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Weekly inspiration!

I love Srini's podcast, and the guests that he brings on. If you are looking for weekly inspiration and motivation to think and live outside of the box, Unmistable Creative is worth your time.

Srini gets it right every time!

I love this show and if you are a creative you will too!-Nic

Truly Unmistakable!

I vaguely remember, the first time I started listening to BlogcastFM about an year ago; their black and white theme interface with a headaphone on the side. I look at them now and the journey has been truly remarkable, not just the graphics but every aspect of the unmistakable creative podcast is now immaculate. Srini has excelled the art of connecting with his guests emotionally and thus takes them for a ride, making them look deep into their own lives, get their stories out to the surface, sharing it and also providing with ingenious thoughts and insights to his listeners. The best thing I like about Srini and the unmistakable creative podcast is that he truely values the content and makes sure that anything that goes out in the marketplace with the unmistakable creative tag on it is nothing but perfection. I've found a lot of my virtual mentors through this podcast, to name a few - Seth Godin, Erik Wahl, Danielle Laporte, AJ Leon, Julien Smith, Samantha Benett, and not to forget Greg Hurtly (love him). And my vocab has become more matured. This is a podcast for the misfits, the non-conformists, people who are fed up of the status-quo, and those who dream and take actions to make a difference in this world. If you do not want to get lost in the 21st century echo chamber, and truly aspire to be unmistakable, invest your time listening to this podcast and you will reap guaranteed higher returns compared to the stock market (provided you don't become a victim of analysis paralysis and take conscious actions). Srini - you truly inspire! I wish for all your dreams to come true. Cheers, ~Ankurman

Can never get enough of this content - Srini is amazing!

I absolutely love this podcast. The guests are all outstanding and each one has invaluable content that constantly inspires me and teaches me more than I could have ever imagined. And Srini is a master in the art of interviewing people. He knows exactly how to get the most interesting content out of each guest on the show so that every episode is packed with useful information. If you want to live a remarkable life and learn more about the human experience, you have to listen to this podcast. Can't recommend this highly enough. Thanks Srini!

This podcast makes my Monday!

A friend of mine who knows I’m a big podcast fan recently turned my onto Unmistakeable Creative. It’s wonderful. Now I have lunch every Monday with the show. It’s the perfect (and energizing way) to start my week. Great content and inspirational guests in each of these deep interviews.


Srini gets great guests but even better, he knows how to get great information from them. So good I’ve even got my mom listening!

Making Art of Uncovering Everyone's Unique Story

The interviews brought alive by Srini Rao create an eclectic 'How-To' Manual for each of us. More than mere clues, this series breaks open how to go about living a life that surpasses ordinary and shoots well past meaningful. Entertaining, insightful and raw, it is not to be missed.

Srini is crafting a narrative for a new, better world

If you just scan the topics and interviewees for this podcast, it might not be obvious what the theme or the thread is. Once you dig in, though, it’s abundantly clear that these people are part of a movement that is quickly building momentum. Every single one of these guests imagines a world that is profoundly different than the one we’re living in. They are chapters in a book about true, gritty transformation, and Srini is the most capable editor one could imagine. Don’t listen to these if you’re content with life as it is—these interviews are all about change.

Unmistakably Awesome

Srinivas pushes himself and his listeners to learn from the masters in our creative universe.

Amazing Interviews that Inspire

Srini has a way of making people bleed their passions into the microphone. He asks thought-provoking questions that get down to what matters, not only in achieving creative success, but in living a fulfilling life in the process. I just love hearing the stories behind people who have taken the unconventional route in life and totally rocked it. This is a must-listen-to podcast for any creative looking for inspiration!

A New Religion

I listen to Srini’s podcast faithfully, and occasionally even go back to give an interview a re-listen (sometimes with pen in hand to take notes.) He chooses the most inspiring, fascinating subjects and coaxes out the stuff that gets to the core of what makes them so special. After I listened to about 5 of his interviews, I began picking up on the similar themes that these ‘unmistakable creatives’ live and work by. It’s crazy (In a really wonderful way). I listen for these themes in each interview, and they have gotten into my head. I'll be explaining to my husband about whichever interview I most recently listened to, and find myself getting super-excited about telling him not only about the person interviewed, but also about which of the themes popped up this time. Once you've heard a few different interviewees talk about the same theme, you begin to piece together how you can make that idea work for you. For instance, one of the most prominent themes, that nearly all guests touch on, is the idea of exploring what makes you unique (weird) and using that. This idea comes up time and time again but each guest gives it a slightly different spin based on their personal experiences. I could go on and list several of the themes I have swirling around my head, but that takes all the fun out of listening to the interviews for yourself and collecting your own list. Anyway, I've (semi) jokingly referred to his podcast as my religion because I come back faithfully for my dose of positive messages, I absorb each interview and reflect on how I can apply what I hear to my own life, I feel like I'm part of a like-minded group of people (his listeners) who 'get it' and believe the same things I do (even if I dont know who they are). The bigger themes the come out of the individual stories are really ideas to live by, and I'm sure some of his inyterviews could be turned into lovely hymns. Maybe not that last one, but I would like to drink wine with Srini and listen to his take on what he's gotten out of all these interviews. I can't recommend this podcast enough, and if you haven't listened to any of the interviews yet, check out some of those with the word 'classic' in the title.

