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Srini’s Podcasts Are So Inspiring! He is a Prana Booster!

I am loving listening to these podcasts! They seem to have the perfect timing for me and what I need to hear at that moment! I “sneak” away to listen as often as I can being an entrepreneur/Mommapreneur/Soulpreneur. Thank you to Srini and all of his wonderfully creative guests for sharing their authentic selves and being vulnerable with us.

M Gebben Rocks

I wsish I had an option for 1o stars but then I'd want 20 stars I love his attitude just do what makes you happy I finally got help in Montana getting an apple id so I could say how stimulated I was

Useful and well thought out interviews

Great insight and solid questioning with minimal host interruptions.

A Fortunate Find

I discovered a gem in Unmistakable Creative. I wasn’t even looking for it and it is exactly what I need. Srini facilitates conversations with interesting people to reveal valuable insights to art, business, life, relationships, and what we can create when we integrate them. I had the good fortune of being introduced to Srini by Victor Saad, an innovator in education who founded my graduate school and Srini recently interviewed for the podcast. In a mere 30 minute conversation, he shared insight and resources that helped me move from speculation to action, quickly. It was a priceless gift. Srini walks his talk. I’m so excited to keep listening.

Thanks for your generosity

Excellent podcast. Have been listening for a long time and am only just now leaving a comment. Thank you for being so generous, for all the great knowledge and entertainment that you freely give to your many listeners. Yours is an excellent podcast by way of both content and quality. Sincere thanks. @JamesMSchaffer

I love this podcast‼️‼️

The Joe Loya interview was just.....beautiful omg

What a solid podcast!

Siren asks the good questions and gets the good stuff out of his guests!

Jump start for the new year . . .

I just listened to the best of 2014 interview with Sarah Peck. GREAT interview. I wasn't aware of Sarah even though I live in the bay area. I've now subscribed to her podcast as well The Unmistakable Creative podcast. Thanks so much!

Fantastic Resource

Just discovered this podcast 2 months ago and have been thoroughly enjoying the guests and questions Srini asks. It’s my new favorite podcast.

Great podcast - Something for everyone

A great podcast. Questions and style of Srinivas show great understanding and research of each guest. Such a pleasure to listen knowing I’ll always find something interesting in the interview, no matter who it is. Inspiring, encouraging. Love it.

Thought-Provoking Interviews!

Discovered this gem on Stitcher and it’s quickly become a favorite. Categorize it with TED talks when it comes to topics discussed and guests being interviewed. News is too often mundane and redundant. Start your mornings off with this inspirational podcast. Regardless of what industry you work in; this will give you great perspective on life. Srini took the time out to respond to an email I sent. Great individual.

great podcast

Great insights for entrepreneurs…. some inspirational videos and great ways to look at how people started something from nothing.

Definitely Unmistakeable and Creative

Thoroughly enjoying listening to the podcast! The interviews are spectacular!!

Amazing Informative podcasts

Love this podcast station! Very informative information on a broad range of topics. Srini has an upbeat and fun personality and interviews a wide variety of people. The Emotional Truth of Tucker max was one of my favorites. Ive read all his books and I loved hearing about some of his mistakes and opportunities. Unmistakable creative give insightful podcasts for everyone on their journey and struggles to success.

Inspirational Podcast

My instructor wanted my Management class to listen to some of these podcasts, and now I listen on the weekends driving to work occasionally. It’s uplifting to hear some of these stories about people doing something different from the every day grind and making a living out of it. I can appreciate how he interviews people that remind us of ourselves, not household name celebrity types. Hope he keeps these podcasts going.

Great Podcast!!!!

Srini Rao of The Unmistakable Creative delivers in-depth and interesting interviews of creative individuals who typically walk to the beat of a different drum. It is very interesting to hear how some of these individuals have gotten to where they are today and hearing how they have come to be unmistakeable. Keep up the good work Srini!!!!

Very inspiring!

The challenge for me as a social entrepreneur is to stay inspired and curious about life in all aspects. This podcast is a recent find but it’s such a gem. The original pull to the podcast was seeing Danielle LaPorte and Seth Godin’s name but every episode I’ve listened to is uniquely inspiring. I highly recommend!

Perfect for the Entrepreneur!

This podcast is full of inspiring people who deal with the impossible. Worth wild to hear every interview and how they overcome the challenges in front of them.

Thank you!

Lots of useful information here! Its all great!

Candy for your brain

He really cares and gets better all the time with his interviews. You are always smarter after every podcast

Great process

These interviews help great with filling in the gaps in business through experience.

Great info.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Rao in person at California State University, San Bernardino. Such a great character full of knowledge. Learned a lot from him and by listening to his podcasts. Thanks Mr. Rao and keep up the good work. Juan

Great info & motivation

I've been following Srini off and on for a while now and got into the podcasts about a year ago. I generally listen to shorter podcasts because my commute is short. This one is my exception. I listen on my way to / from work and get motivation and useful information every time.

Undefined Future

We had to listen to the podcast with Fredrick Hutson for a class I took at Cal State San Bernardino. This one touched home becasue I have a few family members that have no idea what to do in life after prison. Mr. Hutson started a business after being released from prison. It really show that no matter your past you can always have a better future! Must listen!!

Provides inspiration to our own mission

Very inspiring podcast - both in its presentation and its content. WE have a similar mission with our Paycheck To Passion podcast where we interview people who have inspiring stories to tell and that will encourage others that they too can make a living on their own terms doing something they are passionate about. WE love to hear stories of people doing remarkable things and Srinivas Rao inspires us to continue to try and inspire others. Its great to hear that there are so many remarkable people out there, and in such a diversity of fields. Great stuff!

Inspiring Interviews

Before I started listening to these Podcasts I was not very interested in audio interviews and what not. But after giving one of these a listen I am HOOKED! Strong work Srinivas! Was a pleasure meeting you Brotha.

Great Resource

As an entrepreneur and innovator, I found this to be very interesting. Great interviews with many nuggets of wisdom in each interview. The best part is that each interview is not cookie cutter; you have all types of people being interviewed with different stories and therefore, different messages. I enjoy listening to these on the way into work and on my long drives. Great resource for anyone looking for a little inspiration in their day!

Time well spent!

I recently stumbled upon this podcast and became an instant fan. Srini is personable, insightful and a talented interviewer. The show’s guests are unique, diverse, interesting and bold - not of the traditional variety. This is what podcasting was meant to be. :)

inspiration lives

I began listening to this podcast because it was a requirement for one of my classes, however, I have started to listen to it on my own. It is extremely inspiring and I am continuously motivated by it to follow my dreams.

Great stories and educational

I feel like these podcasts are both fun to listen to as well as educational...the people interviewed have amazing stories that keep the listener engaged as well as learning from entrepreneurs who have made it! Definitely recommend this podcast to inspiring future business owners!!