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Proof There Are Still Fantastic Stories Out There

Look I get it. You want to experience success in your life. But do you really think another internet marketing podcast is going to do it? Chances are you need a new perspective, a new way to view the world & if that's the case you should definitely check out Unmistakable Creative. Srini is a talented interviewer that gets to the crux of the story an pulls gems of information that connected the dots on so many levels. Give it a shot. You won't be sorry.

Entrepreneur gold

Some of the best advice I have ever received for my business and just life in general has come from Srini and friends. Keep up the awesome work Unmistakable Crew!

How to Even Begin

So lucky to have found programming that has an immediate and unmistakable impact on my daily life. In thought, word, and action, I am forever changed by what I have heard on this show. Greg, wow...where to start there. Srini, your talent for interview is compelling and unmatched. I'm grateful for each weekly experience and am humbled by the product you two so unmistakably create. Thank you for impacting my life.

Deep, Uplifting and Inspiring. A Must-Listen Podcast!

Srinivas is one of the best interviewers I’ve ever encountered. His ability to dig deep in his interviews is heartfelt and it draws out stories and lessons that at times are jaw-dropping, and every time are beneficial to hear. Authentic and educational. If you’re an entrepreneur wanting to make a difference - don’t miss this podcast!


Just listened to this episode, it was great, I almost cried when she was talking about choosing to tell your life as a life story, it resonated that well with me, can't wait until your next podcast

Honestly, life-changing

That Seth Godin interview made me look at life and my law firm in totally new ways. Sure, a lot of that was Godin, but the way Srini pulled him to something interesting was artful. There are interviewers who say "no fluff" as code for "I'm about to be a total jerk to my guest." Srini isn't that guy. He's respectful and pointed, genuinely concerned about getting to important ideas. I like it.

If you're not inspired…you may be dead

I became aware of Srini Rao after his interview with Glenn Beck. I was fascinated by what I heard so I read The Art of Being Unmistakable and immediately subscribed to Unmistakable Creative. Srini’s unique blend of motivational and thought-provoking discussions with creative misfits makes me equal parts inspired and intrigued. If you don’t want to punch mediocrity and complacency in the throat after listening to this show, check your pulse. We all have 24 hours in each day. How we spend that temporal currency is up to us. Listening to Unmistakable Creative is a sound investment I’m happy to make.

Mainlining Inspiration

Srini has an amazing ability to be truly present with each person he interviews, which leads to some of the most honest and real conversations happening. He has an insightful knack to ask the deeper question that brings his guest to a place of rawness and truth. These real answers help the listener see each guest as human, and therefore we see what is possible for each of us to achieve if we give ourselves fully to our individual ways of making our art. As he says, we do live in a world of noise, but the work of Srini and his guests is the unmistakable signal calling us to do our great work in the world.

This is the one!

I listen to hours of podcasts each month but Srini's amazing Unmistakable Creative is my top choice. Two reasons: He has an amazing ability to pick truly 'unmistakable' guests and, 2) His style of questioning brings out the best from each guest. If you're not already a listener and fan, you must give Unmistakable Creative a try. You'll be hooked in no time!


This podcast is for anyone that doesn’t want to settle for a mediocre life. Srini has created a podcast with high-caliber guests in many creative fields: entrepreneurship, art, thought leadership and more. The powerful stories of the guests will inspire and move you to action in your own life. Your sense of what is possible will change because of what these guests have accomplished in their lives. Some of my favorites interviews: James Altucher, Shawn Achor, Seth Godin. Joe Loya, Meg Worden, Ali Shanti, AJ Leon. These podcasts will keep going throughout the week!


I started listing about six months ago. In this short time, I've received more inspiration, education and entertainment than ever expected from a podcast. Srini really nails it with his guest selection and the way he guides the conversations with well crafted questions and interaction. You da' man Srini...keep up the great work. Consider me one of your loyal soldiers.

A great podcast to inspire and energize!

I love listening to the interviews on this podcast. It's like listening into an intimate conversation that really delves deep into the guest's experience/expertise in sometimes suprising and always satistying ways. Highly recommend for entrepreneurs and (other) creative people.

I love it! Sri’s interviews are insightful.

Great stuff. Srinivas gets real with his interviewees and challenges you to stretch and grow your business and life with fantastic content that inspires.

Stumbled Upon this Interview Awesomeness

I just stumbled upon this podcast and am completely head over heels in love with it. My favorites so far, the Alexandra Franzen and Dani Shapiro interviews, and I have so many more podcasts to listen to. The guests are some of my all time favorite people and Srini clearly has done his homework before hand. Keep ‘em coming. I’ve found a new vice...

Life Changing

I have been listening to your podcast (my favorite) for about 4 months I listen daily and often replaying old episodes. For example Nick Reese's interview was amazing. I cannot tell you in words how much I appreciate everyone who plays a part in the production of this podcast. I am changing due to the depth of your interviews with amazing guests. I am working from home doing what I love. I am a 'creative', always have been, now I feel validated, appreciated and respected. Please don't ever cancel this podcast! Love y'all!!