The only podcast I listen to regularly

I have been fascinated by creativity for the last several months which is why I started listening to The Unmistakable Creative podcast. As someone who has been interviewed for a lot of podcasts, I never really had an interest before because to be honest, a lot of them are really boring. This one is different because it's dynamic and mind-opening. i love anything that presents me with possibility and action. Highly recommend.

Listen intently, take notes, live unmistakably...

Srini, with the probing curiosity of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes, unravels the raw, authentic, unfiltered stories of his insanely interesting guests. So much knowledge, inspiration and insight is distilled with fascination, creativity and liberty. [Hmmm, it reads like I’m writing a column] Simply, be challenged to live an authentically creative life from insanely interesting people.

Unforgettable, unique and fabulous!

Outstanding content, guests and questions from Mr. S. Luving this podcast. Hurray!!


Some really amazing and powerful guests talking about real life, unfiltered. It's awesome.

REAL interviews, not just the usual rehashing of the details

Srini is ACTUALLY a really good interviewer, which is a rarity these days where the barriers to entry of starting a podcast are nothing. He finds a way to ask the questions that nobody else asks, by following his own curiosity and being bold when appropriate. There's a wealth of information in his archives from a wide assortment of human beings. One of the best podcasts on the internet in my opinion.

Well Curated Collection

Valuable insights and inspiration from a unique collection of talented, accomplished, and interesting entreprenuers and artists.

TedTalks meets Oprah

I'd describe 'The Unmistakable Creative' as TedTalks meets Oprah. Srini interviews incredibly fascinating people with great stories and loads of valuable insight. Srini gets to the nitty gritty of his subjects' lives, focusing on their turning points in life and their path to finding success. He's generally geared towards creative and entreprenurial guests. As an aspiring entrepreneur/misfit myself, I've learned invaluable knowledge about becoming an 'Unmistakable Creative'. New life goal: become a guest on 'The Unmistakable Creative'. Great show, keep it coming!

Truly Remarkable Work!! I am now an addict!!

Srini, I can't begin to thank you enough for creating such high quality podcasts and for having such inspiring guests on your show. I first discovered you thanks to one of my favorite authors, Dani Shapiro, and I haven't missed an episode since. I even went back and listened to a dozen or so prior to Dani's episode. Truly, as a writer who is striving to turn pro myself, your spot-on intuition and curiosity gives me answers to questions I didn't know I had yet. I am forever indebted to you and your work. I hold out hope I will make it to a live event some day. Please keep up the great work! Thank you doesn't seem like enough, but thank you. Travis

I love this podcast

Srini is a gifted interviewer who attracts amazingly interesting guests and delves into subjects that genuinely enlighten, motivate and inspire. I look forward to every episode the way I did “Breaking Bad” Which his a lot! :)


I met Srini this weekend at MisfitCon and thought his presentation was well done so I gave his podcast a listen and was blown away with the ex-con. So much so that I subscribed and can’t wait to listen to more episodes. Srini has a unique talent for finding and then squeezing the most important information from his interviewee.

Riviting interviews and guests

Wow, what a great story from Andy Dixon. I sat riveted to the entire hour on the edge of tears of joy. What a great story of hope and truth, somthing that we are missing in todays world.

Fantastic Podcast

Just started listening to this podcast and it's fantastic. Srinivas brings on a bunch guests from all walks of creative life. A great way to learn from creative people!

Awesome stuff

I’m a big fan of the UC show by Srini. He always provides great guests, insightful discussion and very helpful action points. Keep up the great and inspiring work.

Raw & Inspiring

I found the Unmistakable Creative podcast last week and have listened to 20 so far! I almost gave up on the first one, his guest went on and on, but I stuck in there and am so glad I did, Srinivas Rao's ability to let people share their nuanced story creates a flow that feels raw and real. Once I got past my — do I have time for this!? and really listened, it was a gift. I’m an Artist/Entrepreneur/Facilitator of Beauty, these discussions motivate me to take more risks in my work & help me think in new ways.

Thoughtful inspiration for creative professionals — one of the best!

If you’re into personal development / self-improvement, you’re going to love this podcast. My favorite episode thus far is the May 5th 2014 one with James Clear — will be listening to it at least twice.

Srini get a pop filter

Hi Srini, great pod. It doesn't sound like you are using a pop filter in front of your mic. If true, then using one could improve your sound quality for very little money. I just started listening because of James Clear and I'm looking forward to the rest of what you've got.

Mind Expanding

As someone who has been on a particular path for 2 decades with similar minds, I'm pleased to have found this podcast which is expanding my consciousness. I'm listening to people and perspectives I never have before. Srinivas has a way of bringing out the gold nuggets of information from his guests that keep me in my car long after I've already parked at work, and make me anxious for the release of the next podcast. Not a bad addiction to have.

Great Podcast for Internet Entrepreneurs

Srini has great guests and tons of actionable advice for improving creativity, effective writing, becoming more productive, and growing your business. Lots of inspiring guests and amazing stories. And the Backstage espisodes with Greg Hartle are a goldmine for entrepreneurs.

Great Perspective

This is the only podcast I listen to because it provides excellent insight into the creative economy.