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Rick Merriam

If you listen to podcasts on a regular basis, it doesn't take very long to figure out that Srinivas Rao brings something special. So special that it's difficult to put into words. Imagine what you would have when you combine a strong intuition, emotional intelligence and a sincere curiosity with the mind-set of an artist. And then add in Rao's ability to listen with much more than just his two ears. And there you have it...pure magic!

Absolutely Amazing

I have been both humbled, inspired, and awe struck by the great content that Srini provides. I have literally been binge listening to all of the current and backlog of the podcast everyday. I will often listen to at least one if not two of the podcasts through out my day. Just by doing a simple search for Julien Smith I stumbled upon this amazing treasure trove of inspiration. I came for Julien and stayed for the awesome. I have been introduced to so many new and amazing people just by listening to Srini's show that I never would've came across prior. It simple has been an act of fate. Each day I am given thought candy that I can chew on all day long. It has inspired my creative process, my writing abilities, and my outlook on life. There are only a handful of artists and creators that I can say have truly changed my life in a positive way and Unmistakable Creative and Srini are the latest addition. I truly can't recommend it enough.

Remarkably Unmistakable

Just listened to the Glenn Beck interview! Wow!

First-time listener, fan

I came across this podcast on the iTunes main page. I learned a lot and enjoyed the process. The interview was very satisfying in that it uncovered interesting things and fleshed them all out.


Listened to two so far. Definitely worth precious time

Game-changing interviews!

There are not enough adjectives to describe the benefits of listening to these podcasts. Not only does Srini have an uncanny knack for finding fascinating guests that most of us would never stumble across, but even those guests are familiar names admit they put on their "A" game when interviewed by Srini. He doesn't ask the questions that listeners would have asked, he asks the questions that we wouldn't have thought to ask! That is genius. The insights revealed to the listener are as fascinating as those revealed to the guests. When Srini's questioning reveals a pattern that the guest had never considered, as an audience we participate in the wonder and excitement. The range of subjects explored and the 'diamonds' mined in every podcast are without parallel in the podcast world. Listen once and you will be a fan for life! That's exactly what happened to me.


Definitely some of the best interviews I have ever heard. Srini's ability to keep the conversation orbiting key fundamental values in each interview at times seems crazy and others genius. Either way his relentlessness and persistence is truly a differentiator and possibly a game changer in podcast interviews. Im looking forward to hearing more of these insightful and thought provoking interviews.

Good stuff

Really interesting. I love listening while running. They are so interesting the miles go by quickly!

This is my favorite podcast

When I do have a few minutes to listen to a podcast (usually while driving or doing the dishes), it's difficult to decide what to listen to. Again and again, I find my choice is Srinivas and the Unmistakable Creative. The people he interviews and the topics they cover are interesting, inspiring, and applicable in every-day life. I've even incorporated some of the interviews into our homeschooling work. How's that for creative?!

A lifesaver

The unmistakable creative plays in my car during my commute and I'm addicted! It's deep, thought-provoking, and challenges me to think out of the box. Truly inspirational and remarkable guests!

Resonant and insightful

Unmistakable Creative is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to on my hour-long commute to work. Srini has a way of bringing out the most resonant and insightful thoughts out of his guests. I now follow some of them on social media and have become fans of them as well. I often find myself revisiting some of favorite episodes because I deeply connected to those people's stories and sometimes need to hear their journeys through triumph and heartbreak again. I'm so glad that this podcast exists in the world today. I'm always impressed with the variety of creatives he brings onto the show and I always look forward to hearing their stories. You can tell Srini pours his heart and soul into his work. I can't wait to see how Unmistakable Media will take off in the foreseeable future.

Favorite podcast

This podcast is like going to an intellectual salon and meeting people so amazing it makes you re-think your life just to talk to them. You find a lot of motivational material for creatives out there but this podcast gives you people who overcame crushingly overwhelming obstacles in life in order to pursue their art, it quintuples the affect of how awe-inspiring these people are. I also like that the term creative is expanded to include nurses and entrepreneurs and others, since creatives can be inspired across many axes to further impact the world. So glad I found this podcast.