Listen at least 2x a week!

I love this podcast.. I've been following since a few months before the switch from BlogcastFM and I can't get enough. I listen while I'm driving, editing and even shoveling snow (true story). Srini brings on amazing people to interview from all walks of life who are creating. As a creator myself I love hearing stories of other people's struggles and successes. Hearing these stories is one of part of the fuel mixture that helps keep my creaive engine running on all cylinders. Ty Srini for chasing after your passion and bringing this podcast to the world. Loyal and dedicated subscriber for life.

Great questions make great interviews

I happened on UC recently and listened to 8 episodes in a row on a road trip. Even if the guest didn't sound interesting to me Srini has a great approach to asking questions that make you want to learn more. Keep up the great work and thank you for setting the standard of what it really means to be unmistakably creative.

Unmistakably Profound

I listen to a lot of podcasts - The Unmistakable Creative is one of my favorites. It's always fresh. The guests are inspiring, with varied backgrounds. Srini's interviews are smart, touching and entertaining. But it's more than that ... find out for yourself.

Great source of inspiration

I always find these episodes to be full of great knowledge and inspiration. It's helped me as a writer, and my boyfriend as an entrepreneur. We listen to this weekly on our commute. Keep up the great work.

Srini selects insightful guests & he is an outstanding interviewer!

I started listening to Srini's podcast in February 2013 and since then the podcast is part my weekly running schedule. Srini is a powerful and authentic interviewer who pulls out tactical advice from his guests. The thought provoking discussions and insights will help anyone who wants to learn more about business from a creative and entrepreneurial lens. I cannot count the number of times I stopped running and had to type some cool insight in my phone. Whether you want to start your own business, have your own business, or you work in the corporate world - these interviews will shift the way you think about work and inspire you into action! Thanks Srini,

Really glad to find this

Since stumbling upon this podcast a few months ago, I find myself repeatedly coming back to this one. It's one of the few that I have never gotten bored with and always look forward to.

My favorite podcast

This is one of my favorite podcasts out there today. Every interview is packed with great, inspirational content. Love what Srini is up to in the world and the incredible people he brings in to tell their story.

My daily drip for balanced creativity

Srini and Greg are running such a meaningful show. I consider this my daily brain shower. It's helped me to rebalance my life and regain confidence and creativity that I thought might be gone forever. Thanks for such a legacy contribution to anyone who listens guys!

One of the best podcasts out there

I am not sure how I stumbled across Srini’s podcast, but I am sure glad I did. I have been following him since 2012ish… and I found value out of each and every podcast he has since made. Each guest he gets on his show give such an unique prospective on business and on life itself. Keep up the excellent work!

Inspired and Engaging

Amazing podcast for interview addicts. Even after hundreds of interviews Srini continues to bring his passion and excitement to the Unmistakable Creative. I've been listening for over a year (since way back in the blogcastfm days) and I appreciate the evolution of guests and the artistic direction. As a Fashion Illustrator I have enjoyed the creative conversations and have taken away many ideas to apply to my work and life.

A MASSIVE Dose of Inspiration

Listening to the stories about each of the guests journey has been an absolute inspiration. Srini does an incredible job in digging deeper into the questions that others might be afraid to ask. This podcast is the real deal! Keep em coming! ;)

One Podcast I NEVER Miss!

The guests Srini interviews on this podcast are unlike any other and Srini has an interviewing style that brings out the best in his guests. I listen to a lot of podcasts but this is hands down one of my favorites. I look forward to my creative energy boost with each new episode. Thanks for an amazing podcast! -Vickie @Vegetarian Zen

Lots of fun listening to Srinivar

Srinivas is passionately interested in his guests and gives them the space to share their insights. It's clear he's put in the work these past few years to become an exceptional interviewer. The excitement he cultivates for his show really gets the listener excited about doing something amazing. Listen in for real benefit for your life.

Creative and Inspiring

Amazing. Inspirational. Challenging. Definitely unmistakable! These are the best podcasts I've ever heard. Compelling, and off the chart unique. SRinivas has a gift for getting to what matters with each guest. Keep it coming!

The podcast that will nourish your soul.

While many reviews talk about this being a podcast for bloggers and marketers. It doesn’t just stop there. It’s a very real opportunity to listen to incredible people doing amazing things, sharing their journey, insights, advice, and more all about life - not just about starting and running a company. Srinivas does an impeccable job at really digging into what makes interviewee tick and how their experiences have impacted their story and led them to this successful point in their lives. The inspiration that each podcast has given me, seriously nourishes my soul and gets me excited, even in this dreary Chicago winter of 2014. If you love yourself. Give it a listen. Some of my favorites are with Simon Sinek, Amber Rae, and Sarah Peck.