest interviews and it feels like listening to conversation among friends. If you’re an entrepreneur, aspire to be one, and/or work with them (as I do), this podcast is a must!!

Extremely insightful

I believe some of these conversations are making a profound and helpful impact on my life and career path during a time of searing transition. It garners my highest recommendation.

Lost in conversation

A good interview finds the listener not listening but involved. Part of the story. Loosely joined pieces tying it all together. Emotionally, it feels more than random. I have been listening to The Unmistakable Creative for a while. He has produced multiple podcasts that fit the above description. If this is your first time to listen and you are in need of a creative boost, I would encourage hitting play on the Robert Kurson interview. It was thorough, deep, and ripped the skin off of creative sabotage. And you will laugh. I listen to 30 hours of podcasts weekly. That one is in my top 5.


This podcast has replaced so many that I used to listen to. It is always inspiring but more importantly it feeds the spirit that is at the core of our existence. Thank you!!!!

Hooked as a non-podcast person

I’m not usually a podcast person - I much prefer listening to music. But after listening to a few episodes, I was hooked toThe Unmistakeable Creative. I learn something and am inspired by each and every episode. The lineup of guests is pretty impressive as well, from my personal art hero to the greats in tech and startups today.

helped me write my novel

I had started listening to this podcast around the time I was writing a novel that I had the entire vision for at the beginning and it was only a matter of making it concrete and evoking the vision in a palpable way. The process was immensely challenging and rewarding, and my life circumstances had aligned themselves to the point where nothing really satisfied me but the absolute pursuit of the completion of this project, and anything else I was doing revolved around it. I had stopped reading any literary types of books and as far as my media consumption went, I mostly would listen to Unmistakable Creative podcast, and it was a super steady source of inspiration and ideas for how to keep my project afloat. I felt like I was always in the company of people who had completed impressive projects, they had followed their dreams, and because I had those models around me the ideas of possibility far outweighed any of the fears or notions of limitation. So thank you for helping me out in that way! I did get to completing the novel in a way that I am really happy with.

Deep Diving for Gold

Srini's manner as a host is stellar. He strikes a perfect balance between giving guests room to roam through their story and pressing in on pivotal moments that may not have even occurred to the guest. Really remarkable and regularly engaging. Recommended part of your regular diet.

Addicted to Srini’s interviews

Srini’s interview style holds two elusive properties. He is able to get his guests to dive deep into unexpected places, and he gets out of the way to allow the guests to explore those places. Subscribe and block out your calendar and you get into those archives.

Amazing Podcast - A Must for Entrepreneurs!

This is an amazing podcast that features interviews with some of the leading entrepreneurs/thinkers out there - in other words, a must for all entrepreneurs! Srinivas asks the right questions and as a listener, you feel as if you get unique insights into the minds of the interviewees. Eagerly waiting for the next episode!

Essential listening

I'm very selective about the podcasts I listen to. Unmistakable Creative never disappoints. Guests are asked questions, and pushed deeper, than one hears on almost any other interview setting, and that includes television, radio, even film. Absolutely excellent and essential listening.


I can't listen to this without a notebook nearby. Srini has a real knack for drawing both deeply moving personal stories and profound wisdom out of the guests. The questions are often very direct about how listeners can apply this wisdom to their own lives, but since the interviews are unscripted, the conversations still flow well. I always look forward to hearing guests answer the final question.

Learn and Grow

I love how this podcast helps both me and the interviewee learn and grow!

Such a great storyteller

What I love about Srini’s interviews are that he has such a unique ability to get to the story of the interviewee and go deep into pockets of their lives that pull out gems of wisdom for all of us to learn from.

Insightful and Inspiring!

I discovered this podcast only 2 weeks ago, but as so often happens in life, it could not have come at a better time! I’ve listened to 6 episodes in the last 2 weeks and have learned something valuable from each one. What a gift to go inside the ‘creative’s’ mind and hear how others have dealt with their struggles and successes on the road to creative fulfillment! Keep up the good work—I am hooked!

"Never thought of that before.."

Just recently started listening and I've noticed that guest will frequently answer a question about their journeys with "I'd never thought about that before", and I think tht reflects on Srini's insightfulness and amazing ability to get people thinking!

A kaleidoscope of inspiration & practical advice

Your podcast is a delicious staple of my "soul food" diet. It's amazing how the topics that come up seem to enter my life at exactly the moments I need them. I usually listen when I'm driving. So I've spent quite a lot of time sitting in parking lots madly typing on my phone to capture the breakthroughs I just had from listening to you and your guests. Thank you for consistently giving me the encouragement to “just keep walking towards the mountain."

Unmistakably Brilliant

Finding this podcast has helped fuel my creative endeavors as an artist and designer on the web. I listen to it when I work to really inspire me and help me focus on my goals. The interview style is really refreshing, introspective, and sometimes, it’s deeply spiritual. The Unmistakable Creative helps bring back into focus what matters about the creative life and that it is a fact that anyone can live their dreams. And, being one myself, I highly recommend this podcast to recent post-grads for some inspiration while navigating the murky depths of that world.


This podcast is nothing less than a Godsend. However, the last few days iTunes keeps giving me some error message each time I try to download an episode from the cloud? Anybody else having the same issue? I welcome any assistance!

Srini Always Delivers

Just finished listening to the interview with Mars Dorian. I wish it went on for twice as long! How insightful Mars was about his own creativity, personal journey and rule breaking. Really cutting edge and not the 'same old same old'. I've been listening to the Unmistakeable Creative for a long time and it's nearly always a super great experience. I've been meaning to write a review and after the interview with Mars I finally just had to stop and do it. Srini is one of the best interviewers out there and I listen to a lot of podcasts while I work. He just lets his guests talk and he doesn't let his ego get in the way but he still guides the interview along. Keep up the great work!

A great compass for creativity, business, art, and life

Unmistakable and unforgettable interviews that serve as a great compass for creativity, business, art, and life. If you like this podcast I recommend reading Srini’s books as well. Great reads! Srini is definitely an unmistakable creative that helps others be the same.

A must listen!

One of the best podcasts out there…I recently had Srini on my show Dose of Leadership and found him to be one of the most genuine and authentic voices out there. His podcast and books have been instrumental in my creative process and leadership style. I rank Srini up there with the mind of Steven Pressfield & Seth Godin. Keep up the outstanding work!

An Unmistakably Awesome Podcast

You have provided a wonderful opportunity with The Unmistakable Creative to dig deeper into the lost art of contemplative thought and writing and I so appreciate that. I have already felt myself making a cognizant effort to slow down and embrace the stillness in life; something I haven't done in years. I think it will pay off for me both creatively and emotionally. Thank you again Srini. You are correct when you say that you are introducing us to insanely interesting people. Keep up the amazing work!!

Great interviewer & podcast!

Of the many, many podcast shows I’ve listened to, Srini's podcast is absolutely one of the best! What he does really, really well is (1) he introduces us to interesting & inspiring people, and (2) asks the right questions to get them to really open up, and (3) he’s a humble interviewer who keeps the focus on them, instead of himself. So much value in this podcast, and often from unlikely sources. Thanks for your great work Srini! -Brad