This podcast is great!

This podcast is awesome to listen to as a creative entrepreneur. A wide range of topics and guests that are intellectually appealing no matter what sort of creative person you are. (In my case a 3D printing designer/artist/maker)

An Investment

Stumbling upon Unmistakable Creative was like finding a one hundred-dollar bill on the ground, free for the taking. Srini Rao's interviews unearth otherwise unheard tales of real people in the world that are responding authentically to the adversity and frustration with Corporate America and failing institutions. This podcast is not just another distraction to fill the silence. For me, Unmistakable Creative breaks the silence revealing the messy challenges behind our brave attempts to restore humanity, enrich lives, and launch our creations. Listening expands my empathy and strengthens my resolve. I dare you to hear it out.

Very inspiring!

I have been listening to this podcast for many months now, but I also recently had the honor of watching Srini present onstage at the Podcast Movement conference. Whether on the podcast or at an in-person event, Srini is both brilliant and inspiring, and I love the unique guests that he brings to the show!

Amazing interviewer with dynamite questions!

You truly bring out the best in me and the others you interview. It’s a gift.

Breath of Fresh Air !

Not your typical ho-hum approach to podcasting. You push the envelope and dive deep when interviewing you guests. Love it.

Real People & Real Conversation

When you want to learn what others do, how they succeed, how they risk, how they mess up plus how they come out more whole on the other side of their own story, the Unmistakable Creative podcast delivers. Host Srinivas Rao elevates the art of the interview to a brand new level.

This Podcast is Unmistakable

I really enjoy Srini's interviews. I listen to several business podcasts and many feature the same guests. But I am always exceited to hear from unique and interesting people from all walks of life on this show. Great job, keep it up!

Interviews that both INSPIRE and ENTERTAIN!

These podcasts are fabulous, full of great content and such interesting people! In each one Srini takes the interviewee on a fascinating journey into their own lives. At the same time he draws out brilliant business nuggets that are perfect for the online business marketer and indeed anyone interested in living an unmistakably creative life.

Inspiring interviews & great models of possibility

This is a great podcast for anyone out there who has entrepreneurial tendencies and aspires to live differently. Not only are the interviews thoughtful and well done, but they're full of unique and powerful models of possibility.

Amazing People Having Impactful Conversations

If you want to become a better person, both personally and professionally listen to this podcast every morning. New ideas will spark your creativity, compelling stories will inspire you, and the content will enlighten you. You won't be sorry.


LOVE THIS PODCAST. This podcast is gold. I can't stop listening to these episodes. Get on this people.

Always top notch.

Srini has the BEST conversations, and we’re blessed that he records them so we can listen in. You won’t regret subscribing to this one. Srini, we need you. Keep up the amazing work.

My favorite!

I listen to a lot of podcasts and this one is my favorite! I am an artist and it gives my creativity a kick in the butt! Srini asks the most probing questions!

Worth Your Time

This is a must listen to podcast for anyone creative or looking to boost their creativity. Highly recommended!

Great insights on business and life! My favorite business podcast.

I listen to quite a few podcasts each week and this is the only business podcast that has ever held my attention. I’ve dipped into others but Srinivas Rao’s guests are top notch storytellers and truly unconventional in thinking and practice. This results in some profound insights. You won’t be disappointed.

Love the Conversations

Fabulous podcast. Srinivas has a remarkable way of getting deep with his guests. He asks great questions and at times you feel like you're getting an inside listen on what it would be like to work with his guests 1 on 1. I began listening a couple weeks ago and have been racing to catch up on previous episodes. Totally recommend you listen to this podcast if you're in entrepreneur or you're a solopreneur desiring to have a business.

Now a must in the office!!!

This is a life and business course all in one awesome podcast. I've been listening to it over the speakers in my office. My partner is now as hooked as I am. We've become even more focused and determined to put our "best foot forward" when it comes to our company. Thanks not just to its host, but to anyone involved in spreading it's message. "Creativity is contagious. Pass it on"- Albert Einstein <--- Even this guy agrees.


Consistently insightful and inspiring interviews.